Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No Wonder Poor People Are Fat

And by poor people, I really mean lower middle class. And starving college students. And um, people hit by the depression, and general depression. Because being poor makes you depressed (don't deny it, money can't by happiness but it can by lots of things that combat unhappiness, like cable tv, chocolate and pedicures) and being depressed makes you want to eat comfort food. And comfort food is fatty food.

But I'm not even talking what you crave. I'm talking what you can afford. With less money, you are just destined to either starve or eat badly.

First, eating out. Fast food is like zero dollars for something fattening and delish, like a double cheeseburger for $1.20 or something. The tacobell menu is also amazing and generally under $2 for pretty much anything. In comparison, a salad at a fast food place is like $4. Why the eff would you buy a salad at a fast food place, you ask? Fair enough. A regular deli has sandwiches and salads for $6 plus plus plus depending on where you go. So obvi, fast food wins.

But then, everyone knows that to save money you must eat at home. Fine. Let's go grocery shopping. I'm not even going to LOOK at the organic food and free range beef, because that is waay out of the budge. I am talking simple matters of veg vs carb, fresh vs preserved. A head of cauliflower is over $3, a pack of mushrooms is like $2, 2 leeks is again over $3... which isn't a LOT of money... but an ENTIRE bag of potatoes? 99c. Frozen vegetables are way cheaper and last longer. But the best: Ramen (slash instant noodly yummy nom noms) is 20c a packet. How can you beat that? Seriously healthy food, HOW?

MSG doused carbs are clearly the way to go here.

Just a little friendly rant. Your thoughts?

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