Friday, July 18, 2008

Bat Man: The Dark Knight

I was probably the only person in the universe who wasn't that psyched about this. I still watched the sneaks, but I wasn't throwing up from excitement or anything. Probably because I was the only person in the universe who wasn't completely awed by the first one.

Story: Gotham has a new bad guy in town, and rather than the petty mob types of old, this one is a psycho path, the Joker. Bat Man, meanwhile, is feeling kind of dull and wants to hand the hero card over to the city's latest DA, Harvey Dent, so he can run off with Harv's girlfriend and not have to mess around with effing guard dogs biting him all the time.

So... I'm bored of my usual format. Let's mix it up, Miley Style!

The 7 things I hate about you!

- Christian Bale - He just doesn't do it for me. I don't buy either of his roles, as Bruce or the Bat. As Bruce he seems like an obnox play boy, but not in an endearing way. He's not very charming. And as the Bat he has this awful rasping voice, which really is not very sexy at all and not a good characterization.

- Bat Man's Character - He was really self-righteous, and faux-noble and stuff, but let's face it, he really should have taken a bit more responsibility for things. I'm trying not to be spoiler about it, but I really think he should have had that 'sorry bout your GF' talk after shit went to hell. It would also have explained the man's later hatred better.

- The Love Triangle - Usually, I love a good love triangle. Nothing like two people fighting over one person to mess life up a little, ya know? But in this case, I didn't believe that anyone was really in love with anyone at all. Except for one little part, near the end. But yea, where were the stolen glances and subtle contact? This director is clearly not very romantic.

- Too Many Ups - You know how a plot line is meant to be wavy and there are usually like... 2, 3 high points? This had like... 10. And they got kind of boring and repetitive. Could have done without even just one of the many joker escapes/kills someone/blows something up/is tricky. IDK maybe that was intentional to show how the joker made things all chaotic.

- How low security all the prisons seemed - Seriously, this guy is THE big bad. Why oh why would you not have like a thousand cameras and lasers trained on him?

- The 'Black' wing of the mafia - aiyah, they were a joke. Totally useless, and very jarring in their poor acting.

- Not That Memorable - I wouldn't say there was any one scene where I was like 'wow, I'll remember that forever and quote it to my friends, I can't wait to put it on facebook.' I dont much remember anything about the script.

Ok, ok, I'm not heartless, there were high points:

The 7 things I like about you!

- Heath Ledger - gave an amazing performance, sounded nothing like anything he'd ever done before. Maybe this really is going to be an Oscar nominee.

- Morgan Freeman - I literally laughed with glee when he came on screen. Old Morgs, playing his usual kindly grandpa bit, will light up any movie.

- Michael Caine - Another great Grandpa figure who didn't really change much about his usual acting for this role, so it's a good thing I already love him.

- The Visual Effects - I will admit, the film looked stunning, it was very sleek and seamless, as it had better be for that kind of $$. No Hellboy/the Hulk ruining the suspension of disbelief here.

- The Sets - Why is it that I spent so much time trying to figure out where the office scenes were filmed? They had great exteriors, but I suspect it might have been blue screened.

- The Music - Wasn't quite as memorable as the old ones (John Williams, I believe), but this new one had some quite eerie sounds, especially for the joker.

- The Batmobile and other gadgets - I really hated it in the last movie, because I am a big fan of the sleek one from Tim Burton's days, but I am partial to cars that follow directions, like a pet. It's quite cute.

The Verdict : I mean, I guess it's a must see right? And if you loved the first one, I'm sure you'll like this one, unless you are a girl. Not to be sexist or anything, but my general research has shown that guys thought it was BAD ASS! and girls were like ... meh. It was too long. Personal theory? Girls care more about character and relationship development, and boys like to see things explode.

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