Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mysterious Movie

The night is dark (as nights go)... the road is sorta shiney and wet. A man walks towards an accident scene, the lights from the police sirens reflected on his face.

He gets closer. His wife is pinned between the hood of a car and a tree. The sheriff wants to talk to him. She cracks a joke about not going anywhere.

They can't get her out. Her body has been severed by the car and once they move the car she'll die.

Does anyone else remember this scene?

Me: Her hair was long.
Rekha and Rachana simultaneously: ANd blonde!
Me: It was the opening of a movie!

But who was it?

Melissa: Dennis Quaid?
Me: Tom Hanks?
Rach: Bruce Willis?

It got to the point where I could swear I was lying on the couch with Rona watching it some time last year.

Rona didn't remember.
We still had no clues. IMDB searches of the afforementioned leading men left us blank (although I was convinced it was Sleepless in Seattle). So we start the random searches : Man sad wife dying tree. Top 100 Romance Modern Romance Movies.

Melissa: When we find out what it is you have to Netflix it because it was so good!

Eventually one of these searches got us to Scary Movie 3, which revealed... "bisected wife, pinned to a tree by a car and spitting up a spark plug."


Murmurs of "oh..." and "really?" and "that wasn't that great."


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Adelle said...

didnt scary movie spoof it off that 'signs' movie written by the sixth sense dude with mel gibson in it


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