Thursday, August 7, 2008


So... I'm pretty sure I saw Lily Cole in the basement of Paragon today.

Two tall-ass girls were walking towards me and I was like *psh* I bet they're models. Then I saw their faces and one had curly red hair and a moonish pale face. And I nearly choked on my diet coke, which was very glam as I'm sure you can all imagine. Think bubbles frothing over my straw and down my face.

Anyway, I couldn't chase her down and interrogate her because I had to go get my wisdom teeth out.

On one hand, I'm pretty sure it was her. On the other hand, what the eff would she be doing in Singapore? And wouldn't people know about that? And why would she be in the basement of Paragon? There's only food down there. Models don't eat, do they?

So if anyone hears anything of her whereabouts (she's rumoured to be trying to get to Spain for a romantic getaway with Jude Law), let me know. I am curious.

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