Tuesday, July 1, 2008

She's Just Being Miley!

I can't help being a 13 year old sell-out at heart. I love radio-pop, and MTV, and mainstream.

Granted, the vid is not amazing, because she acts a bit weird in a lot of it - not when she's jumping around, but when she is trying to be emotional and touching her hair? Looks tres awks, like her hand is too high up - and there are some 13 year olds crying and pretending they know anything about heartbreak.

But actually, it's awesome. It would be better if it was one of those ones where she and her friends go and play practical jokes on the man who broke her heart and ruin his dates, and also with some scenes of her sad in her room reflecting on the good times and them kissing and running through the rain laughing holding a jacket over their heads. Too detailed? I can delve even deeper. But I won't, don't worry.

Fav line: (something about needing a sincere apology)

"When you mean it, I'll believe it. If you text it, I'll delete it."

Bahaha. Typical.

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