Friday, October 31, 2008

Guess What Came In The Mail?

Here's some hints:

4 words.

1st word: ______ boy is an emo band.

2nd word: ______ blind mice, see how they run.

3rd word: _____ is a tv show where you get voted out of the tribe.

4th word: Special _____ DVD box set of LOTR had a toy gollum.

So hey, you for whom 2 of these were procured... you owe me $$ :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Super powers...

Today on the way home from work, my spidey senses tingled. The car in front of me was the exact same as Babyface's. I was almost completely convinced it was him, but I just couldn't see the driver's face in any of the mirrors. Then I drove up next to the non-stationwagon, and to my embarrassment it was just some Hispanic couple.

I was obviously just tired from a long day at work and little sleep, and my senses were all hyphy from seeing him yesterday after a haitus of like... 2 months.

Ugh, groupwork. I had 2 group meetings tonight, the first in the business library and the second in the regs library (yesterday's library). Met my group in one of those private study rooms in Crocker, but somehow... still couldn't shake that weird feeling. Turn around, and through the window to the computer lab, there he is, a mere 5 computers away from me.

I'm telling you... I'm like the Babyface Radar.

Monday, October 27, 2008

In Other News

I saw High School Musical 3, and it was FAB.

Blog stalk

I was inspired to write after blog stalking some people I love to hate, and some that I just love to stalk. My big epiphany was that people (ie, Rona and I) only really want to read about Drama. You know, the drunken-hot-mess, cat-fighting-girls, reported on xoxo gossip girl kind of stuff.

That's pretty hard for me to do. For one thing, the major drama-mamas in my life were always roommate #6, and now that we are only roommates 5, I am missing a major source of entertainment. And I don't have any of my own romantic problems because NB is currently residing in Oz, and we have a perfectly healthy text&skype relationship going on.

I did see Babyface today. Ha, that is a stupid nickname but I think it is what some friends used to refer to him as. Anyway, it was terribly dramatic. Here is how the exchange went down:

I was walking up the stairs from the Leavey (library) basement, and he was walking down. My heart stilled. I registered somewhat smugly that he was looking kind of fat and less babyfaced that the days of old.

Me: Hey!

Him: Oh, hey.

Yea. It was steamy.

But really, you don't understand. I have always had some sort of psychic link to Babyface. I always know when I'm going to see him, I can feel it prickling in the air. It's pretty much the worst superhero power a person could have: sensing the presence of a guy you used to do stuff with.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Should I Tell?

So I have this pair of American Eagle shoes, which were like $10.

I didn't think they were particularly awesome, but I've gotten quite a few compliments on them. And every time, I say 'thanks, they're from Payless.' You know, kind of a self-depreciating remark. Which then brings down my cool points by like 55000. Because in this school, people buy Polo, not Payless.

Question of the day: Should I just shut up about it and let them think I'm cool and don't shop at Payless? Or should I wear em with pride?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Good Better Best, Never Stop To Rest

Here's a better version.

One More Thing

I forgot to mention the best part of the night:

As I (soberly) backed out of my parking spot, careful not to hit the car next to me, I forgot to take note of the metal pillar on my other side and basically half ripped my side-mirror off.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hollywould if she could

Since I know y'all love it when I name drop, here's a little Saturday night story:

From what I have observed of American college culture - maybe just of the USC variety - it is traditional for one to spend ones formative (ie pre-21) years at frat or house parties. However, once one is legally able to purchase ones own alcohol, one usually ditches the solo cups and popov vodka for the over priced cocktails of exclusive Hollywood clubs, (as seen on the Hills).

However, there are also horror stories abound about just how exclusive these clubs are - you can't get in if you aren't on the list, especially if you aren't white or if you're a boy. So our household has generally shied away from that whole scene, instead sticking to our comfort zone of jungle juice and beer pong.

Last night, Rona and I were feeling particularly ballsy, and decided that we were going to Teddy's at the Roosevelt no matter what. Why Teddy's? Um, because that's where Rob frequents. And yes, we are on a first name basis. I'm sure he'd call me by my first name too, if he had ever met me. Anyway, don't think of this as stalking, think of it as clubs being marketed successfully to their target audiences.

When we got there (after like an hour of sitting in traffic...) the street was chock-a-block with big shiny black cars. We thought that this was just a regular night for them, so, a little intimidated, we followed some people to a roped off place to interrogate the door bitch. I decided my foreignness would be excused for touristness so it was ok to be so uncool.

Here is lesson number 1 for outings in LA: Do your research. Natch, we chose the one day that the Roosevelt was booked for the Scream awards after party. So no entry to Teddy's. On the bright side, we did see Tim Burton outside, looking very kooky.

Not to be deterred, we wondered down Hollywood Blvd and decided to get in the first queue we saw. We ended up at a club called Central Hollywood. There was a little line, so Rona stood in it and I went to the front to ask 'how long the wait would be'.

Me: Excuse me, do you know how long the wait will be?

Door bastard: How many people are in your party?

Me: Oh just me and another girl. *Point at Rona*

Door bastard: Just you and her?

Me: Yea

Door bastard: Who's list are you on?

(I feel that might have been a wink wink kind of moment, but really.. wtf was I supposed to say?? Is there a secret list name I'm meant to know for situations like this?)

Me: Uh... no ones?

Door bastard: *exasperated* You guys can go in.

Me: Sorry... it's my first time clubbing in Hollywood... *wave Rona over*

Door bastard: Don't be sorry. It's not all that great, but have fun!

Ok this is getting really long, I'll make the rest snappy.

Central is a pretty cute club. It's not super big, but it is super dark. They were playing Barbarella on a screen on a wall which was bizarre and kind of fun, but didn't really go with the tiny glowy star lights hanging from the ceiling look. The music was also kind of lame, for which I blame the Dj. It was really erratic and didn't have smooth transitions and jumped genre's really randomly. And the fact that I knew all the songs is probably a bad sign. There are 3 stalls in the bathroom, which isn't decorated particularly nicely, but also wasn't particularly dirty.

Anyhoo, Rona recognised Columbus Short and Dave Scott, and since I had no clue who they were I was happy to grab Columbus and say "Were you in Stomp the Yard?"

Hahaha. Anyway, since they are kind of C list I guess they were really happy to be recognized because they were both really sweet and came back to talk to us a couple of times, and Columbus bought us a round of drinks.

That was as good as the 'spotted's were, but whatevs, we were happy.

Also, you will be proud to hear that as Designated Driver, I had diet cokes and water all night. This did not stop me from knocking my side mirror off on a pillar.

The End.

Friday, October 17, 2008

CMF is ovaaaa

That film festival thing? I didn't win. Sad times. And they didn't have the 'best make-up' and 'best special effects' categories that they alluded to when we submitted, which I would have totally won because no one else had toilet paper latexed to their cast's faces.

On the bright side, at least we got screened. They only screen the top 16. Last year there were like ... 32 teams. This year there were 120. The quality of films this year was wayyyy way better, too.

Um, that's all I really have to say.

Oh, if you have an American line, could you vote for me for viewers' choice? Text VOTE22 to 77506. K thanks bye.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A GG Kind of Day

Campus was bumpin' with cameos today, to the point where it was the most significant part of my day despite 2 midterms.

Here's a listing:

1) On the way to Doheny a pre-midterm iced green tea: My dateless-lunch-date, in our regular spot, eating a miserable looking plate of noodles. It seems Zao's has halved the portions and kept the prices. Laame.

2) Still pre-green tea, Sudoku Sweetheart from my marketing class. She later sits next to me in class and is mad that I beat her at the Sudoku.

3) On the way to midterm #1, post tea: Pope Joan van Bombshell. Casual convo on how our prof is a fool of a took.

4) Somewhere during the day: E Coli, aka scum-of-the-earth, loitering around some garbage can. Home sweet home.

5) At the UV: Ex-roommate and her ex-flame having one of their 'catch-ups'. I guess he could count as my old flame too, if unlit candles count.

6) At the UV: Big Red and his Ethnic-Ex also doing a 'catch-up'.

7) At the UV: Speaking of E-Coli, E-Coli fanclub member, Miss Snobby Stylesaster Screenwriter.

8) At the UV: Still speaking of E-Coli, the ULTIMATE E-COLI FAN, the ex-ex-roommate, seeking midterm notes.

9) Post midterm #2, at the fountain: Little Red Riding H, on the phone.

10) On the way home, Mama and Papa looking all matchy matchy at their sexy dance practices.

11) On the way home, the Ginger Rogers of BCA on a bike.

Boy, what a lot of red heads. See, pretty eventful. If you go here, or if you know my histories, try and figure those out. :)

Uh, xoxo, gossipless girl.

Full of wit and hysterics

At Starbucks today:

Barista wants name for venti iced green tea. I say my name. He says:

"A-man-Duhhh!" And laughs uproariously.

Oh yes, Barista Man, you are sooo funny and original. I haven't heard that joke 16 times this semester. (Oddly enough, only this semester has it become really popular. Am I missing a pop-culture reference?)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Someone Really Wants My Money

I got 2 money scams (at least... I hope they're scams...) in my Hotmail today, and I thought I'd share, because they brought me great amusement. Particularly number 2.

One - Abby Bank (from:

During our regularly scheduled maintenance and verification of our Database, we have detected a slight error in your account information.

This might be due to either of the following reasons:

  • A recent change in your personal information (i.e.change of Email address).
  • Submiting invalid information during the initial sign up process.
  • An inability to accurately verify your selected option of payment due to an internal error within our processors.

Please verify your informations by log on your account :

If your account information is not updated, your ability to access your account will become restricted.

Thank you

Fraud Prevention Unit
Legal Advisor

The Abbey Bank Group

Okay, the only account I have with Abbey National is from when I was like 3 years old way back before the internet was around and certainly before I was old enough to fill in an email ad with my application.

Whatever, that was pretty run of the mill. Here's the really good one:

Two - From an old ACJC classmate.

Subject: I Need Your Urgentely Help (Please Respond Immediately)‏

Hello Dear,
I am in a hurry writing this mail. I had a trip to West
Africa Nigeria visiting the tinapa opening ceremony.
Unfortunately for me all my money got stolen at the hotel
where i lodged from the attack of some armed robbers and
since then i have been without any money i am even owing
the hotel here,So i have only access to emails,my mobile
phone can't work here so i didn't bring it along. Please
can you lend me $1,000 so i can return back and settle
the hotel bills i would return it back to you as soon as
i get home.
I am so confused right now because i am in serious trouble
overhere .You can have the money sent to me through my
informations via Western Union.
Receivers Name-- Michelle Inami
Receivers Address---120 campos Street Lagos Island,Lagos
Mtcn NUM 10 digit that would be given to you at the Western
Union Money Outlet--?
Text Question--who sent money
Text Answer--you
Amount Sent--?
Please dont forget to attach photocopy of the Scan Receipt
in which you use in sending the Money at the western
Union Outlet .
Hope to hear from you.
Thanks and God bless

This would be really tragic if it were true, and props to them, because MichIm would totz say 'hello dear' and also because it came from her real email add.

But, no dice.

First off, I would like to think anyone in AC arts would know that 'I need your urgently help' makes absolutely no sense. Second, we weren't that close anyway, certainly not close enough that she would email me for a thousand dollars. I'm pretty sure she'd call her parents. Either way, I don't have $1000, so fail fail fail.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that. Here's celebrating my 201th post. :)

Friday, October 10, 2008


Another one from class:

Plot: Some old Mafia-like English guy tries to 'help' a Russian guy get permits to build some shizz in London, and everyone steals some stuff from everyone else and effs everything up.

Boy Joy: Pretty violent, lots of guns and stuff, and being manly. Thandie Newton was looking pretty cute, though I'm not regs a fan. Plus, Guy Ritchie is the English Tarrentino, right? Which means all boys my age must love him?

Chick Flick: Tom Hardy and Toby Kebbell are both fairly good looking, and have cool enough characters to keep one entranced. Helps that old Tobs spends most of his time shirtless, and my my, he is ripped.

Both Venus and Penus: Hilarious lines. Cheeky behavior/tone.

Eh...: Some of the plot stuff was a little contrived, and I think the whole twisty twist everything goes round in a circle thing has been a little overdone, even if Guy Ritchie started it.

Yay or Nay? I'm glad I watched it, I enjoyed it, but I don't think I'd buy the DVD or anything. Yay, I'd say. Unless you aren't one for English humor. And if you don't enjoy gritty film quaility. This is for Nick and Sam. And Dad.


Back when we were little, Aunty Cyn lived in a really white building, one of the few places where people tried to celebrate Halloween. Some grown-ups would organize a list of apartments that didn't mind getting trick or treated, and then there would be a party afterwards.

One year, I was a headless ghost. Totally stole the idea from some kid on my block in England, but its not like our circles ever mixed. It was a really great costume, with a paper mache head for collecting candy in, and swimming arm bands around my arms so that my shirt would hold above my head, and eye holes to see out of (which, when the arm bands were deflated, were inconveniently positioned right over my pre-pubescent nips). I know that was a truly great costume, because some ang-moh boy hissed at his brother "Look at his costume!" and I was like "I'm a girl!" very indignantly. Which got me less street cred, in the end.

That was probably the best costume I've ever done. Other highlights:

Cruella DeVille - white dress cut open with cotton wool stuck to it, swim cap 'wig' with fake black and white fur stuck to it.

Fairy - Made my very own pink fairy dress with material from spotlight. Was not so well fitting, tight on the boobs and tummy, and had to wire it to my bra to stop it from slipping down.

French maid - Recycled costume from high school play.

Geri from the Spice Girls - Ordered the Union Jack dress for this one. Really went all out - we are making screachy open mouth faces and girl power peace signs in all the pics. Except we had an extra Spice, and also we were kind of the United Colours of Benneton version.

Little Red Riding Hood - Made my own red hood, which I was really quite proud of. Perturbed that people kept asking me if I was Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Pirate - Which lots of people thought was a gypsy. Whatever.

Spider Solitaire - Fail of Fails. Pipe cleaner legs did not work out, dress was bizarre... fail fail fail.

Which leads me to the question: What to be this year? I am mostly set on buying something, since making things is so heartbreaking when they fail.

But what is cute+relevant to 2008+relevant to me?

It's not like I can be Bella from Twilight - I'll be some brunette chick who not only couldn't be bothered to dress up, but is looking slightly frumpy in her long cargo skirt (?!)

I really wanted to be Sarah from the Labyrinth, but I think people won't get it, so I'll just be back to brunette girl with frumps taste. I could be Lara Croft, I have the boobs and also black shorts, an olive tank top and brown hair. However, this is slightly 2002.

I kind of want to be Dorothy, but is so so so generic. As is Nurse, Cop, Sailor, Wench etc etc. Bonnie and Clyde I LOOOVE, but natch stupid NB is away this semester so ruins all the fun I could have had with couple costumes.

So How Now Brown Cow?

OOOOH. Just had a spark of genius.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A little note...

Before I transferred it to my computer to the internet, the music didn't jump all weirdly, and it was way less pixelated. Eff you, technologies!

An Improvement?

Yet again, I insisted on doing overly-complicated things. Yet again, I get 'are you sure you weren't smoking up?'

So here is this year's entry to the Campus Movie Fest.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Death that was Last Campus Movie Fest

Here's my first movie.

Lots of people who worked on it never got to see it, so here you go guys. And you wonder why they asked us if we were high when we arrived for the screening...

That was this time last year. This year I hope to improve a little.


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