Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Reasons to get a job

I'm broke, and I need money to attain my summer lust list.

1. Gladiator Sandals - yea yea, jump on the bandwagon. Why not? I love wagons.

I had a big debate between high and low, long or ankle... I've decided on low ankles, so I can walk to school and not look like my legs are stubby and fat.

2. White sunglasses - I used to have a pair, and I loved them. 3. OPI nail polish in Brisbane Bronze - Ok, so it's one of OPI's least creative names, I rarely paint my nails (although they've been blue all summer) and the colour isn't that exciting.

But still, it's a little something to remind me to behave in NB's absence.

4. Some white / light grey straight jeans - a bit slow on this one, but seriously, a girl can only survive so long on one pair of jeans!

(these ones are a little tooo skinny for me, but google is not giving me any better pics...)

5. Some dark green knee length shorts - I need some shorts that are not too short to be worn to an office.

(I guess black is fine too...)

6. A trench coat - I've just always wanted one, so I can be mysterious. And Zara is on sale now, doncha know.

And I did just watch Get Smart, and Anne Hathaway's white one is adorable, n'est-ce pas?

7. A light, pretty, comfortable cardigan - for all the fall layering.

There's one I quite like at Zara for cheap. Basically, I love Cate Blanchett's entire wardrobe in Notes on a Scandal.

Okay, that's all I have for now. I wish I had a perfect 10, but Oh well. I guess you could add wellies, a maxi dress and a lacy black peek-a-boo bra.

Basically, it goes back to the ultimate question in my life: why can't I look like I fell out of an urban outfitters catalogue??

Also, your thoughts on me getting bangs? Yay or nay? And if so, should I do it now or wait for fall?

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