Monday, September 17, 2007

Dangerous Beauty

Watch it.

Tagline: Ancient Venice. Or pretty old, the 1500s anyway. Victoria Franco (aka Tres Pretty Catherine McCormack) falls in love with her bee-eff-eff(aka Moira Kelly aka Mom in One Tree Hill)'s older brother (aka Rufus Sewell aka Bad Guy in both A Knight's Tale and also Tristan and Isolde). Unforch, he can't marry her coz she quite frankly is not that rich but he is, doesn't that suck? So instead, her mother teaches her the old family way of being a courtesan.

Good for: Boys that like pretty girls showing off their boobs (assuming you get the R version). Boys that are in the mood for crying. (Actually, why am I saying Boys? That's terribly sexist, and this film is sort of a woman's lib thing. Hell, girls that like boobs can watch it too.) Sex scenes, clever rhymes, a good cry, a renewed belief in love, a handsome older brother, a random handsome man in the court scene, pretty dresses, Denny's father from Grey's.

Su will love it, Sonia probs because it's like one of her romance novels but er real, Adelle when she's in a sappy mood, Sam probs not (actually having said that, there is one great scene where a peacock gets abused, so maybe just for that...), Nick should watch it with Lianne, Bev maybe because it's based on a real person. Does anyone else read this? Doubt it.

(HA HA I just found a GREAT review (and by great I mean it got a C)... from, but I wouldn't bother going, I'll tell you the good bit: "If you are entertained by lush period pieces with an abundance of naked breasts, then Dangerous Beauty is an enjoyable two hours." Bahahah it appears that is me.)

For those of you lucky enough to get NetFlix, you can press 'watch it now' which is actually a pretty amazing tool.

For those who are not, go rent it. Or, get it here.

Based on the book:

Sorry this is so full of (interrupted) sentances.

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