Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight Business

I'm still not ready to do my 'review', I'm thinking I might wait til I've seen it a second time. Which I will do, and soon. But in the meantime, I thought I would lend you my BCA expertise and talk numbers.

This weekend (opening weekend in the US :) ) Twilight grossed 70.6 million.

Since the average movie ticket is just under $7, that means that over 1 million people saw it. Apparently 75% of the audience was female (surprise?) and 45% were over 25 (actual surprise). That was a little Variety statistics for you.

More stats? It beat the shizz out of Bolt ($27 mil)(s0 suck it Miley...) and also SITC, which I guess is how the movie world defines a female film. It's the biggest opening for a female director, so well done Crazy Cat. Um... and it made just over $20k per theatre, but I don't know if that's per screen or like cineplexes included. It's playing in 3,419 runs, but balls if I know what that means. It's either screens or places, idk.

Anyway, it cost $37 mil to produce, and probably around $30 mil for P&A. That's Prints and Advertising to you, prints being the actual film reels that get sent around to the movie theatres. And the ads being those things that make you giddy with excitement when you hear 'You're impossibly fast..." during the ad break of GG and Grey's.

The studio gets like 50c for every $1 at Box Office, so Summit is now at $35 million. In three days. And one country. It hasn't even opened internationally yet. And you know the FFGs such as myself are planning on seeing it at least twice more in theaters before buying the DVD, probably several times over because their/our copies will be broken from rewinding and playing a few key moments over and over.

So yea, Mormon Moron, Twilight really tanked.

Um, also, I have a Twilight poster to give away, if anyone wants it. I'm feeling generous. It's not huge or anything, but it's hawt. :)

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