Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Joyous Return

Ladies and Gentlemen, look what was waiting for me on my arrival!

Is that...?

Yes, it is. It's the 2Smart4U ring. As in, safety on the internet. It's the pet project of Hayden Panettiere aka Claire from Heroes aka Ally Mcbeal's daughter aka little slut in Raising Helen aka star of Bring It On 2: All Or Nothing aka super really cool.

Anyway. You can have one if you promise to be safe on the internet, so obviously I couldn't resist. That and I have a real concern to save my roommate from internet predatory so you know, good deeds....

I know you're jealous.


Adelle said...

what?! i dont understand!

Anonymous said...

bahaha rach and i opened that package when it came because we wanted to see what it looked like 8)


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