Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Straight out of a teen comedy

So... I'm spending the holidays visiting with cousin Melsie. Until last night, we had been squatting at her bfs house, but yesterday we moved to her real house.

I stayed up past everyone else last night (watching Will and Grace and SITC), then staggered upstairs, somewhat groggy, to brush teeth etc. Could only find toner and moisturizer on the counter by the sink, so I checked the shower for facewash. Found a bottle marked 'dermatologically tested' which also said something about not drying skin and that sort of stuff. It had a weird cap, not like a flippy one, but the kind you just pull up a couple of mm. Like a fancy water bottle. But I got it. Awesome.

This morning, in the shower, I reached for the same bottle. THEN I decided to read it properly. It was 'intimate wash', which I didn't really get until I saw (right after derm tested) 'and gynecologically tested'.


It's like a scene from American Pie or Superbad. Except it would have been a guy and they would have woken up with a yeast infection in their eye. Or something. Or like meangirls where they gave Regina George a bottle of foot lotion for her face (but all it did was make her face smell like a foot. And Aaron Samuels loved it, smells like peppermint...).

Face still looks like a face, not a vagina. Although I guess that's subjective. Looks no more like a vagina than it did yesterday. Will keep you updated.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I miss Roswell, too!

I was just reading the JustJared history for Shiri Appleby (does anyone else get shocked every time you read that she and Zach Braff are dating? I do!), and he says:

"Scrubs star Zach Braff and Roswell actress girlfriend Shiri Appleby flirt between the windows of Zach’s Porche as he gases up his car during a rainy Saturday in LA. How romantic! (I miss Max and Liz, sniffles.)"

Hahaha. How adorable.

(In case you forgot why you loved Roswell. Because you did. And still do.)

PS. Shiri is a Trojan, woot woot.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Boys Say The Darndest Things

This was a text I got last week (from NB):

"I have an advent calendar but instead of days before xmas its days before amanda and instead of chocolates i just masterbate"

Rekha thought it was the funniest thing she had ever read, and nearly choked on her coffee. Rona was pretty grossed out, as was mom, but kind of bemused. Rach thought it was really romantic.


Stocking Stuffers

Here are some financially realistic things:

1) Cookie Cutters

I only have hearts and people. Which is all very well, but how can I make pretty snowflake cookie ornaments?

2) A black scarf

Starlets always look so cool and layery, and I want to be cool too. But the only scarf in that vein that I have is maroon and a little bright... taking away from the layering. If ya get me.

3) A grey/black knit cardigan / oversized hoodie. Either / Or.

Because I have one I love that's brown, but I wear so much black and they don't match. And then all my black ones are kinda fitted.

4) CDs

I don't have the new Killers, and I want it. I'm sure there are other things I would listen to if I was given them. I still don't have the 2nd maroon 5 album, which makes me a fail fail. I want Circus. but I can steal that off roomies.

Uhh... I could also do with a new bag, in the oversized and (p)leather variety. One of those wool hats that people perch on the back of their heads that somehow don't fall off. A beret? A wallet.

Maybe I should start thinking of summer clothes.

I love lists.

22 Days

And no more long dist texts :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Speaking Of...

I had totally forgotten that the Mormon Moron was an extra in some D movie a couple of years ago. He is also on IMDB. Oh my life. Guess who else is in the movie? Cam Gagandet.

Future Movie Star or Straight to DVR?

Speaking of Stoned-Anakin, he is in 2 movies, not 1. Both sequels to some American Pie-type teen movies of the 90's/early 00's.

You can IMDB him, if you know his name. It's kind of strange. That's the first person I legit know who is almost kinda sorta famous.


I can almost bet that Mormon Moron will LOVE the films and be BFF with him.

This Soup Is Too Salty!

I made me some Teriyaki chicken for lunch, using a bottle that was allegedly marinade and glaze from Ralphs, and I followed all the directions - 10 min, and it looked very nice and succulent and stuff, except that it didn't thicken and glaze like they usually do, so a little watery, but ok... and I was all thinking, how can anyone say that they can't cook when it is SO easy to make this sorta thing? Even if it doesn't really count as cooking...


I am not happy.

If I wanted soya sauce chicken, I would have marinated my chicken in the free little packets of soya sauce we can get at Panda Express, not bought Teriyaki sauce. How can Teriyaki be not sweet at all? Very confused. Am eating it with sweet Thai chilli sauce to balance it out, but is really kind of a bizarre mix of flavours. Oh wells.

Fail lunch.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My 2 Front Teeth

Here is my list! I don't know why I act like y'all have been waiting with bated breath, I guess I just like to be dramatic.

1) A KitchenAid Artisan Mixer

So I don't get blisters trying to make the egg whites form stiff peaks.

Arrived this morning, courtesy of the East Coast branch of the Family.

2)A Not Too Short Not Too Long Double Breasted Cowl Necked Grey Pea Coat

So I can look like Edward Cullen, but a girl. JK.

I believe that is on the way, many thanks to Choops and the Singapore Friends.

3) A piping set

So my cupcakes will look cool.

4) A Killer Interview Outfit

So I can get a job at an agency. Comme ca? Maybe, but I really wanted a frilly blouse with it.

5) A MacBook Pro

So I can be all trendy-mac-cool and also so I can woo without having to attach this embarrassing alien eye to my computer.

Ok, that's all I have right now.

All I want for Xmas is...

3 months rent

My side mirror on my car to get repaired

My plates renewed

My car insurance renewed

Health insurance for when I graduate

A job, also for when I graduate

When did life get so grown up?

I guess, in less depressing but still unattainable goals:

A spring break vaycay

A computer with a battery that lasts for more than 20 minutes

Real list coming soons, I swears. I know my #1 is arriving tomorrow anyway :)

27 days

Monday, December 8, 2008

How D-grade Movies Survive

They go straight to TV, where lonely housewives + Rona and I watch them. Why?

It's all in the handsome handsome men.

So here are some horrible things to watch to make you very happy:

1) Flirting with 40.

Is basically a movie romance novel about some 40 year old divorcee running off to Hawaii over Xmas and hooking up with a 27 year old surf instructor.

Here's why you watch:

Robert Buckley, Ladies and Gents. Or just ladies. Adelle will like this, he's the guy from Lipstick Jungle. And the genius writers basically make sure that he is shirtless in EVERY scene he's in. Also that Heather Locklear is getting krunk in EVERY scene that she's in, but that's just a hilarious bonus.

5 stars.

2) Legend of the Seeker.

Based on a book series by Terry Goodkind, it's your typical fantasy 'you are the chosen one even though you think you are a peasant, I am a wizard let's go kill the bad guy who tried to kill you when you were a baby because it was written that you would one day kill him' thing. It has the production value of Xena or Hercules.

Reason to watch:

Craig Horner. Adelle will also like him, because he is some Aussie actor. While he is not shirtless in EVERY scene, I believe that they make a point to have him shirtless at least once an episode. You know, oh I have to practice my sword fighting, must remove this constricting garment.

3 1/2 stars.

I have done all you women a great service today, unless you are lezzie, then you can check out Heather Locklear, who is quite foxy usually, and Bridget Regan, who is fairly pretty. This may also apply to straight men.

Baby It's Cold Outside

Here is what is making me happy at this moment:

1) I finally got my Advent Calendar off Ex-Arty-Neighbour, and it is more glorious than you can imagine. Little windows with chocolates somewhat resembling the Lindt Truffle Ball Things, and a 3-D tree! Plus, because it was the 7th, I got to crack open 7 little windows and share :) I know, I'm so nice.

2) We did our Secret Turkey exchange. Yes, you heard right. The roomies and I have a little tradition going on where before Thanksgiving we do a secret-santa like thing with a $10 maximum, then we switch gifts after. Mel had me, and she bought me some large underwear. It is a running joke with us that I wear a lot of giant underwear. Which really, I do. Sexay.

3) The Ex-Neighbours had their annual x-mas party, and I got a French for Children book from the white elephant. I love it, because even though I took French for more than 10 years, I am still at child level.

4) I got to talk to NB on webcam for a fairly long time, and laugh at his horrible hair and tufty facial fuzz.

5) The Irvine non-relations sent along a bag of 22 romance novels that Rona and I are working our way though.

Here are some things I am not happy about:

1) I have a final due tomorrow morning that I am only starting on now. There is a long story behind this, where everyone in my class thinks our teacher is an idiot, especially after he announced over Thanksgiving that he changed his mind about not having a final, please make ourselves available on the last day of finals to do a group presentation. Horrendous uproar from class ensues, because half of these people have already booked tickets home for before that, ecstatic to have no final. He settles on an email final, which is grammatically incorrect.

2) There is never enough sleep.

Here are some things that I am neither way about, but that I am sure you will find interesting:

1) The 2-week boyfriend, here on known as Facebook Foul (much like Party Foul, so named for his question upon being broken up with: what will we put on facebook?), drunk texted me on Sat with what suspiciously looked like a booty call. Luckily, I was too enthralled with my romance novel to be even slightly tempted..

2) The Spanish Summer Senor Facebook chatted me about how he wants to get married and have babies, but is lacking the woman and job. This will probs surprise a lot of you, but that's just how he is. He likes to be affectionate.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Silver Fox

How can Bryan Singer be 43?! He's kinda hot, for a director. Esp compared to Chris Nolan. I def had 'I'd do him' kind of thoughts when he talked to our class tonight.

More on Valkyrie later.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I guess spotting my old flames is the theme of the semester. One day, I should put up all their pictures. It's really only because it's what I would honestly like to read on other people's blogs. The man stories are always the best.

Today, it was Stoned-Anakin of Freshman year screenwriting. He will always be fondly remembered for complementing my suede boots. And for being formerly hawt. His looks/charm went downhill over the years as he smoked more pot and grew his scraggly facial fuzz. Stoned-Anakin is an aspiring actor, and has a pretty big role in some kind of C-grade straight to DVD movie. Rona and I IMDBpro'd him, it was pretty exciting.

Group meeting on the row. While attempting to not // park, a jeep came up behind me. I was all eff eff, I'm not leaving, but Jeep deftly swooped into a far smaller spot. I got out and wondered off to K's Frat (which is, in fact, a sorority), but then realized that I couldn't call my group mate because I left my phone in the car. Walked back, and Jeep boy was out there. OMGzorz it's Stoned-Anakin.

Me: Hey

SA: Hey... Amanda, right?


Me: You're in that movie right?

SA: Yea... how did you know?

Me: Oh... facebook.

SA: Oh, like my pictures?

Me: I guess. *shrug shrug*

Have totally established myself as a stalker. Fab.

SA: Are you graduating in May?

Me: Yea, are you?

SA: No. I took a semester off.

Me: Oh, how come?

SA: To do the movie.

Me: Oh. Right. Well, I have to get my phone out of my car, and I can't find my keys...

Awkwardly shawk over to my car. He engages in a convo with some man who is probably trying to buy drugs off him. I shawk off to my project, and instead of listening to the others practice, decide to blog.

32 Days.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Of Former Romantic Interests

I saw BabyFace today. Or rather, he saw me, and I said 'hi' back, totally unphased. At Crocker, as usual. No spidey senses tingling, which is strange. Perhaps I am over it. Or perhaps I was stressed.

Also saw the GoldenBoy in class. No props for anticipating that one, because he is also in the class. He is looking golden as always, though somewhat scruffy, but I think I like the scruff. I am balls awk in that class, I never talk to him even though we are technically friends and I spend a great deal of time staring at his sockless shoes (and also handsome face).

Mormonmoron said some moronic things, as usual. Then he tried to schmooze with the guest speaker. But at least he dresses quite nicely.

Don't worry kids, all is well with the NB. Although he did get stung by a jellyfish. And no, he didn't pee on himself. He poured vinegar on the sting. I know, lame. I was a most unsympathetic GF, gaffawing away as he told me how scared he was that it was some kind of treacherous poisonous one that could kill.

Why do Jellyfish look like spacemen?

33 more days.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Best Day Ever

The fact that I have 3 presentations and 2 papers this week is completely outweighed by these wonderful things:

1) Arty-Ex-Neighbour has purchased a Starbucks Advent Calendar for me, on sale and staff discount (I think).

2) 35 more days.

3) At work today, Chief Assistant gave me my lunch 'allowance', then paid for lunch, then bought me a coffee on the company card.

4) I made mini-quiches last night using Thanksgiving leftovers, and they were a moderate success.

5) After almost an entire semester without the News I love to hate, I have found its new home, foolishly posted on the Editor's facebook page.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

All I Want For Christmas Is YOU! (and you, and you)

That's a lie. Working on my xmas list now. :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Today, my 4 o clock class was canceled because of Thanksgiving. (Is it normal that spellcheck says there's only one L? I thought there were 2...let me know, someone. It might be American spelling or it might be Amanda Can't Spell.) Anyhoo, Emily and I were at the UV, famous for their $6 movie tickets, and noted that Twilight was playing at 4:15. Uh, hells yea. Then I texted Rona, and she decided that it was worth skipping class for.

You know what that means...

Overall, I did like the movie. Quite a lot. I thought it was a good adaptation with a great cast, but some of the editing was a little awkward, they could have used a leeetle less exposition and also I wish they would have put a couple more million into the special effects, because while it looks good for the most part, there's a couple of really awk looking 'flying through the air' moments that ruin the movie.

Question of the day: How are there so many non-white people in this tiny ass town in WA? Like, props to the movie for having such a diverse cast, but you KNOW that aint real life.

First off, cast. Because that is obvs the most important.

Kristen Stewart was amazing. Or I thought so, I've read that she was boring but um, read the books, Bella is dull as balls. She got a bit into it sometimes, but she was cool and her hair was very pretty. Her make up might have been a little distracting at times.

Robert Pattinson was hot, duh. His voice and looks were kind of channelling Hayden Christensen in Star Wars at some points, but only in the best of ways as opposed to the angsty teen ways. He was really great when he or someone else said something awkward, then there would be a pause and then he would just get this wtf kind of look.

Others: I LOVED Jessica. In the book, she was annoying as eff. In the movie she was HILARIOUS. Mike was cuter than I thought he'd be. Eric was Asian, and basically had the same character as all the cool funky Asian guys of the last couple of years - 21, Disturbia, Nick n Nora.. Nikki Reed was pretty great, and looked better as a blonde than I expected. Jasper was funny. Alice was pretty, I really liked Victoria... I mean they were all great. Charlie was awesome too, way more of a DILF than you'd have expected. Jacob had bad times hair. So did Cam, he's much hotter in magazines. Carlisle's voice was a little over-actingy at the end.

Best scene: Oooh, it's a toss up for me between the baseball scene, the scene where Edward first drives Bella to school and looks really hot and puts his arm around her, or when he appears in her room and they make out. For the making out, duh.

(um, I stole all my pics, and this one has a watermark... please don't kill me, whoever owns this!)

Best-worst scene: When Edward first smells Bella in the science lab... FUNNIEST FACE. I didn't think he was meant to be that obvious, and he def didn't look like he wanted to eat her. He looked like he wanted to throw up.

Worst scene: When Bella figures out that he's a vampire and says she's not scared, and to make her scared he insists on making her see him sparkle? That makes no sense. Taking off your shirt is not going to make a girl scared, only mildly disappointed that there are no abs.

Best parts: Apart from the cast .. and my list of best scenes... the cinematography was beautiful, everything had a really nice look to it. The soundtrack was pretty amazing, except where the eff was Decode? Some of the dialogue was really hilarious. Rob's wardrobe was sharp, and by sharp I mean hot. Oh actually you know what, when Cam beats Bella up, that was pretty good. Look out for Stephenie Meyer's cameo, it was god-awful and oh so great.

Worst parts: Like I said, a couple of the special effects shots really ruined it for me. This will break everyone's hearts, but the 'dazzling' really looked more like 'sweating'. And when Edward jumps out the window with Bella, they take some leaps that look like really bad wire work, I think if they had more force pushing off it would be more believable. Um, 'Spider Monkey'? Horror horror. That was Rob's own invention I think, but it was a fail fail. And then they're in a tree, and she's all 'this doesn't happen! this isn't real!' but er, hello, he pulled exactly the same trick when he dragged you to the clearing to see him 'sparkle' and you didn't seem phased at all at that point. Did not make sense. Likewise, how did you know James was tracking you before they said anything about James being a tracker? Other than that... some of the dialogue was really expositional, there was a scene where they sit on a rock and he tells her about being a vamp... pretty dull stuff. This is pretty minor, but when Eric 'lost control' of his van, I thought it looked like he was out to get her on purpose. Just the editing there, I think. The other question was, in the prom scene, why was Bella wearing leggings? That's a fashion faux-pas if ever there was one. And even if it wasn't, how the eff did she put them on?! She's wearing a bloody cast!

OH flashbacks = BAD TIMES. Really dramatic shots in the Phantom Of The Opera sepia of Carlisle turning people and them making horrid faces. Hmm... seems like Carlie might be the weakest link here.

Lots of people made a really big deal about the Cullen house not being like in the book, but it really didn't bother me, I quite liked it.

But, you know, that was a pretty detailed thing of what was bad, just so you're prepared. Because really, if you are or ever were a fan girl, it's totally worth it. Just for the *sigh sigh* I wish someone would look at me that way and say 'you're my life now' and stuff...

Warning: Worst date movie ever. Boys, the only way you can benefit from this is if your girlfriend watches this and is feeling really mushy and you do something nice like hold her hand... but any sex you have will be purely the slow candle-lit type, so I wouldn't bother if I were you. Send her off with her friends and be prepared to hear about how inadequate you are.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight Business

I'm still not ready to do my 'review', I'm thinking I might wait til I've seen it a second time. Which I will do, and soon. But in the meantime, I thought I would lend you my BCA expertise and talk numbers.

This weekend (opening weekend in the US :) ) Twilight grossed 70.6 million.

Since the average movie ticket is just under $7, that means that over 1 million people saw it. Apparently 75% of the audience was female (surprise?) and 45% were over 25 (actual surprise). That was a little Variety statistics for you.

More stats? It beat the shizz out of Bolt ($27 mil)(s0 suck it Miley...) and also SITC, which I guess is how the movie world defines a female film. It's the biggest opening for a female director, so well done Crazy Cat. Um... and it made just over $20k per theatre, but I don't know if that's per screen or like cineplexes included. It's playing in 3,419 runs, but balls if I know what that means. It's either screens or places, idk.

Anyway, it cost $37 mil to produce, and probably around $30 mil for P&A. That's Prints and Advertising to you, prints being the actual film reels that get sent around to the movie theatres. And the ads being those things that make you giddy with excitement when you hear 'You're impossibly fast..." during the ad break of GG and Grey's.

The studio gets like 50c for every $1 at Box Office, so Summit is now at $35 million. In three days. And one country. It hasn't even opened internationally yet. And you know the FFGs such as myself are planning on seeing it at least twice more in theaters before buying the DVD, probably several times over because their/our copies will be broken from rewinding and playing a few key moments over and over.

So yea, Mormon Moron, Twilight really tanked.

Um, also, I have a Twilight poster to give away, if anyone wants it. I'm feeling generous. It's not huge or anything, but it's hawt. :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008


The text message that I received was not NB, as expected. It was the 2 week boyfriend, that Su insists does not count but that NB seems strangely jealous of. As I told him (must find a nickname...) last week, at the weekender, as we took some awk pics.

Hm. Tonight might be interesting. Maybe I will have some gossip for yas.

Rona has returned.

Emo memo

A combination of PMS, Great Expectations and no word from NB in almost 48 hours had me all moody this evening. As I do, once every couple of months, I decided it was time to go into Heartless Boy Magnet mode and break some hearts and not care about stupid boys and their stupid uncommunicative ways.

I LBD'd and smokey-eye'd myself, and made myself a strong appletini, then sat down to wait for Ronez to come home and HBM it up with me at ex-roomie's Victoria's Secret party. A little alc and deathcab later, and I'm pretty mellowed out, so I texted the NB, even though I vowed not to.

Alc is meant to bring out the real you, right? I guess I'm ok with the real me being incapable of being angry and heartless. That can't be bad.

Friday, November 21, 2008


After watching Twilight last night at midnight (which I will update you on shortly), the official FFG look is confirmed. For those of you who have never encountered an FFG, here's a little guide:

[You might think this is rude/extreme generalizing, and you're right, it is. But think of it like racism - if someone is being racist about their own race, that's okay right? And since I am clearly an FFG, no p, kiddo.]

1) Looks: The main thing about the FFG is that she is plain and unremarkable, which is why she has to live vicariously through Bella Cullen and Paramore and Hot Topic. This is why most FFGs have brown hair and brown eyes. Or at best, a dirty blonde. Alternatively, some kind of bright, dyed shade to mask the FFG bleh (see Osbourne, Kelly). The FFG is probably pretty pale, from living with minimal exercise and hiding in her room reading. For the same reasons, she can be sized anywhere from 0-100, but is never toned.

2) Fashion: This varies, depending on age and how rebellious she is feeling. Generally, she wears plain one-colour things, like jeans and a t-shirt. But since the FFG clearly craves attention, she lusts after Hot Topic punk, and might indulge in the occasional bow hair pin. The FFG may take outfit queues from books/music/tv that is a la mode, dressing as the main character does.

2a) OR if it is a really special occasion, such as a concert or the opening night of a FFG approved movie, she will don a 'band' shirt. By band, I also mean movies/books/whatever that the FFG is supporting. This band shirt is often slightly too small/ill fitting, clinging uncomfortably over the chesticles/love handles/arm fats/bra bulge. One mystery I have yet to solve: does the FFG like that all the other FFGs have the same shirt, or hate it? Is it like finding a kindred spirit or like going to prom and seeing some other slut in your dress?

3) Hobbies: There are a few types of FFGs, and hybrids. The music FFGs adore trolling iTunes for emo music and dreaming that the emo boy singing is in fact singing about her and how she broke his heart. The book FFGs enjoy reading young adult book series that star a (skinny) FFG and the devastatingly handsome boy who falls in love with her for no reason other than her sheer charm and wit. The movie/tv series ones do the same thing, except they watch them. All FFGs then proceed to log on to the internet and read/write fanfic and post comments on fan pages and try and get themselves prominent enough in the FFG world that they become minor celebrities. That is the ultimate goal. (See Meyer, Stephenie and Bella Cullen Project, The)

3a) Hobbies (no event available): The FFG likes anything to do with magic and fate, because you know that's the only way she'll snag her handsome handsome man who is sooo much better than the stupid boys who go to her high school and have crushes on the stupid cheerleaders. Anyway, this includes things like astrology, mythology, and fortune telling.

4) Ambition: I'm sure there are lots of noble FFG ambitions, but the real dream is to become an author and get to make an FFG movie about your own book where you can choose the dreamboat that falls in love with you... er, the heroine of the book. Next best is to be such a huge fan that you get to interview an FFG idol, go to a premiere/concert for free, or at least write such awesome fanfiction that you get a few FFGs of your own. Uh, the real dream being that the FFG idol spots you in the crowd and speaks to you, and you utter such a memorable line that he immediately whisks you off into his Hollywood life and you can write a novel about it and... it's a never ending cycle. At the very least, an FFG would like to rise above the FFGdom and be BFF to some FFDidols. God, that got complicated.

5) Habitat: The FFG can oft be found loitering around CD or bookstores, sometimes libraries. On weekends, they may be found in clusters. To find them en masse, check out the FFG events, as listed earlier (special occasion where one might where a band shirt).

6) Patron Saints: Bella Cullen, the chick from Paramore, Liz from Roswell, Cho Chang... it's an endless list.

7) Queen of the FFGs: Stephenie Meyer

Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hit List

Sorry I've been neglecting you. Here's a quick (pop)date:

1) Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, should watch Slumdog Millionaire.

It's a sweet little film shot in India about a boy who goes on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire to win the heart of his childhood sweetheart. That doesn't really do it justice. Best parts: Bright colours, amazing child actors, great soundtrack. The only down side is that the plot is a leeeetle cheezy. But we all like a little mush right? It would be a great date movie, but doesn't have to be. It's directed by Danny Boyle if that means anything to you, he also did Trainspotting and 28 Days later. Mostly, you should watch it because we should support great movies so that more get made.

2) Pushing Daisies is being cancelled? WHYYYY???

At least there's still GG. I live to watch Blair and Chuck.

3) James Bond - Quantum of Solace. Gotta throw my 2 cents in, right? Um... it was a pretty typical Bond movie, I think. Ya know, sex, chase scenes etc. It's a sequal, sort of, to Casino Royale. It was a little more intellectual than usual... Jamie had some mental issues he had to sort out, but other than that it wasn't really super special.

I was really torn up about Olga Kurylenko because on one hand I was pretty sure I thought she was adorable, but on the other, her hair looked kind of weird a lot of the time. SPOILER ALERT! The best thing, for me, was when you see girl #2s dead body, in the oil. Looked very cool and old-Bond.

4) I am kind of addicted to the Mentalist, this crime show where a fake psychic solves mysteries.

I've heard it's like Psyche, but not funny. Umm... I love the man, Simon Baker (Creep from Devil Wears Prada), because he's adorable, and Deb from Empire Records is in it and she's always really cool, plus it's really interesting to see how 'psychics' figure shit out and hypnotize people. But mostly I love that I can always guess who did it within the first 10 minutes. It makes me feel like a psychic too.

5) OMG in 14 hours I will be watching... TWILIGHT!

Yes, I am going for the first screening at the Arclight. I am such a FFG (Fat Fan Girl). But I did have enough pride to resist a) going for that MTV Spoilers thing, b) Loitering around Westwood last night for the premiere, which was an FFG infestation, and c) buying the poster. I was later rewarded for c by finding a large box of them at Norris after class.
Mormon Tool from my BCA class thinks that Twilight is going to tank. Clearly he knows not the power of the FFGs. I also want to say that he is going to be a shitty producer, but I guess he just won't make ALL good things. I can't say for sure that what he DOES make will be shitty. One thing I am sure of, he WILL make something, because his film biz fam seems to be rolling in cash and encouragement.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Guess What Came In The Mail?

Here's some hints:

4 words.

1st word: ______ boy is an emo band.

2nd word: ______ blind mice, see how they run.

3rd word: _____ is a tv show where you get voted out of the tribe.

4th word: Special _____ DVD box set of LOTR had a toy gollum.

So hey, you for whom 2 of these were procured... you owe me $$ :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Super powers...

Today on the way home from work, my spidey senses tingled. The car in front of me was the exact same as Babyface's. I was almost completely convinced it was him, but I just couldn't see the driver's face in any of the mirrors. Then I drove up next to the non-stationwagon, and to my embarrassment it was just some Hispanic couple.

I was obviously just tired from a long day at work and little sleep, and my senses were all hyphy from seeing him yesterday after a haitus of like... 2 months.

Ugh, groupwork. I had 2 group meetings tonight, the first in the business library and the second in the regs library (yesterday's library). Met my group in one of those private study rooms in Crocker, but somehow... still couldn't shake that weird feeling. Turn around, and through the window to the computer lab, there he is, a mere 5 computers away from me.

I'm telling you... I'm like the Babyface Radar.

Monday, October 27, 2008

In Other News

I saw High School Musical 3, and it was FAB.

Blog stalk

I was inspired to write after blog stalking some people I love to hate, and some that I just love to stalk. My big epiphany was that people (ie, Rona and I) only really want to read about Drama. You know, the drunken-hot-mess, cat-fighting-girls, reported on xoxo gossip girl kind of stuff.

That's pretty hard for me to do. For one thing, the major drama-mamas in my life were always roommate #6, and now that we are only roommates 5, I am missing a major source of entertainment. And I don't have any of my own romantic problems because NB is currently residing in Oz, and we have a perfectly healthy text&skype relationship going on.

I did see Babyface today. Ha, that is a stupid nickname but I think it is what some friends used to refer to him as. Anyway, it was terribly dramatic. Here is how the exchange went down:

I was walking up the stairs from the Leavey (library) basement, and he was walking down. My heart stilled. I registered somewhat smugly that he was looking kind of fat and less babyfaced that the days of old.

Me: Hey!

Him: Oh, hey.

Yea. It was steamy.

But really, you don't understand. I have always had some sort of psychic link to Babyface. I always know when I'm going to see him, I can feel it prickling in the air. It's pretty much the worst superhero power a person could have: sensing the presence of a guy you used to do stuff with.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Should I Tell?

So I have this pair of American Eagle shoes, which were like $10.

I didn't think they were particularly awesome, but I've gotten quite a few compliments on them. And every time, I say 'thanks, they're from Payless.' You know, kind of a self-depreciating remark. Which then brings down my cool points by like 55000. Because in this school, people buy Polo, not Payless.

Question of the day: Should I just shut up about it and let them think I'm cool and don't shop at Payless? Or should I wear em with pride?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Good Better Best, Never Stop To Rest

Here's a better version.

One More Thing

I forgot to mention the best part of the night:

As I (soberly) backed out of my parking spot, careful not to hit the car next to me, I forgot to take note of the metal pillar on my other side and basically half ripped my side-mirror off.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hollywould if she could

Since I know y'all love it when I name drop, here's a little Saturday night story:

From what I have observed of American college culture - maybe just of the USC variety - it is traditional for one to spend ones formative (ie pre-21) years at frat or house parties. However, once one is legally able to purchase ones own alcohol, one usually ditches the solo cups and popov vodka for the over priced cocktails of exclusive Hollywood clubs, (as seen on the Hills).

However, there are also horror stories abound about just how exclusive these clubs are - you can't get in if you aren't on the list, especially if you aren't white or if you're a boy. So our household has generally shied away from that whole scene, instead sticking to our comfort zone of jungle juice and beer pong.

Last night, Rona and I were feeling particularly ballsy, and decided that we were going to Teddy's at the Roosevelt no matter what. Why Teddy's? Um, because that's where Rob frequents. And yes, we are on a first name basis. I'm sure he'd call me by my first name too, if he had ever met me. Anyway, don't think of this as stalking, think of it as clubs being marketed successfully to their target audiences.

When we got there (after like an hour of sitting in traffic...) the street was chock-a-block with big shiny black cars. We thought that this was just a regular night for them, so, a little intimidated, we followed some people to a roped off place to interrogate the door bitch. I decided my foreignness would be excused for touristness so it was ok to be so uncool.

Here is lesson number 1 for outings in LA: Do your research. Natch, we chose the one day that the Roosevelt was booked for the Scream awards after party. So no entry to Teddy's. On the bright side, we did see Tim Burton outside, looking very kooky.

Not to be deterred, we wondered down Hollywood Blvd and decided to get in the first queue we saw. We ended up at a club called Central Hollywood. There was a little line, so Rona stood in it and I went to the front to ask 'how long the wait would be'.

Me: Excuse me, do you know how long the wait will be?

Door bastard: How many people are in your party?

Me: Oh just me and another girl. *Point at Rona*

Door bastard: Just you and her?

Me: Yea

Door bastard: Who's list are you on?

(I feel that might have been a wink wink kind of moment, but really.. wtf was I supposed to say?? Is there a secret list name I'm meant to know for situations like this?)

Me: Uh... no ones?

Door bastard: *exasperated* You guys can go in.

Me: Sorry... it's my first time clubbing in Hollywood... *wave Rona over*

Door bastard: Don't be sorry. It's not all that great, but have fun!

Ok this is getting really long, I'll make the rest snappy.

Central is a pretty cute club. It's not super big, but it is super dark. They were playing Barbarella on a screen on a wall which was bizarre and kind of fun, but didn't really go with the tiny glowy star lights hanging from the ceiling look. The music was also kind of lame, for which I blame the Dj. It was really erratic and didn't have smooth transitions and jumped genre's really randomly. And the fact that I knew all the songs is probably a bad sign. There are 3 stalls in the bathroom, which isn't decorated particularly nicely, but also wasn't particularly dirty.

Anyhoo, Rona recognised Columbus Short and Dave Scott, and since I had no clue who they were I was happy to grab Columbus and say "Were you in Stomp the Yard?"

Hahaha. Anyway, since they are kind of C list I guess they were really happy to be recognized because they were both really sweet and came back to talk to us a couple of times, and Columbus bought us a round of drinks.

That was as good as the 'spotted's were, but whatevs, we were happy.

Also, you will be proud to hear that as Designated Driver, I had diet cokes and water all night. This did not stop me from knocking my side mirror off on a pillar.

The End.

Friday, October 17, 2008

CMF is ovaaaa

That film festival thing? I didn't win. Sad times. And they didn't have the 'best make-up' and 'best special effects' categories that they alluded to when we submitted, which I would have totally won because no one else had toilet paper latexed to their cast's faces.

On the bright side, at least we got screened. They only screen the top 16. Last year there were like ... 32 teams. This year there were 120. The quality of films this year was wayyyy way better, too.

Um, that's all I really have to say.

Oh, if you have an American line, could you vote for me for viewers' choice? Text VOTE22 to 77506. K thanks bye.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A GG Kind of Day

Campus was bumpin' with cameos today, to the point where it was the most significant part of my day despite 2 midterms.

Here's a listing:

1) On the way to Doheny a pre-midterm iced green tea: My dateless-lunch-date, in our regular spot, eating a miserable looking plate of noodles. It seems Zao's has halved the portions and kept the prices. Laame.

2) Still pre-green tea, Sudoku Sweetheart from my marketing class. She later sits next to me in class and is mad that I beat her at the Sudoku.

3) On the way to midterm #1, post tea: Pope Joan van Bombshell. Casual convo on how our prof is a fool of a took.

4) Somewhere during the day: E Coli, aka scum-of-the-earth, loitering around some garbage can. Home sweet home.

5) At the UV: Ex-roommate and her ex-flame having one of their 'catch-ups'. I guess he could count as my old flame too, if unlit candles count.

6) At the UV: Big Red and his Ethnic-Ex also doing a 'catch-up'.

7) At the UV: Speaking of E-Coli, E-Coli fanclub member, Miss Snobby Stylesaster Screenwriter.

8) At the UV: Still speaking of E-Coli, the ULTIMATE E-COLI FAN, the ex-ex-roommate, seeking midterm notes.

9) Post midterm #2, at the fountain: Little Red Riding H, on the phone.

10) On the way home, Mama and Papa looking all matchy matchy at their sexy dance practices.

11) On the way home, the Ginger Rogers of BCA on a bike.

Boy, what a lot of red heads. See, pretty eventful. If you go here, or if you know my histories, try and figure those out. :)

Uh, xoxo, gossipless girl.

Full of wit and hysterics

At Starbucks today:

Barista wants name for venti iced green tea. I say my name. He says:

"A-man-Duhhh!" And laughs uproariously.

Oh yes, Barista Man, you are sooo funny and original. I haven't heard that joke 16 times this semester. (Oddly enough, only this semester has it become really popular. Am I missing a pop-culture reference?)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Someone Really Wants My Money

I got 2 money scams (at least... I hope they're scams...) in my Hotmail today, and I thought I'd share, because they brought me great amusement. Particularly number 2.

One - Abby Bank (from: no-reply@abbey.co.uk)

During our regularly scheduled maintenance and verification of our Database, we have detected a slight error in your account information.

This might be due to either of the following reasons:

  • A recent change in your personal information (i.e.change of Email address).
  • Submiting invalid information during the initial sign up process.
  • An inability to accurately verify your selected option of payment due to an internal error within our processors.

Please verify your informations by log on your account :


If your account information is not updated, your ability to access your account will become restricted.

Thank you

Fraud Prevention Unit
Legal Advisor

The Abbey Bank Group

Okay, the only account I have with Abbey National is from when I was like 3 years old way back before the internet was around and certainly before I was old enough to fill in an email ad with my application.

Whatever, that was pretty run of the mill. Here's the really good one:

Two - From an old ACJC classmate.

Subject: I Need Your Urgentely Help (Please Respond Immediately)‏

Hello Dear,
I am in a hurry writing this mail. I had a trip to West
Africa Nigeria visiting the tinapa opening ceremony.
Unfortunately for me all my money got stolen at the hotel
where i lodged from the attack of some armed robbers and
since then i have been without any money i am even owing
the hotel here,So i have only access to emails,my mobile
phone can't work here so i didn't bring it along. Please
can you lend me $1,000 so i can return back and settle
the hotel bills i would return it back to you as soon as
i get home.
I am so confused right now because i am in serious trouble
overhere .You can have the money sent to me through my
informations via Western Union.
Receivers Name-- Michelle Inami
Receivers Address---120 campos Street Lagos Island,Lagos
Mtcn NUM 10 digit that would be given to you at the Western
Union Money Outlet--?
Text Question--who sent money
Text Answer--you
Amount Sent--?
Please dont forget to attach photocopy of the Scan Receipt
in which you use in sending the Money at the western
Union Outlet .
Hope to hear from you.
Thanks and God bless

This would be really tragic if it were true, and props to them, because MichIm would totz say 'hello dear' and also because it came from her real email add.

But, no dice.

First off, I would like to think anyone in AC arts would know that 'I need your urgently help' makes absolutely no sense. Second, we weren't that close anyway, certainly not close enough that she would email me for a thousand dollars. I'm pretty sure she'd call her parents. Either way, I don't have $1000, so fail fail fail.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that. Here's celebrating my 201th post. :)

Friday, October 10, 2008


Another one from class:

Plot: Some old Mafia-like English guy tries to 'help' a Russian guy get permits to build some shizz in London, and everyone steals some stuff from everyone else and effs everything up.

Boy Joy: Pretty violent, lots of guns and stuff, and being manly. Thandie Newton was looking pretty cute, though I'm not regs a fan. Plus, Guy Ritchie is the English Tarrentino, right? Which means all boys my age must love him?

Chick Flick: Tom Hardy and Toby Kebbell are both fairly good looking, and have cool enough characters to keep one entranced. Helps that old Tobs spends most of his time shirtless, and my my, he is ripped.

Both Venus and Penus: Hilarious lines. Cheeky behavior/tone.

Eh...: Some of the plot stuff was a little contrived, and I think the whole twisty twist everything goes round in a circle thing has been a little overdone, even if Guy Ritchie started it.

Yay or Nay? I'm glad I watched it, I enjoyed it, but I don't think I'd buy the DVD or anything. Yay, I'd say. Unless you aren't one for English humor. And if you don't enjoy gritty film quaility. This is for Nick and Sam. And Dad.


Back when we were little, Aunty Cyn lived in a really white building, one of the few places where people tried to celebrate Halloween. Some grown-ups would organize a list of apartments that didn't mind getting trick or treated, and then there would be a party afterwards.

One year, I was a headless ghost. Totally stole the idea from some kid on my block in England, but its not like our circles ever mixed. It was a really great costume, with a paper mache head for collecting candy in, and swimming arm bands around my arms so that my shirt would hold above my head, and eye holes to see out of (which, when the arm bands were deflated, were inconveniently positioned right over my pre-pubescent nips). I know that was a truly great costume, because some ang-moh boy hissed at his brother "Look at his costume!" and I was like "I'm a girl!" very indignantly. Which got me less street cred, in the end.

That was probably the best costume I've ever done. Other highlights:

Cruella DeVille - white dress cut open with cotton wool stuck to it, swim cap 'wig' with fake black and white fur stuck to it.

Fairy - Made my very own pink fairy dress with material from spotlight. Was not so well fitting, tight on the boobs and tummy, and had to wire it to my bra to stop it from slipping down.

French maid - Recycled costume from high school play.

Geri from the Spice Girls - Ordered the Union Jack dress for this one. Really went all out - we are making screachy open mouth faces and girl power peace signs in all the pics. Except we had an extra Spice, and also we were kind of the United Colours of Benneton version.

Little Red Riding Hood - Made my own red hood, which I was really quite proud of. Perturbed that people kept asking me if I was Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Pirate - Which lots of people thought was a gypsy. Whatever.

Spider Solitaire - Fail of Fails. Pipe cleaner legs did not work out, dress was bizarre... fail fail fail.

Which leads me to the question: What to be this year? I am mostly set on buying something, since making things is so heartbreaking when they fail.

But what is cute+relevant to 2008+relevant to me?

It's not like I can be Bella from Twilight - I'll be some brunette chick who not only couldn't be bothered to dress up, but is looking slightly frumpy in her long cargo skirt (?!)

I really wanted to be Sarah from the Labyrinth, but I think people won't get it, so I'll just be back to brunette girl with frumps taste. I could be Lara Croft, I have the boobs and also black shorts, an olive tank top and brown hair. However, this is slightly 2002.

I kind of want to be Dorothy, but is so so so generic. As is Nurse, Cop, Sailor, Wench etc etc. Bonnie and Clyde I LOOOVE, but natch stupid NB is away this semester so ruins all the fun I could have had with couple costumes.

So How Now Brown Cow?

OOOOH. Just had a spark of genius.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A little note...

Before I transferred it to my computer to the internet, the music didn't jump all weirdly, and it was way less pixelated. Eff you, technologies!

An Improvement?

Yet again, I insisted on doing overly-complicated things. Yet again, I get 'are you sure you weren't smoking up?'

So here is this year's entry to the Campus Movie Fest.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Death that was Last Campus Movie Fest

Here's my first movie.

Lots of people who worked on it never got to see it, so here you go guys. And you wonder why they asked us if we were high when we arrived for the screening...

That was this time last year. This year I hope to improve a little.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Movie List

I've seen kind of a lot of movies this semester, thanks mostly to my Film Symposium class. I'm gonna try and sum it up, but my memory is a little hazy on a lot of them.


A Muslim arms dealer in Yemen who used to live in the US becomes a terrorist... or does he?

Loved: Don Cheadle, the twisty turns, Omar.

Loathed: Things were over-pointed out, especially by the two white FBI guys. Their characters were also really over developed but not interesting.

Yes/No: If you are feeling like an action-thriller with a bit more brains and a pretty well-rounded view on Muslim-American issues. Pretty heavy stuff though.

Battle In Seattle:

Based on the true events of 1999s WTO conference in Seattle. Basically, an angry mob movie.

Loved: Charlize Theron, the man dressed as a turtle (aka Andre 2000 - heyaa!), how articulate Stuart Townsend was, feeling inspired.

Loathed: The melo-drama moments, especially revolving around Martin Henderson and Michelle Roderiguez, the bad flashbacks, and the kind of predictability of a lot of it.

Yes/No: Yes if you feel like feeling like saving the world. So really, yes to the neighbor boy. Adelle and Su may like parts of it too. Oh, yes if you think Channing Tatum is handsome. (How could you not?)


A 13 year old is sent away from her crazy white mother's house to live with her crazy Lebanese father.

Loved: The cast, particularly the over joyed facial expressions of Eugene Jones III, the insanity. The awkwardness.

Loathed: Got a bit heavy on the messages there, and Toni Collette was kind of too good to be true. The awkwardness.

Yes/No: It's a really hilarious film, but also so awkward you could die, so really, watch it with close friends. Not parents, and probably not significant others.


Based on the book by the Fight Club guy, it's about a sexaholic who tries to deal with how his mother, whom he loves dearly, made him crazy like her.

Loved: The cast, particularly Clark Gregg (because he came in to speak, and he is amazingly well-spoken), Sam and Angel, the chick who plays the milk maid (Bijoux Phillips?).

Loathed: Having to explain what anal beads are to 2 roommates.

Yes/No: Was really hilarious while being really sad, and had a great tone, but at some parts got a little... eh.

The Duchess:

Based on the true life of Georgiana someone or other, who is fab and trapped in a loveless marriage. Was good friends with Marie Antoinette, apparently, but no cameos by Kiki, sadly.

Loved: Ralph Fiennes, how could you not? Her costumes, but not to the point of obsession. The drinking.

Loathed: Her hair. I know it was true to the time but it looked disgusto. How impotent she was through the whole movie.

Yes/No: Basically a dramatic chick-flick. If it was done cheaper and in the present day, it would be on Hallmark. Yes to girls who want to hate some men?

Nick & Noran's Infinite Playlist:

Nick and his gay band play a gig, even though he's depressed, and he meets Norah, and the two kind of hit it off and spend the night running around NYC together.

Loved: Michael Cera and his merry men. The awkward lines. The music. When the ex-girlfriend kisses his car window and leaves a lip stick mark. The ex-girlfriend's shoes. The 'sex' scene.

Loathed: The over hint-drops about how Norah has a rich Dad. Um... some plot points that would ruin it to mention. The fact that they kept referring to him as emo when I really don't think he looked it. The fact that it was marketed as Juno part 2. The fact that Michael Cera never plays anyone but Michael Cera. The almost end seeming out of character for Norah.

Yes/No: First off, I'm convinced Kat Dennings is Bev's white twin. Yes to those who want to relive teen days, and who love music. Nick and NB, this one is for you.

The Grand Conclusion? I haven't HATED anything. I haven't even disliked anything. I've been fairly entertained by all of them. But I'm not head-over-heels, buy-me-the-DVD-now kind of in love with any of them. Maybe it was the lack of eye candy?

TV Update

Just caught up with the first Grey's episode. Gotta say, not impressed at all. Did that really need 2 hours? It had the excitement of a 1h ep. I hope it builds up, like GG did!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

TV Time

All my shows are coming back. Here's my breakdown:


The CW wins me over, for sure. Gossip Girl started a few weeks ago, and it was pretty good but not amazing, until this week. Serena finally stops acting nice and becomes Queen again? Yes please. Plus, I am still desperate to be Blair's best friend. Seriously, got a problem? Go to Blair.

One Tree Hill is... dramatic, but my love affair with it ended when they jumped 5 years into the future. Actually, it ended the year before that. It's like a bad soap that's been running too long, but at least the baby is cute.

Instead, I choose heroes. Although, to be honest, I wasn't that impressed with the opener. It seems that everyone now has the power not to die. And too much time travel is happening. And really, the world ending is still a viable threat? I'm really glad ol' Malc is back though.


CW, you fail today. 90210 and Privilege are both bad knock-offs of GG, about rich kids being fab. Except these 2 shows aren't quite as fab, clothing wise, and the dialogue kills. But, Darcy from Degrassi is on 90210, that's pretty exciting.

We tried the Mentalist on CBS. Honestly, it's pretty cute. It's like House was young and met a detective show or something. Basically it's about a guy who used to pretend to be a psychic and now he solves crime and is a little neurotic. The story got a little predictable, but maybe Rona and I are just that good. Um, that chick from the Craft and Empire Records is in it.

Opportunity Knocks on ABC is also something I might want to experiment with. Reality game show about how well you know your family? Sounds like it could be fun.


Hello, ABC. The facts were these: Pushing Daisies, I've missed you. Ned, you're a hottie. Private Practice, I really don't care for unless Adison decides to stop acting like Meredith and be her usual cutting self. Dirty Sexy Money is my guilty pleasure, I'm on the fence about whether I actually like it but I'm a little addicted. What can I say, it's these rich people in New York.


Ugly Betty and I have a strange relationship. I tend to only watch it in marathons in Singapore, but I'm still a little interested. Grey's? You had me at "Derick, I'm pregnant with your child."

And honestly, that's all I've really looked into. You might be able to tell that I'm not a huge sitcom fan, although How I Met Your Mother is really hilarious. I would watch the Office, but then I'd miss Grey's, so er, no thanks.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Famous By Association!


(Here is a picture of Alex on a gold lion when we were on our trip to Narnia. Actually, we were in France, but Singapore is the lion city so it's kind of relevant, right?)

Miss Sexy Lexie won the singtel grid girls shizz, so she is officially the first of our generation to make it big. Not physically, I won that contest many years ago. Anyway, read it here.

Lex - both my Dad and Aunty Olive are dead impressed that the moolah is going to your mother.

Also, while looking for an awesome awks picture, I was reminded how great our trip to France was, when we got to stay in awesome hotels and eat great food and shop and not spend any of our own money. Here are some highlights:

Alex and I fight crime.

Don't let the modelly-model face fool you, is actually just lusting after hot chocolate.

And the ultimate fav...


Friday, September 19, 2008

Spread the News

It pains me to say this, but I really miss GP. You know, when we actually had to learn the news. I feel like these days I know nothing. I didn't find out about the big train crash until... 3 days later. I found out about the boy who got stabbed by campus from someone's facebook status.

Spencer Pratt said something on the Hills about him and LC (I think...) hating each other like Iran and Israel, and I was like, what a tool, I think he means Palestine. But today I read that he actually was right, Iran is having issues with Israel. Who would have thunk it? Anyway, my conclusion was that if I was more ignorant than Spencer Pratt, I am in dire straits.

Solution? I'm going to have to start reading the news. Look out for my daily facebook status of some kind of news update. Gotta keep peeps in the know.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Made A Quiche! :)

It's midterm season, and you all know what that means: Procrastination time.

Inspired by Tastespotting (Courtesy of Ms Emily Knowles, I can now waste even more hours food-blog-browsing), I decided that it was about time I used my new pyrex pie pan.

I give you: Leek and Mushroom Quiche!

Yea... My food photog skills leave a little to be desired.

Anyway, the crust is amazing and super duper easy to make. It's perfectly crisp and flaky, and you don't even have to pre-bake it. The filling was okay, but I think I'm missing something, it was kind of like eating an omelet in a crust. Plus, I just dumped the cheese on top which was clearly not a good idea because it rose like a tent and then when I cut into it it went pffffft and flat.

The crust: (from various sites...)

1 + 1tbs flour
1 stick/ 1/2 cup of cold butter
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup cold water

Cut the butter up into little pieces and rub into flour/salt mixture. When it's all crumbly, squash it together to make a big ball of dough, adding a little water at a time to stick it. You might not need all the water. Anyway, once you have it in a big ball, flatten it a little on some cling film (and cover) and leave it for an hour.

... 1 hour later

The rest!

1 leek, sliced
Big handful of mushrooms, sliced
4 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1/2 cup grated Parmesan
1/2 cup grated sharp cheddar/Gruyere

Pre-heat oven to 475 F.

In a pan, sautee the leek until it's mostly cooked, then add the mushrooms for a minute or two.

Remember that dough? Roll it out and line your pie tin with it. Throw the leek/mushroom mix in, though you might want to reserve some mushrooms for decorating. I didn't. Mix the eggs, milk, cheese and seasonings, and pour over.

Bake for 25 minutes.

Delish. Mostly.

Working on the kinks on the innards guys, but it's pretty good. Let me know if you figure it out!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Duke's Cafe

Where: 8909 W Sunset Blvd, Right next to the Whiskey A Go-Go

What I had: Half sandwich (corned beef) half salad ($7 something with tax...)

Rave review: "Celebrity endorsements cover the walls, and tourists, musicians and actor/model regulars rub elbows at communal tables or the counter. The diner-staple menu features 60-odd sandwiches and burgers, plus meat loaf, salads and pork chops with applesauce. But it's breakfast that really sizzles: Omelettes come with multiculti fillings like kosher salami and chutney. Blintzes and corned beef hash are hefty and homemade, and health-conscious diners can opt for egg-white scrambles and fresh fruit." - City Search

Their rating: 9.1

My rating: 5


Okay, first of all, there were like 5 people in there and none of them looked like hung over movie stars to me. It was pretty dingy. And here's a question: why would you want to rub elbows with tourists, as advertised above?

Anyway, the corned beef itself was pretty good. Now let's discuss the bread. It is literally a slice of white bread. You know, like sliced bread, like Gardenia or Sunshine? Really not classy. And being only half a sandwich, it is 2 halves of a slice. This makes sandwich look pretty lame. There is also nothing in said sandwich other than the beef. No lettuce, no avocado, no tomato...

Then there's the side salad. It is a base of iceberg lettuce, my pet peeve, with some carrot slices, green pepper slices, and some gross red cabbage slices. And they threw a piece of cantaloupe in there for good measure, I guess, which I mistook for a cucumber.

PLUS, they use Styrofoam boxes, so they don't even get bonus points for being environmentally friendly or anything.

On the bright side, I love my internship. They give me a $10 stipend for lunch. Highest paid Hollywood job I've ever had, woot woot! Moving up in the world.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I have just eaten what I fondly like to call a heart attack on toast. I would like to dedicate this to Adelle.

Here's how to make it:

Fry some bacon (I used 3 rashers but my bread is little. I think 4 slices for a standard slice? Or 5 to be really delish.) until it's crisp. Toast 2 slices of bread. Cut up some brie and put it on one slice of toast. Microwave for 20 seconds. Put bacon on brie, and other slice of bread on bacon.

Et, voila!

Death tastes sooo good.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Twilight Survey

Twilight Quiz

But I wouldn't advise taking the quiz. It was long and painful, because after you answer the twilight questions they try and trick you into visiting a sponsor site/ signing up for a sponsor program about 600000 times.

the best thing since chicken dino nuggets

Meatloaf + M2M + Celine Dion Song + Phantom of the Opera music vid = Jesus Gold.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Star Struck

Watch this from about 5 min in... look who it is! My very own cousin, with shared blood and everything!

Sexy Lexie, I'm so proud of you, getting the most naked men in Orchard Road.

If you wanna see her grid blog, it's right hurr. She might get mad that I posted this. Don't worry, Lex, only you and Adelle read this anyhoo :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wonderful Day

OMG y'all, I FINALLY have internets. Blogging should resume shortly.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Compliment of the day!

In line for lunch: "Oh that's cute, it looks like something a fine arts student would make."

I really do look quite arty today, even if all my cool stuff is of the purchased variety not the actually cool home made variety.

Today's look:

-Capri-sonne bag from Far East Plaza. Fits my laptop perfectly. You may remember it as the bag that boys love because they understand it. It's made of capri-sonne packets, awesome.

-White t-shirt from Aunty Cyn from Topshop. It's got some drawing of some birds in a tree that looks pretty Quinten Blake, and it's been cut up the back and is held on by 2 tied up strings on the back.

-Denim skinnies from Mango. My legs are still hideous from being some fatty sand flies' lunches back in Bintan, so I have taken to covering them up despite the hot hot heat.

-White Zara sandals from Aunty Cyn that are a size too big and give me blisters but are still held in high regard.

-White sunglasses from Charles and Keith that I spent all summer looking for :) <3 -Aquamarine bra from Target. Since my shirt is backless and my boobs require bra-age, I tend to wear this shirt with exciting bras. Besides, the colour matches the bird picture.

Ok I'm done pretending to be a fashion blogger now. You'll forgive me for not posting a self-shot-mirror picture. I didn't think I would be needing one when I left the house, and we don't have any full length mirrors anyway.

Miss me?

Hello my darlings!

Sorry I've been MIA. I've been moving, and we don't have internet yet. In fact, we were recently informed that we will not be having internet until next Tues, which is super lame. So I have taken to haunting Starbucks and bumming school nets.

While we are on Starbucks, here's a Thrift Tip! It's recession time and I'm sure everyone has less money than usual and must scale down on the $5 lattes. Doesn't mean you have to give up the Starbucks completely! As I have recently discovered, a Venti Iced Green Tea (or any other type of tea...) is only US$2.10, ... actually I'm staring at the price board now, and is it me or did everything get cheaper? Oh right, different currency. Um, scrap that tip. But still, Green Tea is awesome.

Anyway, new house stuff. I love it, especially the own room stuff. Does anyone know how to get rid of the smell of a thousand blunts? I'm pretty sure my room was previously the smoking lounge for the disgusto-boys who lived there before us.

And does anyone know how to sound proof a house? Actually, never mind that one. It's kind of useful being able to participate in a whispered conversation upstairs from the comfort of my room downstairs.

And does anyone have any tips on getting rid of bugs? We've been laying traps ("Step 1: Ants go into eat. Step 2: Ants come out to die.") and spraying stuff, but really, the little larvae in the crevices in the kitchen is not likely to crawl through those.

I might also change my major to Engineering with a minor in self-defense and I will then become a hermit. I know that as a senior, it seems a little late to turn my life plan around, but the business school is like fifty miles away where as I could spit at the engineering school from here. And the self-defense is for... self-defense. We live on the dodge side of campus now. At least I'm used to no one coming to my parties.

But yea, like I said, I love the new house. I really do.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Best Halloween Costume EVER!

Took this from Stephanie Meyer's page. It's a chick at the Breaking Dawn release party.

Hahaha. How embarrassing!!!!!!!!! But also really really great.

Too Close Is Gross!

I had a brush with nature today that I did not appreciate.

I was sitting on the floor packing, when I saw this thing moving next to me. A centipede!

An effing centipede!!!

And those little #$%^s move fast, I tell you. To stop it from moving, I stomped it with my moisturizer bottle. Then I ran to my brother's room screaming and made him come save me. But he's a chicken backside so I had to lift the bottle up myself. It was dead! It was also the size of a bobby pin. That's effing huge for a bug.

So I decided I had to take a pic before Dom heroically disposed of it, but I guess the flash had some sort of Grey's Anatomy effect because the bloody thing jumped up and started running! So I thomped it with the bottle again. Dom was mad because he hadn't gotten his picture yet.

I ran to the kitchen to get some bug spray, but when I opened the cupboard to get it, something moved in there too! Hopefully a lizard not a cockroach. So I slammed it and ran back to Dom to beg him to do it but then he didn't want to so I just used to Mr Muscle that was already out on the dining table. Around the survivor a perimeter I did create. A ring of cleaning solution. Then I lifted up the bottle and drowned that sucka. And after I cleaned it up, I flushed it ... just to be sure.

Shizz like this never happens in LA.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Olympics

I have just decided that I am rooting for Nicolette Teo, who is swimming for Singapore and is also a tiger baby, despite the fact that she was from MGS and goes to UCLA.

To balance the treachery, WOO HOO LARSEN JENSEN! I believe he is USCs first Olympic medalist this year?

Is anyone else wondering why I seem so invested in the Olympics? Because I really don't care about sports. Like at all.

Some School Spirit

According to the college essay bible that is Wikipedia, if USC was a country, it would be 12th in Gold Medals and 19th in all medals.

(Um, Singapore is #112, with one silver 48 years ago. So you see why it's so easy to jump ship? I guess I could cheer for the UK. Except the little Chinese gymnast girls are so much cuter!)

And we've medaled in every Olympics since 1904.

(Actually I lost that article, but I found a better one with even more showy-off numbers.)

I believe we have 41 Trojan athletes in Beijing. UCLA has 31. SUCK IT BRUINS!

(And I'm facebook friends with one Kami Craig. I think I was her note taker one year. The same year I was Taj Gibson's. Also, same class. Yea, watch me name drop.)

So be on the look out for our peeps!


Thursday, August 7, 2008


So... I'm pretty sure I saw Lily Cole in the basement of Paragon today.

Two tall-ass girls were walking towards me and I was like *psh* I bet they're models. Then I saw their faces and one had curly red hair and a moonish pale face. And I nearly choked on my diet coke, which was very glam as I'm sure you can all imagine. Think bubbles frothing over my straw and down my face.

Anyway, I couldn't chase her down and interrogate her because I had to go get my wisdom teeth out.

On one hand, I'm pretty sure it was her. On the other hand, what the eff would she be doing in Singapore? And wouldn't people know about that? And why would she be in the basement of Paragon? There's only food down there. Models don't eat, do they?

So if anyone hears anything of her whereabouts (she's rumoured to be trying to get to Spain for a romantic getaway with Jude Law), let me know. I am curious.


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