Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some School Spirit

According to the college essay bible that is Wikipedia, if USC was a country, it would be 12th in Gold Medals and 19th in all medals.

(Um, Singapore is #112, with one silver 48 years ago. So you see why it's so easy to jump ship? I guess I could cheer for the UK. Except the little Chinese gymnast girls are so much cuter!)

And we've medaled in every Olympics since 1904.

(Actually I lost that article, but I found a better one with even more showy-off numbers.)

I believe we have 41 Trojan athletes in Beijing. UCLA has 31. SUCK IT BRUINS!

(And I'm facebook friends with one Kami Craig. I think I was her note taker one year. The same year I was Taj Gibson's. Also, same class. Yea, watch me name drop.)

So be on the look out for our peeps!


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