Wednesday, July 9, 2008


The Plot (now in one line!): Wes leaves his pathetic existence behind to avenge /follow the foot steps of his late assassin father who he really never knew.

The Good: James McAvoy is adorable as usual. Angelina Jolie is sexy as eff, as was to be expected, if a little skinny. She also has an awesome wardrobe. Morgan Freeman is Rona's dream grandpa. The special effects were great, as were the action scenes. Except I think they over-used the flying car trick. As Courtney Gripling says, "Once is an experience, twice is bordering on pathetic." Or something.

The Bad: Big problem: Really bad plot. Like REALLY bad. Here's a clue: "We are a fraternity of assassins." Frat, huh? That's never good news. The next piece of bad news? "We take our orders from the Loom of Fate." Hahahahha. Please, no. Do not take your orders from a piece of cloth. Anyway, it keeps getting worse, with as many plot holes as a low thread count bed sheet, and lots of things that could have been avoided if people had just used some common sense.

The Ugly: The narrative voice overs. I'm sorry, James, love you as I do, this was not your strong point. The accent was okay, I guess, but it felt like he was concentrating so hard on getting the right emphasis on the right syllables that he forgot to put any emotion in it. Anyway, it was very jarring and disconcerting.

The Mediocre: (SPOILER) The plot twist. I mean, not to give anything away or anything, but it's definitely been done before, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. (END SPOILER)

Moral of the story: You can only be your own person by being your father, and by punching people a lot.

Yay or Nay? I saw it twice, but it was laughably bad at some parts. Like laugh out loud laughing. With the rest of the audience. Would have been better as a series of advertisements with the action bits and without the whole... plot.

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