Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Mandiette the Spy

So, I'm cleaning up my room. Find one of my old notebooks, with some french crap in it. Also, 3 pages of Dom's journal.

I know, I know, how could I read it? Worse, how could I write about it on my blog? Well....

"Bored, staying at home doin nothin. I love looking through my sis things, i got a page of her diary but its really BORIN too. "

What an ass. So in revenge, HA! All over the internet.

It was kind of earth-shattering, to see him writing in this not at all a little passive Dom boy way. But more like a beng little boy. Erk. I forgot that at 11 people are already interested in girls.

Here are some choice extracts:

"I really wanna go to dat international school ting. dere will be girls + boys... together!!! Hope their HOT!"

I'm actually really concerned with how shitty his spelling and grammar is. Was. Hopefully it's better now.

Here is the golden nugget:

"Today needed to shit really badly in school, but held it. from bout 9:15-3:00. felt so bad sia."


1 comment:

bev said...

sorry, that's probably the funniest thing i've ever heard/read. weee nonsense shopping time!!!


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