Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Youtube FAILS

I tried to post this twice, but it has yet to show, so here's the #1 reason why boys should watch Wedding Daze.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pet Peeve

Black Lace

I'm sorry lah, I know it's meant to be super stylish and fashionable right now, and it's in every magazine and Prada ad but...

I think it's very ugly.

Today's Observations

1) Elmo is a smelly, smelly dog. But Ootie is smellier.

2) My forehead is pimply like a pubescent boy.

3) My room is a relic from my secondary school days. It's like the land where time stood still. Except the dust. That grows and grows. I really need to redecorate. Or like... clean.

4) Nobody cares that I had a dream where I was pregnant, nor does anyone share the relief I felt when I remembered that um, Aunt Flo is visiting. Hahaha.

5) My thighs seem to be increasing exponentially, as does my tummy.

6) Writing with an orange pen is blinding.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wedding Daze (aka The Pleasure of Your Company?!)

The Plot: Anderson is all heart broken and obsessed about his ex-almost-fiancee, and while trying to make a point to his best friend, proposes to Katie, some waitress. Unforch, or forch, she is going through some kind of romantic crisis and says yes. They decide to make the crazy thing work.

Kind of Like: if Harold and Kumar was a romantic comedy.

The Characters: Anderson (aka Jason Biggs aka that guy from American Pie and Loser) and Katie (aka Isla Fisher aka the crazy from the Wedding Crashers aka Borat's fiancee) were pretty sweet and had great chemistry, and 'Ted' (aka Michael Weston, aka Zach Braff's bff?) was hilarious and believable as Anderson's best friend. Everyone else was some kind of crazy caricature, like her friends, the nutty circus freaks. Matador, one of said freaks, was a dead ringer for Ted and we thought they might have been played by the same guy, but no, he was played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach and has been in such classics like Stealth and the Lake House. Yeaaa. Also, look out for Richard Gilmore.

The Story: Well. It's a little unbelievable at points, but it's hilarious as long as you keep your suspension of disbelief. Hilarious but awkwarrrrrrrrrd. And alright, at times it gets a leeetle cheesy, just like all great romantic comedies.

Yay or Nay: It's no academy shoo-in, but we laughed the whole way through. Most of it. I'd say go with a group of friends, it's one of those movies that when you go on a JC class outing everyone will enjoy. You know? I wouldn't go with my boyfriend (er, girls) purely because Isla Fisher is adorable and ego-wreaking. She really owns the ginger-hair thing. She could be Ginny Weasley, if only she wasn't so old. I can't find the picture from the underwear scene, but I did find the youtube! So that's next.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Props to Singaporeans.

Another movie tonight, Wedding Daze. More on that to come. First, an anecdote:

My friend, let's call him Nick, is notoriously bad with movie tickets. He's told me so on several occasions as he forced me to be the responsible ticket holder. I'm bad with things in that I fake lose them and then spend a few minutes freaking out about having lost them and then find missing item in secret compartment of my bag/wallet/pocket. Case in point: I yelled at NB for losing car keys when they were in fact in a side pocket in my hand bag. Ah. I digress.

Tonight, Nick kept the tickets. We think. Whatever it is, when we got to checking which cinema the movie was in, the tickets were no longer in our possession. I frantically tear through my bag and unearth some free perfume several times, but no tickets. He doesn't have them either. He tears off to the basement where we had been sitting, planning his life, and I go to the counter so see if I can plead my way to new tickets.

I get to the counter and explain the sitch to the lady (well, this is a slightly compacted version. There was initially some confusion with the guy at the counter who thought I had ordered tickets online.) and she's like 'oh' and makes a phone call.

Our tickets were at the basement ticket counter. Someone turned them in.


Seriously. If you found 2 tickets to a movie, would you turn them in or just go watch it?

Nick pointed out that someone had done this the last time he had lost tickets and had to replace them, and he went up to them and bitched them out for stealing tickets. But they still got a free movie out of it.

So yea, yay Singaporeans and your upright citizenness!

The Strangers

As you may have noticed, my summer has pretty much been spent watching movies. Yesterday, for lack options that we hadn't already seen, Su and I went to watch the Strangers. About 5 minutes in, we both suddenly remembered that we hate scary movies and are actually big chickens.

The Plot: James (aka Scott Speedman aka Handsome Handsome from Underworld) and Kristen (aka Liv Tyler aka "Bruuuceee!") are meant to be on a romantic weekend getaway at his family summer home, in the middle of nowhere. Then, three people in masks come and scare the shizz out of them and kill them. That's not a spoiler, you find out in the first scene.

Interesting fact: The poster says inspired by real events, but according to wiki, the plot is fictional, but when the director was a kid there were these burglars in his town who knocked on peoples' doors and if no one was home they stole all their stuff.

The Story: Pretty solid, if really creepy. I mean, we had some common sense issues like "STAY IN THE CLOSET! DON'T GO OUTSIDE!" but that's intrinsic to the scary movie experience. Beat out 'Dead Mary' by miles. If you haven't seen Dead Mary... Don't.

The Cast: Well, Scottie is a hottie, so we are well pleased on that front. The bad guys don't talk much, so there's not much to complain about. Liv did her usual non-acting, which worked very well here. Breathy works well in scaries.

The Dialogue: No noticeably bad and hilarious lines, so that's always a plus.

Admirable: Really shows what good lighting/sound/cinematography can do for a film, because there were really not very many sets and all of ... 8 characters, including the two mormon boys who find the bodies in the beginning.

Lesson Learned: As Rachana and I always wondered, why would anyone live in the middle of no where? Aren't you just asking for a serial killer to come and torment you? And here we discover that the answer is yes, you are indeed inviting danger.

Also, one should learn how to use one of those old radios so that when bad guys cut the phone line and steal your cell batteries, you can make contact.

Yay or nay? As slasher flicks go, this is pretty good. Watch it right before you go on a road trip to your summer home in some oolu destination. Or even better, watch it while you're there.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

December Boys

AKA: Harry Potter's first film where he isn't Harry Potter.

Plot: Four orphan boys (who are not in fact brothers, just 'brothers'. But they WERE all born in December) win a seaside holiday to a 'town' with about ten people. While there, they discover that a couple might adopt one of them, and they compete to win their affections. Meanwhile, the oldest, Maps (aka Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter) gets laid. Oh sorry, spoiler.

On the plot: Eh... kind of weak. Not much happened. And one of the old men stole his story line from Big Fish. And why was everyone so emo?

On the cinematography: Beautiful set, amazing colour. The 'imagination' bits were a bit suspect in terms of special effects.

On the characters: For all his fame and fortune, Dan was not actually the main kid. It was this other kid with glasses, who was kind of ugly and irritating, and really not that endearing. If I were the couple I would have chosen the little ass hole who was really cute. Not to say that Dan didn't get his screen time: he did. He was ok, not spectacular, but not terrible. Pretty awks, and twerpy. Also, pretty English, even though they were Australian. His GF (Teresa Palmer) was REALLY awks and kind of manly, and at one point she smokes on him and it was really un-sexy, unlike in Starter for 10 where it was really hot. The grown-ups were all great, but really got very little screen time. The couple doing the adopting were both pretty hot (Sullivan Stapleton and Victoria Hill. Zero AKAs.). Um, what's the deal with the horse?

Yay or Nay: It's not a must-see, it's the kind of film my mum would like for the set and then get bored of. Eh. It has it's moments, but I'd pass, unless you are a massive Daniel Radcliffe fan, in which case, you need to get your eyes checked man, that boy is creepy looking.

Monday, July 21, 2008


This was meant to be my movie of the summer, but last summer. But yea, never got around to watching it. It's pretty much the cutest movie I've seen in quite a while.

Plot: Jenna (aka Keri Russel aka Felicity aka 'mom' in August Rush) is a waitress at a little pie diner. She loves pies and hates her husband (aka Jeremy Sisto, aka Elton from Clueless). This is basically about how she tries to leave him. And how she loves her gyni (aka Nathan Fillion, aka the blond girl's husband from 2 guys a girl and a pizza place aka the really hilarious bad priest from Buffy).

Sort of like: Juno meets Pushing Daisies.

Why it's great: Punchy dialogue, really cute set, and amazing amazing pies. It will also instill you (ie, it did this to me) with the insane desire to become a master pie baker. So we all know what I'm going to be doing next semester...

Sad story: Adrienne Shelly wrote, directed and acted in this. She was then killed by some construction worker. Totally unrelated incidents, but something to know.

Yay or Nay? Definite yay. Well, if you're a girl. If you're a guy... it's pretty male-friendly as far as female comedies go. But nothing explodes, there are no fast cars, no one gets shot, and no one is naked.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bat Man: The Dark Knight

I was probably the only person in the universe who wasn't that psyched about this. I still watched the sneaks, but I wasn't throwing up from excitement or anything. Probably because I was the only person in the universe who wasn't completely awed by the first one.

Story: Gotham has a new bad guy in town, and rather than the petty mob types of old, this one is a psycho path, the Joker. Bat Man, meanwhile, is feeling kind of dull and wants to hand the hero card over to the city's latest DA, Harvey Dent, so he can run off with Harv's girlfriend and not have to mess around with effing guard dogs biting him all the time.

So... I'm bored of my usual format. Let's mix it up, Miley Style!

The 7 things I hate about you!

- Christian Bale - He just doesn't do it for me. I don't buy either of his roles, as Bruce or the Bat. As Bruce he seems like an obnox play boy, but not in an endearing way. He's not very charming. And as the Bat he has this awful rasping voice, which really is not very sexy at all and not a good characterization.

- Bat Man's Character - He was really self-righteous, and faux-noble and stuff, but let's face it, he really should have taken a bit more responsibility for things. I'm trying not to be spoiler about it, but I really think he should have had that 'sorry bout your GF' talk after shit went to hell. It would also have explained the man's later hatred better.

- The Love Triangle - Usually, I love a good love triangle. Nothing like two people fighting over one person to mess life up a little, ya know? But in this case, I didn't believe that anyone was really in love with anyone at all. Except for one little part, near the end. But yea, where were the stolen glances and subtle contact? This director is clearly not very romantic.

- Too Many Ups - You know how a plot line is meant to be wavy and there are usually like... 2, 3 high points? This had like... 10. And they got kind of boring and repetitive. Could have done without even just one of the many joker escapes/kills someone/blows something up/is tricky. IDK maybe that was intentional to show how the joker made things all chaotic.

- How low security all the prisons seemed - Seriously, this guy is THE big bad. Why oh why would you not have like a thousand cameras and lasers trained on him?

- The 'Black' wing of the mafia - aiyah, they were a joke. Totally useless, and very jarring in their poor acting.

- Not That Memorable - I wouldn't say there was any one scene where I was like 'wow, I'll remember that forever and quote it to my friends, I can't wait to put it on facebook.' I dont much remember anything about the script.

Ok, ok, I'm not heartless, there were high points:

The 7 things I like about you!

- Heath Ledger - gave an amazing performance, sounded nothing like anything he'd ever done before. Maybe this really is going to be an Oscar nominee.

- Morgan Freeman - I literally laughed with glee when he came on screen. Old Morgs, playing his usual kindly grandpa bit, will light up any movie.

- Michael Caine - Another great Grandpa figure who didn't really change much about his usual acting for this role, so it's a good thing I already love him.

- The Visual Effects - I will admit, the film looked stunning, it was very sleek and seamless, as it had better be for that kind of $$. No Hellboy/the Hulk ruining the suspension of disbelief here.

- The Sets - Why is it that I spent so much time trying to figure out where the office scenes were filmed? They had great exteriors, but I suspect it might have been blue screened.

- The Music - Wasn't quite as memorable as the old ones (John Williams, I believe), but this new one had some quite eerie sounds, especially for the joker.

- The Batmobile and other gadgets - I really hated it in the last movie, because I am a big fan of the sleek one from Tim Burton's days, but I am partial to cars that follow directions, like a pet. It's quite cute.

The Verdict : I mean, I guess it's a must see right? And if you loved the first one, I'm sure you'll like this one, unless you are a girl. Not to be sexist or anything, but my general research has shown that guys thought it was BAD ASS! and girls were like ... meh. It was too long. Personal theory? Girls care more about character and relationship development, and boys like to see things explode.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Reasons to get a job

I'm broke, and I need money to attain my summer lust list.

1. Gladiator Sandals - yea yea, jump on the bandwagon. Why not? I love wagons.

I had a big debate between high and low, long or ankle... I've decided on low ankles, so I can walk to school and not look like my legs are stubby and fat.

2. White sunglasses - I used to have a pair, and I loved them. 3. OPI nail polish in Brisbane Bronze - Ok, so it's one of OPI's least creative names, I rarely paint my nails (although they've been blue all summer) and the colour isn't that exciting.

But still, it's a little something to remind me to behave in NB's absence.

4. Some white / light grey straight jeans - a bit slow on this one, but seriously, a girl can only survive so long on one pair of jeans!

(these ones are a little tooo skinny for me, but google is not giving me any better pics...)

5. Some dark green knee length shorts - I need some shorts that are not too short to be worn to an office.

(I guess black is fine too...)

6. A trench coat - I've just always wanted one, so I can be mysterious. And Zara is on sale now, doncha know.

And I did just watch Get Smart, and Anne Hathaway's white one is adorable, n'est-ce pas?

7. A light, pretty, comfortable cardigan - for all the fall layering.

There's one I quite like at Zara for cheap. Basically, I love Cate Blanchett's entire wardrobe in Notes on a Scandal.

Okay, that's all I have for now. I wish I had a perfect 10, but Oh well. I guess you could add wellies, a maxi dress and a lacy black peek-a-boo bra.

Basically, it goes back to the ultimate question in my life: why can't I look like I fell out of an urban outfitters catalogue??

Also, your thoughts on me getting bangs? Yay or nay? And if so, should I do it now or wait for fall?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Handsome Man Alert!

Does anyone remember Handsome Young Son from Being Julia?

His name is Tom Sturridge, and we are now on Tom Sturridge Watch.

Has anyone heard of Tom Sturridge? Why didn't anyone bring him to my attention?

Here is the long story.

Rob Pattinson is allegedly dating Camilla Belle (aka Eye Brows from 10000 BC, the movie we have still not yet watched), right. Just now I was at Luke's Blog, where he was gushing about how hot she was, and was reminded that I wanted to stalk her. Her Wikipedia says she is close friends with actors Rob Pattinson and Tom Sturridge (er, also Cameron Diaz and Maria Sharapova, but who cares about the women, right?). And I was like, eh? Who is this guy? And HIS wikipedia says that he is Rob's BFF! Dubsteeeff, you'd think this would have come up sooner? Someone needs to change Rob's wiki to add this deet in.

So anyway, now we must watch The Boat That Rocked, when it comes out next year. And some movie called Maestro about Australian pianists. Er...

More interesting facts: Was lots of crazy Twilighters' first choice for Edward. Was cast in Jumper but got pulled for Hayden, because he's famous. SAD!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hell Boy 2

I saw the first one, and I hated it. Despised it. The acting, the dialogue, the plot. All bad times. So why did I watch this one? I was all seduced by the fact that it was directed by Pan's Labyrinth's Guillermo del Toro, and the ads showed it to be filled with all his weird creatures with eyes in the wrong places.

It should really have been called Hella Bad, Too. Because it was.

The Plot: A Prince from an ancient army of elves (very reminiscent of LOTR) decides he wants to break his father's peace treaty with the humans by calling up all sorts of terrible forces to kill them.

The Good: Admittedly, Gilly's monsters looked pretty good for the most part. A bit out of place, and more suiting Pan's, but they were pretty cool none the less. The members of the golder army were really nifty and I totally want one. And some of the 'worlds' were really nicely done, like the Goblin Market or whatever (even though it was clearly a rip-off of Diagon Alley, HP style.) And Selma Blair's hair looked pretty cute, and I'm not even normally a fan of hers at all.

The Bad: Ooooh, where do I begin? Firstly, what bothered me most even though it's kind of insignificant: the bystanders. They were very blase about monsters appearing out of everywhere and trying to kill them. That really bothered me, that there were very few screams. And while we are on the topic, the logic of the whole movie. Su and I saw the easy exits way early on, so really, their 2 hour adventure was a waste of time and money. Also, lots of lead ons that went no where, like "your one weakness is your temper!" and then no final battle where he has to control his temper? Laaame. My pet peeve about films is when the plot moves the characters instead of the characters moving the plot, (what was it, Prof M? External vs internal? It all seems so clear now) In this, everything was definitely handed to them on a platter. And also, um, pretty much every time someone opened their mouth something stupid and pointless came out. Wow, I was really mad.

The Ugly: Hellboy himself. He was just not a nice guy, very unsavory and unlikable. And he looked really fake. And all his faux-remorse was pretty false, he didn't really have any emotions at all. Just random acts of violence that were totally unnecessary.

The Highlight: The fish guy "I don't think I even have tearducts!" and his singing, I guess. Pretty lame, but ya gotta find something.

Last 2 cents: Might have been salvageable, without the whole Hellboy thing. You know, if it was just a rip off of Pans/HP/LOTR. Watch out for the whole beginning 10 minutes where they basically copy LOTR and have a battle scene with Robots (orcs?) and then they break the golden crown into 3 pieces, 2 for the elves and 1 for man... er, one crown to rule them all?

Yay or Nay: Nay, nay, a thousand times nay. Boy or girl, whatever, nooo don't do it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am pretty Unfabulous

I'm really cool these days. I have a set tv schedule for night time, and I get pretty bummed out if I miss it. Like when I go out for drinks and come home and Unfabulous is over? So depressing.

So here it is (these are all half hour shows):

22:30 : Unfabulous on Nickelodeon
23:00 : Life with Derek on Nickelodeon (sometimes. I wasn't a huge fan, but it's growing on me.)
01:00 : Lizzie McGuire on Disney
02:00 : As Told By Ginger on Nickelodeon
02:30 : As Told By Ginger on Nickelodeon

This would obviously change up a lot if we had channel 100 where they play Roswell re-runs.

But yea, Unfabulous is pretty much my fav tween show, it's even sort of beating out Lizzie McGuire. Probably because Emma Roberts is more endearing and has skinnier arms, and her clothes are nice and not horrible purple tops and orange pants. Er, hello, Lizzie? No wonder Kate hates you.

However, Ethan Craft is much better looking than Addie's boys. But then again, Addie's older brother could negate that.

So yea, I'm pretty cool.


The Plot (now in one line!): Wes leaves his pathetic existence behind to avenge /follow the foot steps of his late assassin father who he really never knew.

The Good: James McAvoy is adorable as usual. Angelina Jolie is sexy as eff, as was to be expected, if a little skinny. She also has an awesome wardrobe. Morgan Freeman is Rona's dream grandpa. The special effects were great, as were the action scenes. Except I think they over-used the flying car trick. As Courtney Gripling says, "Once is an experience, twice is bordering on pathetic." Or something.

The Bad: Big problem: Really bad plot. Like REALLY bad. Here's a clue: "We are a fraternity of assassins." Frat, huh? That's never good news. The next piece of bad news? "We take our orders from the Loom of Fate." Hahahahha. Please, no. Do not take your orders from a piece of cloth. Anyway, it keeps getting worse, with as many plot holes as a low thread count bed sheet, and lots of things that could have been avoided if people had just used some common sense.

The Ugly: The narrative voice overs. I'm sorry, James, love you as I do, this was not your strong point. The accent was okay, I guess, but it felt like he was concentrating so hard on getting the right emphasis on the right syllables that he forgot to put any emotion in it. Anyway, it was very jarring and disconcerting.

The Mediocre: (SPOILER) The plot twist. I mean, not to give anything away or anything, but it's definitely been done before, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. (END SPOILER)

Moral of the story: You can only be your own person by being your father, and by punching people a lot.

Yay or Nay? I saw it twice, but it was laughably bad at some parts. Like laugh out loud laughing. With the rest of the audience. Would have been better as a series of advertisements with the action bits and without the whole... plot.

Twilight Tuesday Gold

Yea, yea, I'm really sad and uncool and actually kind of look forward to Twilight Tuesday. For those of you who don't know what that is, every Tuesday the MTV movie blog does a little feature on something Twilight.

This week? The Bella Cullen Project.

It's a fanband. OMG soooo funny. These 3 girls (who look suspiciously like the types of girls Rona and I see at her emo concerts wearing t-shirts that are a little too tight with band logos on them) have written an entire album of songs based on Twilight, with words along the lines of Edward setting a house on fire because he's a sexy vampire. And also, Bella, you smell like warewolf tonight. Bahahha. You can't beat that.

They had a sold out concert. In their town's library. The audience was a bunch of tween girls in home made fan t-shirts with Rob Pattinson's face on them. Hahahhahaha.

Rona and I want to go see them live.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Many Movies 1 - You Don't Mess with the Zohan

As usual, being home means nothing to do except watch movies, even if I've already seen them. But I am very lazy so these 'reviews' are getting shorter and shorter. I will need to find a new format soon.

The plot in one line: Zohan is an Israeli super-agent who fakes his death and moves to New York so that he can be a hairdresser, in a Palestinian salon, and why can't everyone just get along?

The good: I guess I was entertained. There were some reluctant chuckles. The moral of the story was good, if very hit you over the head obvious. And the love interest was quite pretty (Emmanuelle Chriqui) who kept me on my toes deciding if she was or wasn't Mia from Degrassi with a new race sprayed on like they do in Tropic Thunder (She wasn't... that would be Nina Dobrev).

You can't tell me you don't think they look alike.

The bad: The humor/jokes were pretty low... they overplayed the hummus one (you are only supposed to use a joke 3 times for maximum laughter, this was in like.. every scene. And not subtly.) And it was very *shock!* jokes. IDK, they get the laughs but they feel a little cheap and antiquated. Very Adam Sandler circa the 1990s, which I guess is also Adam Sandler circa now. Basically, I feel like movie humor has moved forward, and this was out of date. The 'special effects'... were clearly meant to be bad, but honestly, these feet slapping people was almost offensive in their blatantly fake-ness.

The ugly: Mostly everyone except the main chick.

Yay or Nay: It's a pretty safe movie to watch if you're bored, but I wouldn't make a special trip out or anything. I'd watch it on TV. If there was absolutely nothing else on.

I dunno, maybe I just don't get it.

Funny note: If you type Zohan in IMDB, one of the options is Lindsay Lohan. Hahahah.

Sorry for the interruption

My laptop was un-chargeable, because my brother and I blew up the electrics. At first I thought it was the adapter, but after trying 2 different ones, in both sockets, I concluded that it must be my charger, esp since the little light didn't go green.

So today, my mummy and I went to buy a new charger (for a bargain price of S$52, but not receipt, so this may be a little dodgy) and I brought it home and plugged it in. No light. Oh snap.

Then, a lightbulb! (In my head, not my charger.)

Mayhaps, when Dom and I blew up the electrics, the spark effed up the socket, not the things that go in them. Ohhh.

So I tried it outside, and it works fine. And now I am happy. (And now there are also little post-its taped over the sockets saying DO NOT USE... my mother went on a labeling spree...)

Back to your regular programming.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

She's Just Being Miley!

I can't help being a 13 year old sell-out at heart. I love radio-pop, and MTV, and mainstream.

Granted, the vid is not amazing, because she acts a bit weird in a lot of it - not when she's jumping around, but when she is trying to be emotional and touching her hair? Looks tres awks, like her hand is too high up - and there are some 13 year olds crying and pretending they know anything about heartbreak.

But actually, it's awesome. It would be better if it was one of those ones where she and her friends go and play practical jokes on the man who broke her heart and ruin his dates, and also with some scenes of her sad in her room reflecting on the good times and them kissing and running through the rain laughing holding a jacket over their heads. Too detailed? I can delve even deeper. But I won't, don't worry.

Fav line: (something about needing a sincere apology)

"When you mean it, I'll believe it. If you text it, I'll delete it."

Bahaha. Typical.


Hey, guys, check out the people counter! I got past 5000!!! Whoop whoop. I'm sorry, this is a big deal to me, even though most blogs get that many hits a minute and this is for like... a year and a half, and half the hits were from myself checking to see if my post looks nice and going back to edit my spacing and stuff.

To come:

1) Wanted.

2) Zohan.

3) 7 Things vid, just for you!

4) Unfabulous vid, if I can find it.

Trying to Keep Up

I've read about the Bright Young Hollywood feature in the August issue of Vanity Fair twice today. At first I was like, how the eff do people know what's coming out in August? It's barely July! But then I thought I'd blog about it too and throw my 2 cents in.

Thoughts on the cover:

1) Emma Roberts looks like the coolest one there even though she should be #4 out of 4. Her dress is a little 'meh' and looks a little like it's going to fall off, but her hair looks great in this shade, way better than her usual mousy best friend look. And she has plenty of attitude going on.

1a) This is surprising to me because I thought Kristen Stewart would for sureee look the most rocking, a) because she's Bella, and b) because usually she looks very edgy. She looks a little sheepish and out of her league, which is possibly because she is not a very white-dress type of person usually. Especially not a white dress with yellow flowers. She probably could have pulled off the Emma Roberts dress better. They also didn't play up her eyes much, make-up wise. Ha, look at me pretending to know what I'm talking about.

1b) On a more analytical inspection, I think Emma Roberts (who will never be anything other than her full name. Except, of course, "Is this just a crush or am I a stalker?" because she sang that in Unfabulous and it was really fabulous) has the best face look because she is the only one not looking at the camera head-on and is thus the only one with any jaw definition.

2) Amanda Seyfried looks the nicest in her dress , and also looks really pretty.

2a) This is strange to me because I always think of her as kind of moon-faced and also can never picture her serious ('stolen boy' and 'I have ESPN' always come to mind when I try), but here she is looking very awesome and otherworldly... vampirey. She should try out for some Twilight screen time.

2b) I also would have expected Blake Lively to look the best because she is the fashion blogger's golden child, n'est-ce pas? But she too looks a little sheepish and while I do love how she looks in the dress her facial expression seems to look kind of uncomfortable. And ha-ha, how much does Emz (ok ok I have a nickname for her) look like she thinks S (GG ref, anyone?) is a complete freak??

3) Random side note, does anyone else thing that Kristen Stewart really looks like Elizabeth Reaser in this pic? Um, that would be Ava from Grey's and Esme from Twilight, to you.

Thoughts on the feature:

1) Immediate thought: How much must a publicist pay/who must they sleep with/what strings must they pull to get their clients in here? This is a big effing deal, and some of the peeps in it are really a little bit random. I mean, yea, they all have movies coming out (which is obvi where half the VF funds came from...) but so do tons of other kids. And I expect the GG people to be in it because their show is the hot fav for grown-ups acting young and kids acting old, and also because they do an awesome job at getting featured in every effing blog and periodical. But McLovin? And the fat guy? And the chick who loves the crap with gold flakes in it? (All from Superbad) I'm pretty sure they weren't doing any acting, just as Michael Cera (not featured? Sad!) always plays the same person, though we adore him.

2) Next thought: Er, how did they miss out all my fav men? (Robert Pattinson, anyone? Jeez this post is getting a little obsessive...) Was it because they aren't American? No right, coz Chuck Bass is English.

3) Wow Josh from Drake and Josh is getting kind of hot.

4) Best friend from Juno totally deserves her spot. I'll even look up her name for this. Olivia Thirlby. Love her.

5) Jonas Brothers. Ha-ha, not a big shock. Er, where's Miley? I kind of really love her new song, 7 Things, though it's pretty embarrassing to admit.

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