Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Compliment of the day!

In line for lunch: "Oh that's cute, it looks like something a fine arts student would make."

I really do look quite arty today, even if all my cool stuff is of the purchased variety not the actually cool home made variety.

Today's look:

-Capri-sonne bag from Far East Plaza. Fits my laptop perfectly. You may remember it as the bag that boys love because they understand it. It's made of capri-sonne packets, awesome.

-White t-shirt from Aunty Cyn from Topshop. It's got some drawing of some birds in a tree that looks pretty Quinten Blake, and it's been cut up the back and is held on by 2 tied up strings on the back.

-Denim skinnies from Mango. My legs are still hideous from being some fatty sand flies' lunches back in Bintan, so I have taken to covering them up despite the hot hot heat.

-White Zara sandals from Aunty Cyn that are a size too big and give me blisters but are still held in high regard.

-White sunglasses from Charles and Keith that I spent all summer looking for :) <3 -Aquamarine bra from Target. Since my shirt is backless and my boobs require bra-age, I tend to wear this shirt with exciting bras. Besides, the colour matches the bird picture.

Ok I'm done pretending to be a fashion blogger now. You'll forgive me for not posting a self-shot-mirror picture. I didn't think I would be needing one when I left the house, and we don't have any full length mirrors anyway.

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