Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I guess spotting my old flames is the theme of the semester. One day, I should put up all their pictures. It's really only because it's what I would honestly like to read on other people's blogs. The man stories are always the best.

Today, it was Stoned-Anakin of Freshman year screenwriting. He will always be fondly remembered for complementing my suede boots. And for being formerly hawt. His looks/charm went downhill over the years as he smoked more pot and grew his scraggly facial fuzz. Stoned-Anakin is an aspiring actor, and has a pretty big role in some kind of C-grade straight to DVD movie. Rona and I IMDBpro'd him, it was pretty exciting.

Group meeting on the row. While attempting to not // park, a jeep came up behind me. I was all eff eff, I'm not leaving, but Jeep deftly swooped into a far smaller spot. I got out and wondered off to K's Frat (which is, in fact, a sorority), but then realized that I couldn't call my group mate because I left my phone in the car. Walked back, and Jeep boy was out there. OMGzorz it's Stoned-Anakin.

Me: Hey

SA: Hey... Amanda, right?


Me: You're in that movie right?

SA: Yea... how did you know?

Me: Oh... facebook.

SA: Oh, like my pictures?

Me: I guess. *shrug shrug*

Have totally established myself as a stalker. Fab.

SA: Are you graduating in May?

Me: Yea, are you?

SA: No. I took a semester off.

Me: Oh, how come?

SA: To do the movie.

Me: Oh. Right. Well, I have to get my phone out of my car, and I can't find my keys...

Awkwardly shawk over to my car. He engages in a convo with some man who is probably trying to buy drugs off him. I shawk off to my project, and instead of listening to the others practice, decide to blog.

32 Days.

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