Monday, September 17, 2007


Questions I want answered:

1) What is the worst thing a guy could do to a girl?

2) What would make a guy regret dumping her?

3) (ie) How can she get him back?

Now before y'all get all excited and hoo-hah she's been ditched, this is for a screenplay. But obviously I have no idea about questions 2&3 so I was hoping for a little input from the people I love/love me/ mostly Nick and Drei (only because of the male-ness. anyone else, id love your helpses too)


Adelle said...

shouldnt question one be something a girl should answer? not that i have anything other than cliches to offer. god please dont write something cliche and lame.

im always the first/only person to comment on your blog. i need a life. not that your blog isnt terribly entertaining and the only blog i read now that sus blog is dead

Jake said...

1) Kill her children

That's the only one I had a good answer for. I'll just make up something for the next two for completeness' sake.

2) Her winning the lottery with the lottery ticket he gave her the day before.

3) Spends her winnings on him (and offers up a threesome because money isn't everything).

Hopefully that helped. And I read your blog!

Nick said...

1) cheat on her with her mom and sister at the same time.
2) become a) either super hot or super much hotter after the break up or b) date his best friend thereby leaving him alone
3) without any underhandedness, if said girl somehow shows him that she changed, ie say she was needy and then became totally independent, ithink he'd be well convinced to go back, provided he still had feelings for her.

liane said...

btw question 2 part b based on a true story. HAHA.


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