Friday, September 26, 2008

Movie List

I've seen kind of a lot of movies this semester, thanks mostly to my Film Symposium class. I'm gonna try and sum it up, but my memory is a little hazy on a lot of them.


A Muslim arms dealer in Yemen who used to live in the US becomes a terrorist... or does he?

Loved: Don Cheadle, the twisty turns, Omar.

Loathed: Things were over-pointed out, especially by the two white FBI guys. Their characters were also really over developed but not interesting.

Yes/No: If you are feeling like an action-thriller with a bit more brains and a pretty well-rounded view on Muslim-American issues. Pretty heavy stuff though.

Battle In Seattle:

Based on the true events of 1999s WTO conference in Seattle. Basically, an angry mob movie.

Loved: Charlize Theron, the man dressed as a turtle (aka Andre 2000 - heyaa!), how articulate Stuart Townsend was, feeling inspired.

Loathed: The melo-drama moments, especially revolving around Martin Henderson and Michelle Roderiguez, the bad flashbacks, and the kind of predictability of a lot of it.

Yes/No: Yes if you feel like feeling like saving the world. So really, yes to the neighbor boy. Adelle and Su may like parts of it too. Oh, yes if you think Channing Tatum is handsome. (How could you not?)


A 13 year old is sent away from her crazy white mother's house to live with her crazy Lebanese father.

Loved: The cast, particularly the over joyed facial expressions of Eugene Jones III, the insanity. The awkwardness.

Loathed: Got a bit heavy on the messages there, and Toni Collette was kind of too good to be true. The awkwardness.

Yes/No: It's a really hilarious film, but also so awkward you could die, so really, watch it with close friends. Not parents, and probably not significant others.


Based on the book by the Fight Club guy, it's about a sexaholic who tries to deal with how his mother, whom he loves dearly, made him crazy like her.

Loved: The cast, particularly Clark Gregg (because he came in to speak, and he is amazingly well-spoken), Sam and Angel, the chick who plays the milk maid (Bijoux Phillips?).

Loathed: Having to explain what anal beads are to 2 roommates.

Yes/No: Was really hilarious while being really sad, and had a great tone, but at some parts got a little... eh.

The Duchess:

Based on the true life of Georgiana someone or other, who is fab and trapped in a loveless marriage. Was good friends with Marie Antoinette, apparently, but no cameos by Kiki, sadly.

Loved: Ralph Fiennes, how could you not? Her costumes, but not to the point of obsession. The drinking.

Loathed: Her hair. I know it was true to the time but it looked disgusto. How impotent she was through the whole movie.

Yes/No: Basically a dramatic chick-flick. If it was done cheaper and in the present day, it would be on Hallmark. Yes to girls who want to hate some men?

Nick & Noran's Infinite Playlist:

Nick and his gay band play a gig, even though he's depressed, and he meets Norah, and the two kind of hit it off and spend the night running around NYC together.

Loved: Michael Cera and his merry men. The awkward lines. The music. When the ex-girlfriend kisses his car window and leaves a lip stick mark. The ex-girlfriend's shoes. The 'sex' scene.

Loathed: The over hint-drops about how Norah has a rich Dad. Um... some plot points that would ruin it to mention. The fact that they kept referring to him as emo when I really don't think he looked it. The fact that it was marketed as Juno part 2. The fact that Michael Cera never plays anyone but Michael Cera. The almost end seeming out of character for Norah.

Yes/No: First off, I'm convinced Kat Dennings is Bev's white twin. Yes to those who want to relive teen days, and who love music. Nick and NB, this one is for you.

The Grand Conclusion? I haven't HATED anything. I haven't even disliked anything. I've been fairly entertained by all of them. But I'm not head-over-heels, buy-me-the-DVD-now kind of in love with any of them. Maybe it was the lack of eye candy?

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bev said...

you found my white twin??? i don't know if this comparison is actually a good thing or not, though.


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