Wednesday, July 23, 2008

December Boys

AKA: Harry Potter's first film where he isn't Harry Potter.

Plot: Four orphan boys (who are not in fact brothers, just 'brothers'. But they WERE all born in December) win a seaside holiday to a 'town' with about ten people. While there, they discover that a couple might adopt one of them, and they compete to win their affections. Meanwhile, the oldest, Maps (aka Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter) gets laid. Oh sorry, spoiler.

On the plot: Eh... kind of weak. Not much happened. And one of the old men stole his story line from Big Fish. And why was everyone so emo?

On the cinematography: Beautiful set, amazing colour. The 'imagination' bits were a bit suspect in terms of special effects.

On the characters: For all his fame and fortune, Dan was not actually the main kid. It was this other kid with glasses, who was kind of ugly and irritating, and really not that endearing. If I were the couple I would have chosen the little ass hole who was really cute. Not to say that Dan didn't get his screen time: he did. He was ok, not spectacular, but not terrible. Pretty awks, and twerpy. Also, pretty English, even though they were Australian. His GF (Teresa Palmer) was REALLY awks and kind of manly, and at one point she smokes on him and it was really un-sexy, unlike in Starter for 10 where it was really hot. The grown-ups were all great, but really got very little screen time. The couple doing the adopting were both pretty hot (Sullivan Stapleton and Victoria Hill. Zero AKAs.). Um, what's the deal with the horse?

Yay or Nay: It's not a must-see, it's the kind of film my mum would like for the set and then get bored of. Eh. It has it's moments, but I'd pass, unless you are a massive Daniel Radcliffe fan, in which case, you need to get your eyes checked man, that boy is creepy looking.

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