Saturday, July 26, 2008

Props to Singaporeans.

Another movie tonight, Wedding Daze. More on that to come. First, an anecdote:

My friend, let's call him Nick, is notoriously bad with movie tickets. He's told me so on several occasions as he forced me to be the responsible ticket holder. I'm bad with things in that I fake lose them and then spend a few minutes freaking out about having lost them and then find missing item in secret compartment of my bag/wallet/pocket. Case in point: I yelled at NB for losing car keys when they were in fact in a side pocket in my hand bag. Ah. I digress.

Tonight, Nick kept the tickets. We think. Whatever it is, when we got to checking which cinema the movie was in, the tickets were no longer in our possession. I frantically tear through my bag and unearth some free perfume several times, but no tickets. He doesn't have them either. He tears off to the basement where we had been sitting, planning his life, and I go to the counter so see if I can plead my way to new tickets.

I get to the counter and explain the sitch to the lady (well, this is a slightly compacted version. There was initially some confusion with the guy at the counter who thought I had ordered tickets online.) and she's like 'oh' and makes a phone call.

Our tickets were at the basement ticket counter. Someone turned them in.


Seriously. If you found 2 tickets to a movie, would you turn them in or just go watch it?

Nick pointed out that someone had done this the last time he had lost tickets and had to replace them, and he went up to them and bitched them out for stealing tickets. But they still got a free movie out of it.

So yea, yay Singaporeans and your upright citizenness!

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