Monday, October 27, 2008

Blog stalk

I was inspired to write after blog stalking some people I love to hate, and some that I just love to stalk. My big epiphany was that people (ie, Rona and I) only really want to read about Drama. You know, the drunken-hot-mess, cat-fighting-girls, reported on xoxo gossip girl kind of stuff.

That's pretty hard for me to do. For one thing, the major drama-mamas in my life were always roommate #6, and now that we are only roommates 5, I am missing a major source of entertainment. And I don't have any of my own romantic problems because NB is currently residing in Oz, and we have a perfectly healthy text&skype relationship going on.

I did see Babyface today. Ha, that is a stupid nickname but I think it is what some friends used to refer to him as. Anyway, it was terribly dramatic. Here is how the exchange went down:

I was walking up the stairs from the Leavey (library) basement, and he was walking down. My heart stilled. I registered somewhat smugly that he was looking kind of fat and less babyfaced that the days of old.

Me: Hey!

Him: Oh, hey.

Yea. It was steamy.

But really, you don't understand. I have always had some sort of psychic link to Babyface. I always know when I'm going to see him, I can feel it prickling in the air. It's pretty much the worst superhero power a person could have: sensing the presence of a guy you used to do stuff with.

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