Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Paella Plan

The Roommates and I are having a Paella Partay this Friday. Mostly because I wanted to try to recreate the amazing Paella that Sam and I had in Spain, but also because I have been having these little visions in my head of being a classy lady and hosting cocktail parties and soirees etc etc.

However, I am finding recipes difficult to decide on. I'm making 3 different ones, Seafood (coz that's the real deal), chicken (because I like chicken) and veggie (coz Rach and Mom are anti-animal).

So, just to keep my thoughts in order, here's what I'm going to do:


Diced onion
Chopped tomato
Diced red pepper
Diced yellow pepper
Chopped parsley
Frozen peas
Med grain rice
Chicken stock
Olive Oil
Salt n pepper

Fillet talapia, cubed (and salted)
Squid, ringed
4 large prawns (not shelled)
some muscles.

Chicken parts, cubed (and deboned) (and salted)

Green beans
Canned artichoke
White beans


Coat the bottom of the pan in olive oil. Heat. Fry onions and garlic, then add bell peppers. Add paprika. Add chicken/seafood (minus prawns and muscles) /raw (ie not canned) vegetables.

(I'm debating adding Sofrito but it looks like a bit too much work)

Add chicken stock. Let simmer. Add rice. Add canned tomatoes/ other vegetables that you left out. Add saffron. Give it all a good stir. Let simmer for say... 10-15 minutes. Arrange seafood nicely on top.

Oven it for... 15 minutes?

Sprinkle some parsley on top, slice a lemon in half or mebbe into quarters and put on side or on top or whatevs.

Done :)
We hope.

Next up: The sangria I will try to make.

PS. To the person who asked: I loved James in Last King of Scotland and thought he could have been nominated for supporting if only Forest hadn't stolen the show.

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