Friday, October 10, 2008


Back when we were little, Aunty Cyn lived in a really white building, one of the few places where people tried to celebrate Halloween. Some grown-ups would organize a list of apartments that didn't mind getting trick or treated, and then there would be a party afterwards.

One year, I was a headless ghost. Totally stole the idea from some kid on my block in England, but its not like our circles ever mixed. It was a really great costume, with a paper mache head for collecting candy in, and swimming arm bands around my arms so that my shirt would hold above my head, and eye holes to see out of (which, when the arm bands were deflated, were inconveniently positioned right over my pre-pubescent nips). I know that was a truly great costume, because some ang-moh boy hissed at his brother "Look at his costume!" and I was like "I'm a girl!" very indignantly. Which got me less street cred, in the end.

That was probably the best costume I've ever done. Other highlights:

Cruella DeVille - white dress cut open with cotton wool stuck to it, swim cap 'wig' with fake black and white fur stuck to it.

Fairy - Made my very own pink fairy dress with material from spotlight. Was not so well fitting, tight on the boobs and tummy, and had to wire it to my bra to stop it from slipping down.

French maid - Recycled costume from high school play.

Geri from the Spice Girls - Ordered the Union Jack dress for this one. Really went all out - we are making screachy open mouth faces and girl power peace signs in all the pics. Except we had an extra Spice, and also we were kind of the United Colours of Benneton version.

Little Red Riding Hood - Made my own red hood, which I was really quite proud of. Perturbed that people kept asking me if I was Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Pirate - Which lots of people thought was a gypsy. Whatever.

Spider Solitaire - Fail of Fails. Pipe cleaner legs did not work out, dress was bizarre... fail fail fail.

Which leads me to the question: What to be this year? I am mostly set on buying something, since making things is so heartbreaking when they fail.

But what is cute+relevant to 2008+relevant to me?

It's not like I can be Bella from Twilight - I'll be some brunette chick who not only couldn't be bothered to dress up, but is looking slightly frumpy in her long cargo skirt (?!)

I really wanted to be Sarah from the Labyrinth, but I think people won't get it, so I'll just be back to brunette girl with frumps taste. I could be Lara Croft, I have the boobs and also black shorts, an olive tank top and brown hair. However, this is slightly 2002.

I kind of want to be Dorothy, but is so so so generic. As is Nurse, Cop, Sailor, Wench etc etc. Bonnie and Clyde I LOOOVE, but natch stupid NB is away this semester so ruins all the fun I could have had with couple costumes.

So How Now Brown Cow?

OOOOH. Just had a spark of genius.


rem said...

how about Juno?
two pillows, a burgerphone and you'll be sweet!

the criti-phish said...

believe it or not, i've been juno for a costume party, and i was awesome :)


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