Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wonderful Day

OMG y'all, I FINALLY have internets. Blogging should resume shortly.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Compliment of the day!

In line for lunch: "Oh that's cute, it looks like something a fine arts student would make."

I really do look quite arty today, even if all my cool stuff is of the purchased variety not the actually cool home made variety.

Today's look:

-Capri-sonne bag from Far East Plaza. Fits my laptop perfectly. You may remember it as the bag that boys love because they understand it. It's made of capri-sonne packets, awesome.

-White t-shirt from Aunty Cyn from Topshop. It's got some drawing of some birds in a tree that looks pretty Quinten Blake, and it's been cut up the back and is held on by 2 tied up strings on the back.

-Denim skinnies from Mango. My legs are still hideous from being some fatty sand flies' lunches back in Bintan, so I have taken to covering them up despite the hot hot heat.

-White Zara sandals from Aunty Cyn that are a size too big and give me blisters but are still held in high regard.

-White sunglasses from Charles and Keith that I spent all summer looking for :) <3 -Aquamarine bra from Target. Since my shirt is backless and my boobs require bra-age, I tend to wear this shirt with exciting bras. Besides, the colour matches the bird picture.

Ok I'm done pretending to be a fashion blogger now. You'll forgive me for not posting a self-shot-mirror picture. I didn't think I would be needing one when I left the house, and we don't have any full length mirrors anyway.

Miss me?

Hello my darlings!

Sorry I've been MIA. I've been moving, and we don't have internet yet. In fact, we were recently informed that we will not be having internet until next Tues, which is super lame. So I have taken to haunting Starbucks and bumming school nets.

While we are on Starbucks, here's a Thrift Tip! It's recession time and I'm sure everyone has less money than usual and must scale down on the $5 lattes. Doesn't mean you have to give up the Starbucks completely! As I have recently discovered, a Venti Iced Green Tea (or any other type of tea...) is only US$2.10, ... actually I'm staring at the price board now, and is it me or did everything get cheaper? Oh right, different currency. Um, scrap that tip. But still, Green Tea is awesome.

Anyway, new house stuff. I love it, especially the own room stuff. Does anyone know how to get rid of the smell of a thousand blunts? I'm pretty sure my room was previously the smoking lounge for the disgusto-boys who lived there before us.

And does anyone know how to sound proof a house? Actually, never mind that one. It's kind of useful being able to participate in a whispered conversation upstairs from the comfort of my room downstairs.

And does anyone have any tips on getting rid of bugs? We've been laying traps ("Step 1: Ants go into eat. Step 2: Ants come out to die.") and spraying stuff, but really, the little larvae in the crevices in the kitchen is not likely to crawl through those.

I might also change my major to Engineering with a minor in self-defense and I will then become a hermit. I know that as a senior, it seems a little late to turn my life plan around, but the business school is like fifty miles away where as I could spit at the engineering school from here. And the self-defense is for... self-defense. We live on the dodge side of campus now. At least I'm used to no one coming to my parties.

But yea, like I said, I love the new house. I really do.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Best Halloween Costume EVER!

Took this from Stephanie Meyer's page. It's a chick at the Breaking Dawn release party.

Hahaha. How embarrassing!!!!!!!!! But also really really great.

Too Close Is Gross!

I had a brush with nature today that I did not appreciate.

I was sitting on the floor packing, when I saw this thing moving next to me. A centipede!

An effing centipede!!!

And those little #$%^s move fast, I tell you. To stop it from moving, I stomped it with my moisturizer bottle. Then I ran to my brother's room screaming and made him come save me. But he's a chicken backside so I had to lift the bottle up myself. It was dead! It was also the size of a bobby pin. That's effing huge for a bug.

So I decided I had to take a pic before Dom heroically disposed of it, but I guess the flash had some sort of Grey's Anatomy effect because the bloody thing jumped up and started running! So I thomped it with the bottle again. Dom was mad because he hadn't gotten his picture yet.

I ran to the kitchen to get some bug spray, but when I opened the cupboard to get it, something moved in there too! Hopefully a lizard not a cockroach. So I slammed it and ran back to Dom to beg him to do it but then he didn't want to so I just used to Mr Muscle that was already out on the dining table. Around the survivor a perimeter I did create. A ring of cleaning solution. Then I lifted up the bottle and drowned that sucka. And after I cleaned it up, I flushed it ... just to be sure.

Shizz like this never happens in LA.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Olympics

I have just decided that I am rooting for Nicolette Teo, who is swimming for Singapore and is also a tiger baby, despite the fact that she was from MGS and goes to UCLA.

To balance the treachery, WOO HOO LARSEN JENSEN! I believe he is USCs first Olympic medalist this year?

Is anyone else wondering why I seem so invested in the Olympics? Because I really don't care about sports. Like at all.

Some School Spirit

According to the college essay bible that is Wikipedia, if USC was a country, it would be 12th in Gold Medals and 19th in all medals.

(Um, Singapore is #112, with one silver 48 years ago. So you see why it's so easy to jump ship? I guess I could cheer for the UK. Except the little Chinese gymnast girls are so much cuter!)

And we've medaled in every Olympics since 1904.

(Actually I lost that article, but I found a better one with even more showy-off numbers.)

I believe we have 41 Trojan athletes in Beijing. UCLA has 31. SUCK IT BRUINS!

(And I'm facebook friends with one Kami Craig. I think I was her note taker one year. The same year I was Taj Gibson's. Also, same class. Yea, watch me name drop.)

So be on the look out for our peeps!


Thursday, August 7, 2008


So... I'm pretty sure I saw Lily Cole in the basement of Paragon today.

Two tall-ass girls were walking towards me and I was like *psh* I bet they're models. Then I saw their faces and one had curly red hair and a moonish pale face. And I nearly choked on my diet coke, which was very glam as I'm sure you can all imagine. Think bubbles frothing over my straw and down my face.

Anyway, I couldn't chase her down and interrogate her because I had to go get my wisdom teeth out.

On one hand, I'm pretty sure it was her. On the other hand, what the eff would she be doing in Singapore? And wouldn't people know about that? And why would she be in the basement of Paragon? There's only food down there. Models don't eat, do they?

So if anyone hears anything of her whereabouts (she's rumoured to be trying to get to Spain for a romantic getaway with Jude Law), let me know. I am curious.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Musically Retarded

That's me! And lacking the guidance of boyfriend/roommate/Nick, I have found myself listening to music chosen by... Urban Outfitters. Yup, it's just the first step in making my life an Urban Outfitters catalogue. Next step? Lose 30 pounds like *snap*. Find a life lens that makes everything look over exposed.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Okay, I'm going to try and do this with as few spoilers as possible.

Breaking Dawn is the 4th installment in the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. Didn't read the other three? Don't read this one til you've read those. Unless you're a boy, in which case, don't read them at all.

The Plot: Same as usual. Bella and Edward try to deal with the fact that Bella is human and Edward is a vampire, Jacob messes things up, the Volturi come and threaten people. Look how good I'm being! Didn't ruin it at all!

Compared to the others: Probably my fav, next to the first book. Maybe because they actually get shizz done, rather than hemming and hahing around as usual. Maybe because the characters are less annoying. Maybe just because they do it. Ha! Ha! You knew they would.

In General:

The Plot: Was like a mix of 2 other fantasy series I used to read, The Black Jewels trilogy (where there was like a 'pack' that was loyal to this one chick...) and The Wayfarer Redemption (which was a sequel of the Axis Trilogy). Except both were much darker. So I guess like those 2 + Buffy. But was pretty full of twists, so that was nice.

The Characters: Eh, a bit one-dimensional even when they're trying not to be. Bella is always stubborn and martyrish, also horny. But, to be fair, who wouldn't be if you had a guy like that??
Edward seems to exist to gripe about how Bella is in danger. Jacob runs around whining about stuff. Rosalie is a bee. But overall, they were a little more endearing than usual. We like Seth and Emmett best.

The Writing: As much as it draws me in and gets me very involved and stuff, I can't help feeling that it's a little immature. Not just the story, with all it's ideals of men and ruining normal guys for girls, but the way it's planned out. Sometimes something happens and Su and I are like oj, because bla bla bla. Like we don't even question it. And pages later they go "OMG, because of BLA BLA BLA!" and we get all... huh? I thought we had established that? But maybe these people are just not that bright.
Some lines are outrageously full of cheeze, too.

Yay or Nay: Oh go on, it's not a deep read or anything, but it'll keep you entertained and probably is great if you're PMSing.

How Could I Neglect Shia?!

Sad story, with all the hooha over my newfound lust, Rob Pattinson, I have somewhat neglected my old flame, Shia Labeouf (Am I the only one who thinks he looks handsome in his mugshot?)

Even with his heart broken over my infidelity, Shia keeps his sense of humour.

That's comforting.

Plus, I had forgotten how much we shared, like our love for great movies. Seriously, the movies he talks about were childhood staples of mine. Babes in Toyland? That was cinematic gold. And in Can't Hardly Wait, Jennifer Love Hewitt's character's name was Amanda, and we all know I'm partial to that.

Shia, I still love you!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Quotable Quotes

Aunty Dot: (while massaging my back) Wah, how come you have no muscles Amanda?

Mother: *something not that important*

Aunty Dot: No muscles at all you know!


Dom is poking my stomach going 'poop poop poop'. (There is a story behind this, which I'll save for some other time.)

Aunty Dot: I know, it's because your sister has no muscles.

So guys. I guess I have no muscles.

YouTube Really Hates Me

Sorry I've been MIA. Weekend with the fam in Bintan. Am now covered in sandfly bites. Super not cool.

In other news, youtube hates me. It's officially stopped posting the videos I want it to, so we are back to links.

1) Order of the Phoenix Trailer - I don't know why you wouldn't have watched this yet.

2) Harry Potter in the Hood - A kind of funny spoof. I actually thought this was quite clever. It's a year old so maybe y'all have seen it.

3) If you go to the MTV movie blog, you get to see videos of hilarious fan girls all freakin' out about the twilight book and reading it on the floor while their friends pay and getting tattoos and shizz.

Ok, that's all I have for you. I just wanted to touch base before I lose all human contact while reading Breaking Dawn. (PS Watch out for bumper stickers, spoilers are going up! I saw one and it just about broke my heart so I called Su to read it to her and ruin her life too. Heh.)

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