Thursday, August 9, 2007

All Alone....

You can tell you've been alone too long when you start to think in terms of what you will write on your blog. Because the internet is your closest friend. I mean, I'm having a great time conquering Soho and Covent Garden alone, but it really gives you time to think. And here is my epiphany for the day:

This summer/year, my catch phrase has kind of been 'I hate people'. I've said it ALOT. But walking through the crowds of drunkards outside all the pubs, trying to get back to the flat, I realised: I don't hate all people. I adore my people, and there must be at least 10 of them. I just hate other people.

So here's to you, other people, hanging out with your other other people. I hate you all.


su said...

i'm one of the 10!! :D:D miss u MUCH :(

bev said...

hear hear!

Nick said...

qué los testículos del burro?
Xanga es el profesional, no dé para arriba en él!
(What the donkey testicles? Xanga is the prozorz. Give up on it, you will not.)


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