Monday, July 7, 2008

Sorry for the interruption

My laptop was un-chargeable, because my brother and I blew up the electrics. At first I thought it was the adapter, but after trying 2 different ones, in both sockets, I concluded that it must be my charger, esp since the little light didn't go green.

So today, my mummy and I went to buy a new charger (for a bargain price of S$52, but not receipt, so this may be a little dodgy) and I brought it home and plugged it in. No light. Oh snap.

Then, a lightbulb! (In my head, not my charger.)

Mayhaps, when Dom and I blew up the electrics, the spark effed up the socket, not the things that go in them. Ohhh.

So I tried it outside, and it works fine. And now I am happy. (And now there are also little post-its taped over the sockets saying DO NOT USE... my mother went on a labeling spree...)

Back to your regular programming.

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