Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trying to Keep Up

I've read about the Bright Young Hollywood feature in the August issue of Vanity Fair twice today. At first I was like, how the eff do people know what's coming out in August? It's barely July! But then I thought I'd blog about it too and throw my 2 cents in.

Thoughts on the cover:

1) Emma Roberts looks like the coolest one there even though she should be #4 out of 4. Her dress is a little 'meh' and looks a little like it's going to fall off, but her hair looks great in this shade, way better than her usual mousy best friend look. And she has plenty of attitude going on.

1a) This is surprising to me because I thought Kristen Stewart would for sureee look the most rocking, a) because she's Bella, and b) because usually she looks very edgy. She looks a little sheepish and out of her league, which is possibly because she is not a very white-dress type of person usually. Especially not a white dress with yellow flowers. She probably could have pulled off the Emma Roberts dress better. They also didn't play up her eyes much, make-up wise. Ha, look at me pretending to know what I'm talking about.

1b) On a more analytical inspection, I think Emma Roberts (who will never be anything other than her full name. Except, of course, "Is this just a crush or am I a stalker?" because she sang that in Unfabulous and it was really fabulous) has the best face look because she is the only one not looking at the camera head-on and is thus the only one with any jaw definition.

2) Amanda Seyfried looks the nicest in her dress , and also looks really pretty.

2a) This is strange to me because I always think of her as kind of moon-faced and also can never picture her serious ('stolen boy' and 'I have ESPN' always come to mind when I try), but here she is looking very awesome and otherworldly... vampirey. She should try out for some Twilight screen time.

2b) I also would have expected Blake Lively to look the best because she is the fashion blogger's golden child, n'est-ce pas? But she too looks a little sheepish and while I do love how she looks in the dress her facial expression seems to look kind of uncomfortable. And ha-ha, how much does Emz (ok ok I have a nickname for her) look like she thinks S (GG ref, anyone?) is a complete freak??

3) Random side note, does anyone else thing that Kristen Stewart really looks like Elizabeth Reaser in this pic? Um, that would be Ava from Grey's and Esme from Twilight, to you.

Thoughts on the feature:

1) Immediate thought: How much must a publicist pay/who must they sleep with/what strings must they pull to get their clients in here? This is a big effing deal, and some of the peeps in it are really a little bit random. I mean, yea, they all have movies coming out (which is obvi where half the VF funds came from...) but so do tons of other kids. And I expect the GG people to be in it because their show is the hot fav for grown-ups acting young and kids acting old, and also because they do an awesome job at getting featured in every effing blog and periodical. But McLovin? And the fat guy? And the chick who loves the crap with gold flakes in it? (All from Superbad) I'm pretty sure they weren't doing any acting, just as Michael Cera (not featured? Sad!) always plays the same person, though we adore him.

2) Next thought: Er, how did they miss out all my fav men? (Robert Pattinson, anyone? Jeez this post is getting a little obsessive...) Was it because they aren't American? No right, coz Chuck Bass is English.

3) Wow Josh from Drake and Josh is getting kind of hot.

4) Best friend from Juno totally deserves her spot. I'll even look up her name for this. Olivia Thirlby. Love her.

5) Jonas Brothers. Ha-ha, not a big shock. Er, where's Miley? I kind of really love her new song, 7 Things, though it's pretty embarrassing to admit.

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