Monday, December 8, 2008

How D-grade Movies Survive

They go straight to TV, where lonely housewives + Rona and I watch them. Why?

It's all in the handsome handsome men.

So here are some horrible things to watch to make you very happy:

1) Flirting with 40.

Is basically a movie romance novel about some 40 year old divorcee running off to Hawaii over Xmas and hooking up with a 27 year old surf instructor.

Here's why you watch:

Robert Buckley, Ladies and Gents. Or just ladies. Adelle will like this, he's the guy from Lipstick Jungle. And the genius writers basically make sure that he is shirtless in EVERY scene he's in. Also that Heather Locklear is getting krunk in EVERY scene that she's in, but that's just a hilarious bonus.

5 stars.

2) Legend of the Seeker.

Based on a book series by Terry Goodkind, it's your typical fantasy 'you are the chosen one even though you think you are a peasant, I am a wizard let's go kill the bad guy who tried to kill you when you were a baby because it was written that you would one day kill him' thing. It has the production value of Xena or Hercules.

Reason to watch:

Craig Horner. Adelle will also like him, because he is some Aussie actor. While he is not shirtless in EVERY scene, I believe that they make a point to have him shirtless at least once an episode. You know, oh I have to practice my sword fighting, must remove this constricting garment.

3 1/2 stars.

I have done all you women a great service today, unless you are lezzie, then you can check out Heather Locklear, who is quite foxy usually, and Bridget Regan, who is fairly pretty. This may also apply to straight men.

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