Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Strange Snacks

What's on my desk/in the fridge/ cupboard that I'm eating at the mo:

(I dont mean I eat them all at once. Except I totz do.)

1) Terry's Chocolate Orange

2) Jack Link's Sweet and Hot beef jerky

3) Crab stick salad

4) Maille Cornichons (little pickles)

I know, I know, little pickles, weird right? But listen to this: One serving = 8 little pickes = 5 calories. 5!! That's amazing. That's like the perfect snack.

Uh except I've learnt that if you eat too much salt, you can put on 2-3 lbs of water weight (thanks cosmo). Bad times. Even my perfect snack is making me a fatty.

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