Monday, July 7, 2008

Many Movies 1 - You Don't Mess with the Zohan

As usual, being home means nothing to do except watch movies, even if I've already seen them. But I am very lazy so these 'reviews' are getting shorter and shorter. I will need to find a new format soon.

The plot in one line: Zohan is an Israeli super-agent who fakes his death and moves to New York so that he can be a hairdresser, in a Palestinian salon, and why can't everyone just get along?

The good: I guess I was entertained. There were some reluctant chuckles. The moral of the story was good, if very hit you over the head obvious. And the love interest was quite pretty (Emmanuelle Chriqui) who kept me on my toes deciding if she was or wasn't Mia from Degrassi with a new race sprayed on like they do in Tropic Thunder (She wasn't... that would be Nina Dobrev).

You can't tell me you don't think they look alike.

The bad: The humor/jokes were pretty low... they overplayed the hummus one (you are only supposed to use a joke 3 times for maximum laughter, this was in like.. every scene. And not subtly.) And it was very *shock!* jokes. IDK, they get the laughs but they feel a little cheap and antiquated. Very Adam Sandler circa the 1990s, which I guess is also Adam Sandler circa now. Basically, I feel like movie humor has moved forward, and this was out of date. The 'special effects'... were clearly meant to be bad, but honestly, these feet slapping people was almost offensive in their blatantly fake-ness.

The ugly: Mostly everyone except the main chick.

Yay or Nay: It's a pretty safe movie to watch if you're bored, but I wouldn't make a special trip out or anything. I'd watch it on TV. If there was absolutely nothing else on.

I dunno, maybe I just don't get it.

Funny note: If you type Zohan in IMDB, one of the options is Lindsay Lohan. Hahahah.

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