Thursday, October 16, 2008

A GG Kind of Day

Campus was bumpin' with cameos today, to the point where it was the most significant part of my day despite 2 midterms.

Here's a listing:

1) On the way to Doheny a pre-midterm iced green tea: My dateless-lunch-date, in our regular spot, eating a miserable looking plate of noodles. It seems Zao's has halved the portions and kept the prices. Laame.

2) Still pre-green tea, Sudoku Sweetheart from my marketing class. She later sits next to me in class and is mad that I beat her at the Sudoku.

3) On the way to midterm #1, post tea: Pope Joan van Bombshell. Casual convo on how our prof is a fool of a took.

4) Somewhere during the day: E Coli, aka scum-of-the-earth, loitering around some garbage can. Home sweet home.

5) At the UV: Ex-roommate and her ex-flame having one of their 'catch-ups'. I guess he could count as my old flame too, if unlit candles count.

6) At the UV: Big Red and his Ethnic-Ex also doing a 'catch-up'.

7) At the UV: Speaking of E-Coli, E-Coli fanclub member, Miss Snobby Stylesaster Screenwriter.

8) At the UV: Still speaking of E-Coli, the ULTIMATE E-COLI FAN, the ex-ex-roommate, seeking midterm notes.

9) Post midterm #2, at the fountain: Little Red Riding H, on the phone.

10) On the way home, Mama and Papa looking all matchy matchy at their sexy dance practices.

11) On the way home, the Ginger Rogers of BCA on a bike.

Boy, what a lot of red heads. See, pretty eventful. If you go here, or if you know my histories, try and figure those out. :)

Uh, xoxo, gossipless girl.

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