Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gossip Girl

So, finally watched a bootlegged copy of the CW's pride and joy of Pilot Season... Gossip Girl. I've heard good things about it. Stephen adores it.

What it's about: Some posh prep school in New York and all the glam underaged drinkers that go there. As seen through a blog written by Anon (aka narrated by Kirsten Bell aka Veronica Mars).

The story so far: S (aka Blake Lively aka Slut Soccer Girl from Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants) is back from boarding school, she's kind of perfect except her best friend hates her and her brother tried to kill himself. But at least all the boys like her, right?

Good for: Ridiculously good looking people. Amazing clothes. Constant drinking. Some eating - cupcakes and a grilled cheese with truffle oil mmmm. Nice production/lighting.

Good or bad?: Sex scenes. Or implied or almost ones. There's a good scene with S (for Serena. Cool people have not only dropped their surnames but also anything in lower cases.) and B(see?)'s boyfriend, Chase. It's lit nicely, and they are quite funny and making some very dirty analogies. I'm undecided as to whether this is good or just the CW trying to be edgy. At least they aren't saying things like "IDK, my BFF Rose?"
Characters all look a little familiar somehow.. B is definately some sort of Rory Gilmore-Summer-Hilary Duff type Hybrid, and S's Mom could pass for Kirsten.

Bad for: Seems a little formulaic. A little TOO OC. Coz S's mom used to be dating someone else's Dad back in the day or something. Some of the lines, really not that well written : "Oh my God, that's Chuck's scarf!" How do you know that? You've been away all year. And even if you have on the off chance noticed him wearing that at school, how did you even know to check the roof when the party is down stairs in a dark club where I'm sure there are plenty of dark corners for horny teenagers to take advantage of.

Yay or Nay?: Yay if you're bored, or just in one of those moods. Nay if you want to see something mentally stimulating.

And USC has our own little version, obvi, since we live and breathe Hollywood. Except ours sucks and is clearly only interested in people from AEPi (the Absera brothers in every post... really??) and a couple from the Greeho. Which I would be fine with if only they were a little more detailed with the gossip rather than "so and so standing on the corner. Why is he standing there?"

I mean, I could do that too. Especially since I'm such a nosy cow. For example:
"Mick Partridge spotted today telling Heather Post that he couldn't go to her invite on Friday. Why Mick, what are you doing instead?"
I'm hoping no one that knows them is reading this. It's just an example.

It would be really great if our one had pictures. I would worship it.


Melissa said...
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Miss Mary said...

i've discovered your blog... and i love it. why do you have to be so smart, witty, and cute? ;-)

i'm commenting on this one b/c i know mick partridge and heather post. your secrecy is spoiled.



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