Monday, January 28, 2008

A hero is a hero

Weekend full of movies, well, at least 2 movies. But both were Best Picture nominees, so that's good right?

Anyway, it was Juno and Atonement.

More to come when I'm not sleepy.


James is such a hero.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hey Neighbour-Boy

So I saw this on Geekologie, and was so completely 'stoked' (I put this in ' ' because 'stoked' is definately not one of my words, but I couldn't find one that was more apt. 'Excited' and 'awesomified' didn't seem to fit...)

I was all, 'oh wow I have to get this for that boy-next-door'. Because it's cute and not overly mushy and what better for a nerdy boy that loves chocolate for Valentines day? And even Rona was all 'omg(zorz) that is so cute'. But then they were sold out and I was sad, so I went to tell the neighbour-boy while he was exercising in the laundryroom/gym since that's almost as good as getting them, right?

Anyway, good thing I didn't get them because he didn't seem as 'awesomified' as I was. He was sort of very 'oh cool' in the pre-teen boy-crazy book series (or half hour sitcom such as Unfabulous or Lizzie McGuire) boy kind of way that indicates that you are not that enthused. Perhaps this is why the source was a girl-tech blog? Perhaps because he doesn't have a Wii and would like that way more than a chocolate imitation? Perhaps because this is the first mention of the dreaded V-day and it hit him like an anvil from a very high cliff?

Am still somewhat miffed.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Damn The Man!

So, last night USC kids gathered in force to fight for their right to... party. I mean, the fighting wasn't part of the original plan, but when the police showed up it pretty much became the new black.

It was really weird, like living in the 70s in the times of protests and rights, but without actually having to care about anyone or anything except being drunk. DPS or LAPD, whichevs it was, was pretty impotent. They had a good 50 people in their riot gear trying to storm a college block party, but sort of not knowing what to do other than walk forward and stop and have a chat. I guess they got fierce in the end when they brought out the foam batons, but really... I was seriously considering looting Ralphs, since the long arm of the law was busy that night.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Starry Eyed

Time: 1:50 pm
Date: Saturday, 19th Jan 2008

Who? Ryan Philippe, Ava and Deacon.
What? Buying food. Wearing some really suspicious don't-look-at-me combats/hat/aviators
Where? In n Out at Century City

And then? Some mean car wouldn't let us pass on the road. Oh hey Ryan. So we followed him for a bit.

The End

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Some REALLY Efficient Packing Is Going On

I thought I might go clubbing, but instead I am spending my last night saying goodbye to my room.

It appears my idea of the best way to pack is to lie in a corner of the room with my head on my passport and my feet on my cupboard and my laptop on my lap. And loiter on the internet until it gets to a decent enough hour on the west coast that *some* people get online. Probably insane early risers, but I'll take what I can get.

Does anyone know why my format always spontaneously effs up and all my words get respaced all weird? I assure you it looks fine in this typing box but I bet when I post it they will all be squashed together.

I'm going to miss my dommy. He has suddenly become all handsome and witty and gentlemanly and pretty much validated my existence as an older sister. Except when I said "will you Skype with me?" and he went "No."

Oh wellz. See you on the other side!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Megan Fox is my Hero

I stole this from here. It's from the Feb 2008 Maxim, there are other pictures but really it's the quotes that are golden. Well also her skin.

Still Smarting

Today was Bonding with Beverly day -- since our junk shopping has gone all non shopping, this now consists of getting waxed.


Stripped, at Wheelock place, is considerably better than A Touch Of Class at the UV in LA, classy as the establishment may be. Why?

Waxing room:

Stripped: Little cubicles with cute msgs on the ceiling for you to look at.

ATC: Little cubicle in the middle of hairdressing salon with walls that don't reach the ceiling so hair cuttees can listen to your howls of pain.

On the table bed:

Stripped: Freshly laundered towels.

ATC: Paper off a roll. Possibly what people use to bake.

Wax they used:

Stripped: Regular hot wax for the 'less' painful parts. This cool bubblegum looking wax that doesnt use strips for the TRES painful parts.

ATC: Regular hot wax all over, with lots of "relax, it hurts more if your muscles are tensed". Easier said than done.


Stripped: S$ 49.20

ATC: US$ 35 ish (without tip)

Stripped was way fast too. That's good because it gives you less time to think about the impending doom as they stick the cloth to you and make sure it's ready etc etc. My only issue was that my woman scolded me a lot. Like a lot. Mostly for shaving, because it gives you ingrown hair and is only cutting it not pulling it out from the folicle etc etc. IDK. Bev's woman was nice apparently. But maybe because Bev didn't commit any offences. I had at least 2 more that I won't mention.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Here's a quote for you.

I don't like to have conversations while someone is in my mouth.

This was about dentists, you perv-o.

Dramatic Bag Checkatics

Really, what is so hard to understand about a check-your-bag-at-the-door policy? You go in, you pay money, bag does not go in.

Why? They ask.

People steal things, we explain.

I'll have it with me, it'll be safer what. They protest.

Um, this is actually to stop YOU from stealing shit, we don't say.

We aren't going to take your stuff, we say.

I kid you not, about 5 different people implied that we would steal their shit.

As if, my cousin scoffs, so ugly, why would we take it? But not to them, obviously.

What if I come back, and my handphone and money is missing? One woman asked. Gutsy. Also rude.

Well, you'll know it was one of us and you can tell our boss, I replied. Rather calmly.

Is it really that terrible to give up $2 and not have to carry these massive bags around?

Then, the bag return part. More drama ensues.

One can't find her tag. My cousin finds it on the dance floor, or something.

Where's my bag? Another girl half shrieks to her boyfriend.

It's there. Don't worry.

What happens if I can't find my tag? She asks me, lip trembling.

There's a $20 fine.

Oh, okay. If someone tries to get it, and it's not me, don't give it to them!

Which bag is it?

The Coach one.


A woman gives me her tag. Not a woman. THE woman.

I give her her bag.

Are you sure you don't want to check that everything is there? I don't think she heard me.

My cousin did. She jabs me with her elbow.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hey There Delilah

So I'm sure everyone remembers Hey There Delilah, it was pretty much on repeat on the radio all summer. Lots of people got sick of it. (I didn't.)

Apparently Delilah didn't really like him. She didn't even know him -- or not very well. They met once.

Anyway, that kind of ruins the song, but that's okay, here's something else to listen to. The video is a little shit but its the only one of the song I could find.

The real Delilah

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

You're an itch I can't scratch

Time to run away from home guys. LA I miss you!

In other news,


Secret surprises?

Here's my birthday present to you:

Angry Lizard

Super Model


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