Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Show Alert! - NYC Prep

Is basically real life Gossip Girl. So like, uglier. And less witty.

Initially I only liked Camille, because I think she has a really interesting face. And she is basically Blair. But now my favs are Kelly and Sebastian. Kelly reminds me of Emma Roberts, and she's all cute and funny. Sebastian thinks he's a player (actually, he is, you should see the way girls fall all over the place for him) and comes up with gems like 'my passion is really... hooking up with girls', and 'Kelly could be my girlfriend, but I would rather hook up with as many girls as I want'. Winner.

Plus... looks like Dom, no? Same age. Luckily he has a gf.

Do not like: The blond girl. Her name is Jessie, she's obnox and not very attractive, but mostly I don't like her because she reminds me of someone else I don't really like. JBabyB for those in the know.

Get on it.

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