Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Miss me?

Hello my darlings!

Sorry I've been MIA. I've been moving, and we don't have internet yet. In fact, we were recently informed that we will not be having internet until next Tues, which is super lame. So I have taken to haunting Starbucks and bumming school nets.

While we are on Starbucks, here's a Thrift Tip! It's recession time and I'm sure everyone has less money than usual and must scale down on the $5 lattes. Doesn't mean you have to give up the Starbucks completely! As I have recently discovered, a Venti Iced Green Tea (or any other type of tea...) is only US$2.10, ... actually I'm staring at the price board now, and is it me or did everything get cheaper? Oh right, different currency. Um, scrap that tip. But still, Green Tea is awesome.

Anyway, new house stuff. I love it, especially the own room stuff. Does anyone know how to get rid of the smell of a thousand blunts? I'm pretty sure my room was previously the smoking lounge for the disgusto-boys who lived there before us.

And does anyone know how to sound proof a house? Actually, never mind that one. It's kind of useful being able to participate in a whispered conversation upstairs from the comfort of my room downstairs.

And does anyone have any tips on getting rid of bugs? We've been laying traps ("Step 1: Ants go into eat. Step 2: Ants come out to die.") and spraying stuff, but really, the little larvae in the crevices in the kitchen is not likely to crawl through those.

I might also change my major to Engineering with a minor in self-defense and I will then become a hermit. I know that as a senior, it seems a little late to turn my life plan around, but the business school is like fifty miles away where as I could spit at the engineering school from here. And the self-defense is for... self-defense. We live on the dodge side of campus now. At least I'm used to no one coming to my parties.

But yea, like I said, I love the new house. I really do.

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