Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Super powers...

Today on the way home from work, my spidey senses tingled. The car in front of me was the exact same as Babyface's. I was almost completely convinced it was him, but I just couldn't see the driver's face in any of the mirrors. Then I drove up next to the non-stationwagon, and to my embarrassment it was just some Hispanic couple.

I was obviously just tired from a long day at work and little sleep, and my senses were all hyphy from seeing him yesterday after a haitus of like... 2 months.

Ugh, groupwork. I had 2 group meetings tonight, the first in the business library and the second in the regs library (yesterday's library). Met my group in one of those private study rooms in Crocker, but somehow... still couldn't shake that weird feeling. Turn around, and through the window to the computer lab, there he is, a mere 5 computers away from me.

I'm telling you... I'm like the Babyface Radar.

1 comment:

Rona said...

I talked to him today. Couldn't avoid it. I was with his "bro" who stopped to talk.


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