Friday, August 15, 2008

Too Close Is Gross!

I had a brush with nature today that I did not appreciate.

I was sitting on the floor packing, when I saw this thing moving next to me. A centipede!

An effing centipede!!!

And those little #$%^s move fast, I tell you. To stop it from moving, I stomped it with my moisturizer bottle. Then I ran to my brother's room screaming and made him come save me. But he's a chicken backside so I had to lift the bottle up myself. It was dead! It was also the size of a bobby pin. That's effing huge for a bug.

So I decided I had to take a pic before Dom heroically disposed of it, but I guess the flash had some sort of Grey's Anatomy effect because the bloody thing jumped up and started running! So I thomped it with the bottle again. Dom was mad because he hadn't gotten his picture yet.

I ran to the kitchen to get some bug spray, but when I opened the cupboard to get it, something moved in there too! Hopefully a lizard not a cockroach. So I slammed it and ran back to Dom to beg him to do it but then he didn't want to so I just used to Mr Muscle that was already out on the dining table. Around the survivor a perimeter I did create. A ring of cleaning solution. Then I lifted up the bottle and drowned that sucka. And after I cleaned it up, I flushed it ... just to be sure.

Shizz like this never happens in LA.

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