Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stocking Stuffers

Here are some financially realistic things:

1) Cookie Cutters

I only have hearts and people. Which is all very well, but how can I make pretty snowflake cookie ornaments?

2) A black scarf

Starlets always look so cool and layery, and I want to be cool too. But the only scarf in that vein that I have is maroon and a little bright... taking away from the layering. If ya get me.

3) A grey/black knit cardigan / oversized hoodie. Either / Or.

Because I have one I love that's brown, but I wear so much black and they don't match. And then all my black ones are kinda fitted.

4) CDs

I don't have the new Killers, and I want it. I'm sure there are other things I would listen to if I was given them. I still don't have the 2nd maroon 5 album, which makes me a fail fail. I want Circus. but I can steal that off roomies.

Uhh... I could also do with a new bag, in the oversized and (p)leather variety. One of those wool hats that people perch on the back of their heads that somehow don't fall off. A beret? A wallet.

Maybe I should start thinking of summer clothes.

I love lists.

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