Sunday, September 30, 2007


But not really. Thursday nights is still "I can't go out before 10 coz I have to watch Grey's" night. Except I failed at that because I was lured out to dinner, so I ended up watching it on ... (TV online is the best invention. TV on demand or whatever that we always talk about in class... pretty great.)

Soo... the verdict?

It was orrite.

The first 39 minutes were kind of dull, some good hilarious lines but really just everyone feeling sorry for themselves. However, the last 2 minutes were definately the kind of tv gold that made everyone fall in love with Grey's in the first place. I think I wont say more so that it isn't a big spoiler, despite me loving the whole spoiler biz.

Somehow, I have a big problem with Meredith's sister. She's really annoying. First off, stop flirting with McDreamy (and Derek, stop flirting with her.) (oh and stop trying to steal Meredith's life/all her friends. AKA George.) Secondly, stop choosing the most inopportune times to introduce yourself to people (like when they're running out to meet an ambulance). Third, stop looking like (a brunette) Claire Danes. I might like her if she grew out her hair.

And really, that's all I have to say on the matter.

Oh except I thought everyone (other than like Callie O'Malley and Stupid Sister) was looking very attractive today. They sort of lost their glow for a while, but Meredith's hair looked nice and Izzy looked all glowy eyed, and even Christina had some cute curly pigtails going on. George looked hot. Erm, Alex, not so much.

And if you feel like a good read to tide you over til next thursday, here's one. (Be sure to regard and fall in love with the first picture.)

AND DUBS-TEE-EFF, JASON BHER IS MARRIED??! TO some SLUT from Private Practice???? Uh, you might remember him as the love of my life, Max Evans from Roswell. He also used to date Izzie Stevens, aka Isabelle Evans on Roswell. (uh yea, incest?)

Ok now that's really it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gossip Girl

So, finally watched a bootlegged copy of the CW's pride and joy of Pilot Season... Gossip Girl. I've heard good things about it. Stephen adores it.

What it's about: Some posh prep school in New York and all the glam underaged drinkers that go there. As seen through a blog written by Anon (aka narrated by Kirsten Bell aka Veronica Mars).

The story so far: S (aka Blake Lively aka Slut Soccer Girl from Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants) is back from boarding school, she's kind of perfect except her best friend hates her and her brother tried to kill himself. But at least all the boys like her, right?

Good for: Ridiculously good looking people. Amazing clothes. Constant drinking. Some eating - cupcakes and a grilled cheese with truffle oil mmmm. Nice production/lighting.

Good or bad?: Sex scenes. Or implied or almost ones. There's a good scene with S (for Serena. Cool people have not only dropped their surnames but also anything in lower cases.) and B(see?)'s boyfriend, Chase. It's lit nicely, and they are quite funny and making some very dirty analogies. I'm undecided as to whether this is good or just the CW trying to be edgy. At least they aren't saying things like "IDK, my BFF Rose?"
Characters all look a little familiar somehow.. B is definately some sort of Rory Gilmore-Summer-Hilary Duff type Hybrid, and S's Mom could pass for Kirsten.

Bad for: Seems a little formulaic. A little TOO OC. Coz S's mom used to be dating someone else's Dad back in the day or something. Some of the lines, really not that well written : "Oh my God, that's Chuck's scarf!" How do you know that? You've been away all year. And even if you have on the off chance noticed him wearing that at school, how did you even know to check the roof when the party is down stairs in a dark club where I'm sure there are plenty of dark corners for horny teenagers to take advantage of.

Yay or Nay?: Yay if you're bored, or just in one of those moods. Nay if you want to see something mentally stimulating.

And USC has our own little version, obvi, since we live and breathe Hollywood. Except ours sucks and is clearly only interested in people from AEPi (the Absera brothers in every post... really??) and a couple from the Greeho. Which I would be fine with if only they were a little more detailed with the gossip rather than "so and so standing on the corner. Why is he standing there?"

I mean, I could do that too. Especially since I'm such a nosy cow. For example:
"Mick Partridge spotted today telling Heather Post that he couldn't go to her invite on Friday. Why Mick, what are you doing instead?"
I'm hoping no one that knows them is reading this. It's just an example.

It would be really great if our one had pictures. I would worship it.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Serving Sangria

I'm just a little bit too fond of alliteration.

Anyway, it's 3 am but thanks to a midnight coffee run by Mom and a post-coffee Del Taco run by Dad, I am sufficiently caffinated enough to be buzzed all night not doing work. Woo woo.

So instead, I am looking up how to make sangria.

We've done this before, but it was sour as all hell. From using lemon concentrate.

This sangria isn't actually one that I made, it was one consumed in Cabo. But I took the pic so that counts for something right?

So here's how it's gonna go down:

1 part orange juice
1/2 part gin or maybe brandy.. we'll see.
2 parts red wine.

Zinfadel, or Merlot, some recipes say. In this case, it's Franzia. We're classy like that. (Does Franzia even have a type of grape? Or is it just a hodgepodge of leftovers?)

And er, some chopped apples and oranges and maybe a few grapes for good measure. Actually, we have some frozen grapes in the freezer, those would make pretty cute ice cubes huh? Then it won't dilute the drinks. Anyhoo, they can all hang out in the 5 million plastic pitchers left over from the big 2-1.

So far, confirmed:


Waiting on:
The boys from 5
Probs some other peeps

Do you even care? Probs not. But that's cool.

More on Paella

And maybe in the last 2 minutes of the vegetable one, I'll crack a couple of eggs over the top. That would look nice, hopefully.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Paella Plan

The Roommates and I are having a Paella Partay this Friday. Mostly because I wanted to try to recreate the amazing Paella that Sam and I had in Spain, but also because I have been having these little visions in my head of being a classy lady and hosting cocktail parties and soirees etc etc.

However, I am finding recipes difficult to decide on. I'm making 3 different ones, Seafood (coz that's the real deal), chicken (because I like chicken) and veggie (coz Rach and Mom are anti-animal).

So, just to keep my thoughts in order, here's what I'm going to do:


Diced onion
Chopped tomato
Diced red pepper
Diced yellow pepper
Chopped parsley
Frozen peas
Med grain rice
Chicken stock
Olive Oil
Salt n pepper

Fillet talapia, cubed (and salted)
Squid, ringed
4 large prawns (not shelled)
some muscles.

Chicken parts, cubed (and deboned) (and salted)

Green beans
Canned artichoke
White beans


Coat the bottom of the pan in olive oil. Heat. Fry onions and garlic, then add bell peppers. Add paprika. Add chicken/seafood (minus prawns and muscles) /raw (ie not canned) vegetables.

(I'm debating adding Sofrito but it looks like a bit too much work)

Add chicken stock. Let simmer. Add rice. Add canned tomatoes/ other vegetables that you left out. Add saffron. Give it all a good stir. Let simmer for say... 10-15 minutes. Arrange seafood nicely on top.

Oven it for... 15 minutes?

Sprinkle some parsley on top, slice a lemon in half or mebbe into quarters and put on side or on top or whatevs.

Done :)
We hope.

Next up: The sangria I will try to make.

PS. To the person who asked: I loved James in Last King of Scotland and thought he could have been nominated for supporting if only Forest hadn't stolen the show.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happily N'Ever After

To be honest, I didn't like it. Which is really surprising because I generally love animated stuff. Well I mean it was cute and fun, but nothing I'd want to add to a DVD collection or anything.

Good for: One liners. Hilarious Southern dwarf accents. Little kids (though there are a few raaather adult in jokes). Hilarious Andy Dick voice. Possibly Krunk as the handsome prince. Remembering that Freddie Prince Jr is still alive. Remembering that he's still married to Sarah Michelle Geller. Uncle Rumpy the baby stealer.

Bad for: Main princess (who is not actually a princess... it's Cinderella...) looks like a 12 year old boy. She then gets her hair done and it looks EXACTLY THE SAME except with a tiara. Lots of unoriginal stuff that channels other cartoons (2 little guys like Pain and Panic from Hercules, for example. Narration like the Emporer's New Groove. There's more, you just have to spot it.) Some other stuff.

Becoming Jane


Actually, not a very good movie. Kind of meh and unremarkable... But at least Anne Hathaway was not annoying or overbearing, so that was nice. And her 'brother' was hot.

And most of all, James has my heart and I'd marry him despite his height, or lack of, and poverty (ie Money, or lack of). Er, except he's married to some cougar actress.

Good for: Sexy James. Sexy Brother. Random cast members like Maggie Smith and Julie Walters (what is this, a Harry Potter reunion?). Sexy James and Sexy Brother run naked into the river. Princess Diaries is not out of place unlike in Brokeback Mountain. Anne Hathaway has nice handwriting and a cool pen. The farmer from Babe goes down on Julie Walters. Sexy James is shirtless on a few occasions.

Bad for: No sex. Somewhat predictable plot that is like a mix between Pride and Predjudice and Mrs Potter. Missing some montages or something that make relationships seem abrupt (we were sad that there was no 'going on picnics and eying each other across dinner tables' montage.) The frumps-ass 'aging' process. The fact that no one bothered to tell us there was a deaf man until 2/3 through when we realise that he's been in other scenes where we thought he was James on a bad day.

But still....

hot. :) Ever since the Leto II days of Hallmark movies.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bored in class?

I wasn't, but here's something you can do:

Boy Toy

(It just kept me up an extra half hour.)

It's pretty effing impossible, but addictive. I can't get past level 2.

Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm a really great coffee drinker.

I had this presentation for class today... I went all kinds of early, so I could get a coffee on the way. But of course, the rule of the white shirt applies: If you are wearing a white shirt, you will get a leaky lid.

So now, the shirt is kind of brown. Which is kind of really irritating because I JUST did my laundry.

Facebook Horoscope

Aries: Be careful how you talk to members of the opposite sex this week. What you think is just kidding around, they might interpret as serious flirting.

Is that a promise?

Dangerous Beauty

Watch it.

Tagline: Ancient Venice. Or pretty old, the 1500s anyway. Victoria Franco (aka Tres Pretty Catherine McCormack) falls in love with her bee-eff-eff(aka Moira Kelly aka Mom in One Tree Hill)'s older brother (aka Rufus Sewell aka Bad Guy in both A Knight's Tale and also Tristan and Isolde). Unforch, he can't marry her coz she quite frankly is not that rich but he is, doesn't that suck? So instead, her mother teaches her the old family way of being a courtesan.

Good for: Boys that like pretty girls showing off their boobs (assuming you get the R version). Boys that are in the mood for crying. (Actually, why am I saying Boys? That's terribly sexist, and this film is sort of a woman's lib thing. Hell, girls that like boobs can watch it too.) Sex scenes, clever rhymes, a good cry, a renewed belief in love, a handsome older brother, a random handsome man in the court scene, pretty dresses, Denny's father from Grey's.

Su will love it, Sonia probs because it's like one of her romance novels but er real, Adelle when she's in a sappy mood, Sam probs not (actually having said that, there is one great scene where a peacock gets abused, so maybe just for that...), Nick should watch it with Lianne, Bev maybe because it's based on a real person. Does anyone else read this? Doubt it.

(HA HA I just found a GREAT review (and by great I mean it got a C)... from, but I wouldn't bother going, I'll tell you the good bit: "If you are entertained by lush period pieces with an abundance of naked breasts, then Dangerous Beauty is an enjoyable two hours." Bahahah it appears that is me.)

For those of you lucky enough to get NetFlix, you can press 'watch it now' which is actually a pretty amazing tool.

For those who are not, go rent it. Or, get it here.

Based on the book:

Sorry this is so full of (interrupted) sentances.


Questions I want answered:

1) What is the worst thing a guy could do to a girl?

2) What would make a guy regret dumping her?

3) (ie) How can she get him back?

Now before y'all get all excited and hoo-hah she's been ditched, this is for a screenplay. But obviously I have no idea about questions 2&3 so I was hoping for a little input from the people I love/love me/ mostly Nick and Drei (only because of the male-ness. anyone else, id love your helpses too)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mysterious Movie

The night is dark (as nights go)... the road is sorta shiney and wet. A man walks towards an accident scene, the lights from the police sirens reflected on his face.

He gets closer. His wife is pinned between the hood of a car and a tree. The sheriff wants to talk to him. She cracks a joke about not going anywhere.

They can't get her out. Her body has been severed by the car and once they move the car she'll die.

Does anyone else remember this scene?

Me: Her hair was long.
Rekha and Rachana simultaneously: ANd blonde!
Me: It was the opening of a movie!

But who was it?

Melissa: Dennis Quaid?
Me: Tom Hanks?
Rach: Bruce Willis?

It got to the point where I could swear I was lying on the couch with Rona watching it some time last year.

Rona didn't remember.
We still had no clues. IMDB searches of the afforementioned leading men left us blank (although I was convinced it was Sleepless in Seattle). So we start the random searches : Man sad wife dying tree. Top 100 Romance Modern Romance Movies.

Melissa: When we find out what it is you have to Netflix it because it was so good!

Eventually one of these searches got us to Scary Movie 3, which revealed... "bisected wife, pinned to a tree by a car and spitting up a spark plug."


Murmurs of "oh..." and "really?" and "that wasn't that great."


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dropped into the Ocean

Did I tell you that I lost my beloved 2smart4u ring? I'm really depressed about that.

Have also discovered paper is not due til thurs (thanks Wen) so have stopped, and instead killed 2 hours by lying on Rona's bed imitating the Newport Harbour peeps and reminiscing about when we used to imitate the 2 a days peeps.

How can Justin Timberlake hate reality TV?

I am my own enemy

Here's a little update on my life:

I'm doing school work. It's a mimicry essay. So here's an excerpt:

Entrée: Cassoulet, Conceived and Executed by Keith Floyd

A thick crusty layer of breadcrumbs covers the earthenware pot. The edges leak turbid bubbles of the brown stew that burst as they reach the rim. As your spoon cracks the surface, a cloud of steam escapes, scenting the air with the promise of sizzling hunks of sausage and bacon fat like the smell of burgers at a summer picnic, and exposing the stained bone of a plump duck leg that has been baked to perfection before being submerged in the mire of beans to stew in its own juices.

Does it make you hungry? I was starving, personally, despite being bloated past the point of no return with food. I'm not trying to imply that I'm a great writer or anything (though I am.. haha. JK.) but really, spending hours thinking about how to make food come alive makes one's mouth water.

I don't really know what I'm saying, I'm a little tired and going cross eyed from this screen. Just thought I'd pop in and say HI.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Laughably bad

I just saw MTV's Wuthering Heights, and it was really bad times.

More soon.


edit: Don't believe me????


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