Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Becoming Jane


Actually, not a very good movie. Kind of meh and unremarkable... But at least Anne Hathaway was not annoying or overbearing, so that was nice. And her 'brother' was hot.

And most of all, James has my heart and I'd marry him despite his height, or lack of, and poverty (ie Money, or lack of). Er, except he's married to some cougar actress.

Good for: Sexy James. Sexy Brother. Random cast members like Maggie Smith and Julie Walters (what is this, a Harry Potter reunion?). Sexy James and Sexy Brother run naked into the river. Princess Diaries is not out of place unlike in Brokeback Mountain. Anne Hathaway has nice handwriting and a cool pen. The farmer from Babe goes down on Julie Walters. Sexy James is shirtless on a few occasions.

Bad for: No sex. Somewhat predictable plot that is like a mix between Pride and Predjudice and Mrs Potter. Missing some montages or something that make relationships seem abrupt (we were sad that there was no 'going on picnics and eying each other across dinner tables' montage.) The frumps-ass 'aging' process. The fact that no one bothered to tell us there was a deaf man until 2/3 through when we realise that he's been in other scenes where we thought he was James on a bad day.

But still....

hot. :) Ever since the Leto II days of Hallmark movies.

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rem said...

speaking of all things mcavoy, whats ur take on the last king of scotland? just curious....


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