Monday, December 31, 2007

For all my young men

Apparently "men who masterbated a lot in their youth are less likely to have prostrate problems".

From Bruce Beresford's Josh Hartnett Definately Wants to Do This Film ...

So yea. I'm sure you'll all take this to heart.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Are you depressed? No more!

Why do people insist on doing this to themselves then POSTING IT ONLINE?

So, for your entertainment, here is some videos of people miming to Girlfriend.

4 crazy sluts

2 mad cows

4 pretty great chicks having a sleepover (this one gets 5 stars for greatness)

3 slutty preteens

Lucy and Helen are good too

Totally a man


Ok I'm bored now. Really, the last one is the best. And the sleepover. :) People are effing INSANE.

Mocking Music?

I don't know how to post YouTube vids here yet... but here's Avril Lavigne's Hot... Does anyone else feel that it is awfully Christina-Aguilara-ish?

And, for old times sake, here's Girlfriend. Which you might remember as being really old school Britney looking. So here's my question: Is this entire album meant to be a pop star mockery?

I suspect it is.

Across the Universe

So I took Dom boy to see Across the Universe. I thought it was something a bit cool and idie that we could do together that would totally up my cool-older-sister points. Not that I don't have enough. I have tons. Millions.

The Plot: Is NOT about the Beatles, as I thought (and told my brother). Both of us waited with bated breath for the band to form, but it never did. It's actually just about this English sex god (not really, he's a dock worker... but he's my new hero... and as I have excellent taste, you all should look out for him in the future) Jude, (aka Jim Sturgess aka not really famous yet but will be in the Other Boleyn Girl) who goes to America in the 60s-70s to find his long lost daddy. In England he meets Max, (aka Joe Anderson, aka cute in the David Spade way, aka friend of James since he's also in becoming Jane) who becomes his new bff. Joe has a hot sister (Evan Rachel Wood, aka Marilyn Manson's girlfriend... that's as far as I 'll go with her) whose boyfriend is away at war and it all gets very political and complicated, all you need to know is that it's a love story and there is not a Beatle to be seen.

The Good: The men are pretty hot. Men that sing and wanna hold your hand = <3
[edit: Ok so I don't know why it erased everything else good I had :( But I also said that the sound track was so amazing that I would buy it despite only buying about 5 CDs a year. And I did buy it. I'm listening to it now. The effects and cinematography are awesome, especially if you are a film student but even if you aren't, even if you have no artistic inkling whatsoever I think you could still enjoy it. Finally, I adored this chick TV Sharpio aka not famous at all but look out for her...]

Maybe because she looks like Claudia from the Babysitters Club? Actually, more because of this.

The Bad: I wasn't very into the whole Sadie plot, their landlord who is a singer and is seeing another roommate of theirs who moved there from Detroit after some really adorable little black kid got shot. Anyway, it was ok but I found it distracting and had too much attention so it got tiresome, especially since it wasn't like about anyone's real lives so it's not like they were impossible to leave out/give less songs to. Yea, a lot of the plot got a bit schizo and random, but I assume that was the drugs that were probably censored out of the Singapore version.

The Ugly: Evan Rachel Wood's nose and acting. I could forgive either if the other wasn't there. Actually, it wasn't her nose, there was just something about her face being a little too horse-ish... I had remembered her as being very delicate and waif-like, but she seemed a little course in this, much too course to be a muse. And her acting... I mean it wasn't awful, but it was pretty awful actually. Ummm she just got a little melodramatic and teeny boppery.

Other things to look out for: Great cameos from Bono as some kind of insane hippy (hippie?) that I was convinced was Robin Williams circa August Rush, and also from Selma Hayek as the hot nurse.

Yay or nay? Umm, I'd say yay if you're into (old) music and a hot English man or if you are particularly into arty film effects (I have a neighbour who would probably adore all the animation-y parts). If you are in a mellow mood, maybe when it's raining. Also yay if you like Evan Rachel Wood coz her boobs are all over the place. Nay if you are looking for something with lots of action and or humour and or horror and or any genre stuff basically.

PS. Here's another thing: When they did 'a little help from my friends', I couldn't stop thinking of the Wonder Years. And when they did 'All you need is love' I had a terrible montage of Moulin Rouge and Love Actually that wouldn't leave my head.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Martha O'Connor

So, it seems that The Bitch Posse (the orig American title...) has a whole lot of the author's life in it, which is pretty interesting. (She's mostly Rennie, the fallen-from-grace valedictorian, I think. But probably lots of her in the other characters too. Also doubt her friends killed her ex lover.)

She also has a nice blog.

The Bitch Goddess Notebook

So, home for the holidays means I get to read again. Haven't done that in a while, other than some crappy romances from Ralphs. And by crappy I mean really amazing.

Anyway, the book is basically about 3 BFFs in 1988 and also them after 15 years of not speaking to each other because of some big bad that they did. (I bet you thought it was going to be one of those hilarious how-to books, like how to be a bitch goddess. I wish it was too.)

It has an interesting style, the chapters are POV of the 3 girls in turn, and every other chapter is 15 years ago... so there's alot of time travel going on.

Lots of sex, which was pretty excellent. I liked that it didn't glamourise it at all, and that the girls were always bitching about it after. Er, it was pretty graphic though. That might be a good or bad thing, depending.

Didn't like the blatant forboding 'hints' at the terrible terrible thing which they did.

Also, was not entirely sure that I believed that they all had such fucked up lives and parents.

One girls parents were alcoholics because their first daughter was perfect except that she was mentally retarded and had to live in a home. This same girl used to be a cheerleader but ditched the bitches to hang out with these 2 freaks so they could have a really cool lesbian sex death cult, or so the rumours at school said. Then she grows up and has a really predictable melodramatic story line that I felt no sympathy for whatsoever.

The second girl was the 'tough' one but she was in an abusive relationship and her (single) mother was shooting up all the time. And she was obsessed with cutting and Princess Diana. She ends up in a mental institution for the 15 years later part.

The last girl is the valedictorian, who has an affair with her married teacher and 15 years later is a published author slash teacher that sleeps with her TAs and likes to be cut during sex.

Drama, huh?

I did like the frequent references to Degrassi (the original), it was nice to know that people cared about Spike and Joey when they were young.

(SPOILERSSSSSSS) Other than that... the whole Bitch Posse thing was cute because it's something I think that all girls go through, having a gang (somehow usually of 3...) that you can go to for anything. I mean, they were a little drastic, I'm not sure that I would take the blame for killing a man alone so that Adelle and Su could run free. On the other hand, I'm almost certain that Adelle and I wouldn't decide that it was a great idea for the 3 of us to get revenge on Su's teacher lover by pretending that he would get an awesome night with 3 underaged chicks and then carve his wife's name into his chest and then accidentally kill him. But if we did accidentally kill him, I think we'd still talk afterwards.

Speaking of, it's nice to have Su around. Now where is Adelle? I miss you my own Bitch Goddess!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Mandiette the Spy

So, I'm cleaning up my room. Find one of my old notebooks, with some french crap in it. Also, 3 pages of Dom's journal.

I know, I know, how could I read it? Worse, how could I write about it on my blog? Well....

"Bored, staying at home doin nothin. I love looking through my sis things, i got a page of her diary but its really BORIN too. "

What an ass. So in revenge, HA! All over the internet.

It was kind of earth-shattering, to see him writing in this not at all a little passive Dom boy way. But more like a beng little boy. Erk. I forgot that at 11 people are already interested in girls.

Here are some choice extracts:

"I really wanna go to dat international school ting. dere will be girls + boys... together!!! Hope their HOT!"

I'm actually really concerned with how shitty his spelling and grammar is. Was. Hopefully it's better now.

Here is the golden nugget:

"Today needed to shit really badly in school, but held it. from bout 9:15-3:00. felt so bad sia."


Friday, December 21, 2007

Bored as I'm S'pored!

2 good movies you can watch on the plane:

Ratatouille - For delish food and a cute french chick Oh ok, and some good old happy feelings etc. Brad Bird is kind of amazingly talented.

Goya's Ghosts - For historical settings/costumes (Spain during Napoleon's time), Natalie Portman and that scary man from No Country For Old Men (Javier Bardem)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wrong Solar System

It sucks being an alien, especially during finals week.

Having done my time in the prison known as the Asian school system, I know how to cram. So really, half a semester in one night? No probs. But then I find a million zillion formula for different useless things I'll never use in my life. And everyone knows, if there's one question that'll come out, it'll be an 'apply the formula' question. The one where you sit there going "oh eff oh eff, was it one over MPC or one over 1-MPC? Or MPS?" So really, it took all night. I was effing exhausted before I even started the final.

And guess what? Not one single 'apply the formula' question.


It's 5:21 am. At 11am I have to go take a final, that I am amazingly unprepared for even though really it's a freshman class so it should be nbd. And somehow I just can't study any more, but I've only been studying for 2 hours, tops!!


Why do I do this to myself?

Also, tomorrow, I have a math exam tomorrow. Business Stats. I know absolutely nothing about anything to do with it, yet I know that I will probably go shopping after this exam instead of studying, because what's more important than xmas presents?

To come: Golden Compass.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Math

This article says that facebook has almost 5000 pictures. I'm pretty sure they're missing a 0, or several, because I have 400 tagged of me not taken by me, and I probably have like 600 in my albums, and there is no way that there are only 10 people like me posting pictures. I don't even post that many.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Movie Marathon

Someone please please drive me to a movie theatre and leave me there for days

1) The Golden Compass

2) Juno

3) Atonement (James!!!)

4) 27 Dresses

Crutchfield Electronics

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


So, I know calorie counting is disgusting and horrendous, but sometimes I can't ignore the math...

1 chocolate orange = 230 * 4 = 920

1 jar of pickles = 5*8 = 40

therefore, 1 chocolate orange = 23 jars of pickles.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Strange Snacks

What's on my desk/in the fridge/ cupboard that I'm eating at the mo:

(I dont mean I eat them all at once. Except I totz do.)

1) Terry's Chocolate Orange

2) Jack Link's Sweet and Hot beef jerky

3) Crab stick salad

4) Maille Cornichons (little pickles)

I know, I know, little pickles, weird right? But listen to this: One serving = 8 little pickes = 5 calories. 5!! That's amazing. That's like the perfect snack.

Uh except I've learnt that if you eat too much salt, you can put on 2-3 lbs of water weight (thanks cosmo). Bad times. Even my perfect snack is making me a fatty.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

xoxo - gossip girl...

Spotted: Angry Banana outside Leavey Library pretending/trying desperately hard to be a cool fratty. Seemed to be planning some sort of (promo?) event at the 9-0 with small group of Greeks, which he thinks will be huge. I have my doubts. Also regaling Greeks with drunken tales such as "he was sooo wasted!!"


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