Friday, January 16, 2009

The Pageant Results Are In!

In case anyone was dying to know the outcome of last night... it was D) none of the above.

I was all planning on not saying anything, but then I also hate to go to bed somewhat angry. So I shared with NB, gently broaching the topic with 'maybe I shouldn't go tomorrow, I feel like I'm intruding on your boys' night out' and ending with 'it's not MY fault you dropped her, she wasn't even here when we hooked up! She should hate you, not me!'

NB concludes that while BWB is the only one of his friends who cares, mayhaps I should not go. This is obvs not the answer I was digging for, but whatevs.

I have decided to go for my zen approach. Not care. I'm an Aries, quick to anger but also quick to get over it.

The facts are these:
-NB doesn't have feelings for her, and never had enough feelings for her to actually date her.
-I would never want him to tell me that I couldn't hang out with a guy friend, even if we had had a history at some point.
-I would like to be friends with his friends, but she is very much an integral part of their group.
-We don't even know if this biz is going to last past graduation.

I have better things to waste my mind on, like Bridezillas on WE. And really, if I'm not bff with his bffs, I won't die. So, whatever, girl. Keep playing that great Avril song in your head (Girlfriend, duh.), it ain't happening.

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