Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wedding Daze (aka The Pleasure of Your Company?!)

The Plot: Anderson is all heart broken and obsessed about his ex-almost-fiancee, and while trying to make a point to his best friend, proposes to Katie, some waitress. Unforch, or forch, she is going through some kind of romantic crisis and says yes. They decide to make the crazy thing work.

Kind of Like: if Harold and Kumar was a romantic comedy.

The Characters: Anderson (aka Jason Biggs aka that guy from American Pie and Loser) and Katie (aka Isla Fisher aka the crazy from the Wedding Crashers aka Borat's fiancee) were pretty sweet and had great chemistry, and 'Ted' (aka Michael Weston, aka Zach Braff's bff?) was hilarious and believable as Anderson's best friend. Everyone else was some kind of crazy caricature, like her friends, the nutty circus freaks. Matador, one of said freaks, was a dead ringer for Ted and we thought they might have been played by the same guy, but no, he was played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach and has been in such classics like Stealth and the Lake House. Yeaaa. Also, look out for Richard Gilmore.

The Story: Well. It's a little unbelievable at points, but it's hilarious as long as you keep your suspension of disbelief. Hilarious but awkwarrrrrrrrrd. And alright, at times it gets a leeetle cheesy, just like all great romantic comedies.

Yay or Nay: It's no academy shoo-in, but we laughed the whole way through. Most of it. I'd say go with a group of friends, it's one of those movies that when you go on a JC class outing everyone will enjoy. You know? I wouldn't go with my boyfriend (er, girls) purely because Isla Fisher is adorable and ego-wreaking. She really owns the ginger-hair thing. She could be Ginny Weasley, if only she wasn't so old. I can't find the picture from the underwear scene, but I did find the youtube! So that's next.

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