Monday, July 14, 2008

Handsome Man Alert!

Does anyone remember Handsome Young Son from Being Julia?

His name is Tom Sturridge, and we are now on Tom Sturridge Watch.

Has anyone heard of Tom Sturridge? Why didn't anyone bring him to my attention?

Here is the long story.

Rob Pattinson is allegedly dating Camilla Belle (aka Eye Brows from 10000 BC, the movie we have still not yet watched), right. Just now I was at Luke's Blog, where he was gushing about how hot she was, and was reminded that I wanted to stalk her. Her Wikipedia says she is close friends with actors Rob Pattinson and Tom Sturridge (er, also Cameron Diaz and Maria Sharapova, but who cares about the women, right?). And I was like, eh? Who is this guy? And HIS wikipedia says that he is Rob's BFF! Dubsteeeff, you'd think this would have come up sooner? Someone needs to change Rob's wiki to add this deet in.

So anyway, now we must watch The Boat That Rocked, when it comes out next year. And some movie called Maestro about Australian pianists. Er...

More interesting facts: Was lots of crazy Twilighters' first choice for Edward. Was cast in Jumper but got pulled for Hayden, because he's famous. SAD!

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