Sunday, September 30, 2007


But not really. Thursday nights is still "I can't go out before 10 coz I have to watch Grey's" night. Except I failed at that because I was lured out to dinner, so I ended up watching it on ... (TV online is the best invention. TV on demand or whatever that we always talk about in class... pretty great.)

Soo... the verdict?

It was orrite.

The first 39 minutes were kind of dull, some good hilarious lines but really just everyone feeling sorry for themselves. However, the last 2 minutes were definately the kind of tv gold that made everyone fall in love with Grey's in the first place. I think I wont say more so that it isn't a big spoiler, despite me loving the whole spoiler biz.

Somehow, I have a big problem with Meredith's sister. She's really annoying. First off, stop flirting with McDreamy (and Derek, stop flirting with her.) (oh and stop trying to steal Meredith's life/all her friends. AKA George.) Secondly, stop choosing the most inopportune times to introduce yourself to people (like when they're running out to meet an ambulance). Third, stop looking like (a brunette) Claire Danes. I might like her if she grew out her hair.

And really, that's all I have to say on the matter.

Oh except I thought everyone (other than like Callie O'Malley and Stupid Sister) was looking very attractive today. They sort of lost their glow for a while, but Meredith's hair looked nice and Izzy looked all glowy eyed, and even Christina had some cute curly pigtails going on. George looked hot. Erm, Alex, not so much.

And if you feel like a good read to tide you over til next thursday, here's one. (Be sure to regard and fall in love with the first picture.)

AND DUBS-TEE-EFF, JASON BHER IS MARRIED??! TO some SLUT from Private Practice???? Uh, you might remember him as the love of my life, Max Evans from Roswell. He also used to date Izzie Stevens, aka Isabelle Evans on Roswell. (uh yea, incest?)

Ok now that's really it.

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