Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hey Neighbour-Boy

So I saw this on Geekologie, and was so completely 'stoked' (I put this in ' ' because 'stoked' is definately not one of my words, but I couldn't find one that was more apt. 'Excited' and 'awesomified' didn't seem to fit...)

I was all, 'oh wow I have to get this for that boy-next-door'. Because it's cute and not overly mushy and what better for a nerdy boy that loves chocolate for Valentines day? And even Rona was all 'omg(zorz) that is so cute'. But then they were sold out and I was sad, so I went to tell the neighbour-boy while he was exercising in the laundryroom/gym since that's almost as good as getting them, right?

Anyway, good thing I didn't get them because he didn't seem as 'awesomified' as I was. He was sort of very 'oh cool' in the pre-teen boy-crazy book series (or half hour sitcom such as Unfabulous or Lizzie McGuire) boy kind of way that indicates that you are not that enthused. Perhaps this is why the source was a girl-tech blog? Perhaps because he doesn't have a Wii and would like that way more than a chocolate imitation? Perhaps because this is the first mention of the dreaded V-day and it hit him like an anvil from a very high cliff?

Am still somewhat miffed.

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