Monday, January 7, 2008

Still Smarting

Today was Bonding with Beverly day -- since our junk shopping has gone all non shopping, this now consists of getting waxed.


Stripped, at Wheelock place, is considerably better than A Touch Of Class at the UV in LA, classy as the establishment may be. Why?

Waxing room:

Stripped: Little cubicles with cute msgs on the ceiling for you to look at.

ATC: Little cubicle in the middle of hairdressing salon with walls that don't reach the ceiling so hair cuttees can listen to your howls of pain.

On the table bed:

Stripped: Freshly laundered towels.

ATC: Paper off a roll. Possibly what people use to bake.

Wax they used:

Stripped: Regular hot wax for the 'less' painful parts. This cool bubblegum looking wax that doesnt use strips for the TRES painful parts.

ATC: Regular hot wax all over, with lots of "relax, it hurts more if your muscles are tensed". Easier said than done.


Stripped: S$ 49.20

ATC: US$ 35 ish (without tip)

Stripped was way fast too. That's good because it gives you less time to think about the impending doom as they stick the cloth to you and make sure it's ready etc etc. My only issue was that my woman scolded me a lot. Like a lot. Mostly for shaving, because it gives you ingrown hair and is only cutting it not pulling it out from the folicle etc etc. IDK. Bev's woman was nice apparently. But maybe because Bev didn't commit any offences. I had at least 2 more that I won't mention.

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Adelle said...

in sg i went to some massage place in thomson plaza it was like 20 bucks and painless so you got gyped. of course the cab fare to thomson plaza included would probably have made it the same haha


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