Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Olivander Padfoot

Meet the puppy!

This is Ollie's bed. He likes to pee in it.

This is Ollie's friend Luna. They aren't really friends, Ollie growled at her a lot. He laugh's in the face of danger - Luna is part Husky (and part Cayote, if you believe the fools in my 'hood...)

Ollie spends a lot of time asleep on the couch. So he fits in pretty well with our house.

Ollie's bear. Used to be Luna's bear for when she came to visit. He likes to bite bear's nose.

Prezzies for Ollie!

1. Snowman chew toy. Screams when squeezed.
2. Chew stick. Ollie has smelly breath, the lady at the shop told me this would help.
3. Mini harness. For when Ollie wants to go rappeling. J/K, he's just too little for his collar.
4. Dinosaur butt chew toy. Could not afford head.

The best thing about Hollywood is that there are a million couture dog shops.

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