Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On Showreels:

The Intern Task of the Day: Locate and isolate reels with *airline* ads from the million shelves of reels within the P.E.A. (Phish Eating Abyss-- aka the cupboard at the end of the earth/office, where they send lowly interns who are never to be heard from again).

How To Make Your Showreel (and my life) Better:

1) Have a content page - If I couldn't tell what was in it, I ignored it. And I can bet you 90% of other interns will too. And if even the interns won't see it, you are pretty much stuck in the PEA forever. (Only that idiot-overachiever who insists on arriving early, leaving late and bringing work home will bother to watch it. And no one cares about his opinion.)

2) Put said content page on the back of the box, not the inside -I swear, my fingers are blistered from opening countless boxes. Save the interns!

That's really all I had to say. Uh, pretty boxes help too, obviously. And like, having Britney videos amongst your credits.

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